di si shi jiu zhang bi sha ji de xi yin shang

Ji Shi vaguely felt that something seemed to pierce his middle finger. As the so -called ten fingers connected, the strong tingling made him frown slightly.

The flame held Ji's hand, and the work of the time slowly pushed away. Before loosening, she deliberately pinched the middle finger of Ji Shi's previous tingling.Ji Shi looked at his fingers, and there was nothing wrong with it, and there was no trace of scar.

The flame smiled slightly, "Go back. You will understand it in the future."

"Okay." The flame would never ask what Ji Shi would ask.This is both a tacit understanding and an absolute trust."Flame, goodbye." Hong Lian rolled up, Ji Shi disappeared.Looking at the place where he disappeared, a smile showed a heart in the eyes of the flame.

The rich magic fluctuations quietly stretched, the flames raised their hands, a fire of red lotus fluttered, and the red lotus enlarged into the heart of the ground in the air.The magma rolled up, and a huge egg rose under the fire of the red lotus that was enlarged to the five -meter diameter.

The periphery of the eggshell is wrapped in the light of gold and black, and the inside is also flashing lightly.The flame fingers bounce again, a red blood beads with a diameter of similar diameter and gold coin fluttering out, turning into red mangers in the air, integrating from all directions into the eggshell, each bloodshot is protected.The golden black light that passes through the eggshell is immersed in it.

After doing these, the huge red lotus brought the Dome to the lake in the lake again.>
When Ji moved back to his room, it was already the next morning the next day, and he practiced more than eight hours this time.The power of the body has improved significantly.I thought about what this night was obtained slightly and walked out of the room with satisfaction.Come to the playground and jog.

The air of dawn is particularly fresh. The blood in the body gradually calmed down from the cultivation state in jogging, and was running. Suddenly, Ji Dong seemed to feel something and turned around behind him.I saw a figure catch up quickly, came to him, and walked alongside him.

"I didn't expect, you turned out to be my schoolmate. I heard, have you entered the Yinyang Academy?" The coming person said to Ji Shi with a smile.

This person is in a yellow school uniform, and he is more than half of his body than Ji. He looks handsome and has a little arrogance between the sober.It is also Ji Yezhang, who has the special number of the Yinyang Academy.

Ji moved to look at him, and said lightly: "I am also surprised, you can see you here."

Ji Yeyu seemed to see that Ji Dong Na refused to refuseThe indifference thousands of miles away, "I went to find you yesterday, but I didn't knock on your door. I want to come to practice. The place where I live is very close to you. I know when you go out.Didn't you happen. "

" What are you looking for me? Revealed? "Ji moved him with a glance.

Ji Yezhen shook his head and shook his head, "How can you. Don't think that the management of Tianshan College is loose. In fact, the rules and regulations here are more strict than any other college. Once they are violated, there is no human affection.Speaking. The college does not oppose the challenge, but it is opposed to private fighting. Especially the students of the Yin and Yang Academy of Yin and Yang School. I look for you to shoot for nine days for you that day.The Central Plains City Branch covered the sky, especially after the nine cups of the sun fell. Vice President Chen Xiao had specially repaired the book and sent it to the North Water Empire Federation. Although I do not want to admit it, I have to say that you are what you are.A top bartender that makes me unsteady. I have never seen what Master Du Sikang is bartender, but I think it is not wrong to describe you to describe you. "

JiThe movement is still the indifferent expression, "You are looking for me to say this to me?"

Ji Yezhen smiled, saying: "Of course not.The ability, if you are willing to join us, at least it is the position of our vice president of our branch. With your ability, there is no problem in the bartending industry. Brothers, I was wrong before, I apologized to you, as long as you are willing to joinThe branch, even if it makes me a scratching crime. "

Ji moved to stop, looking at Ji Yezhang," First of all, I can not talk about us. Second, you are not mine.Brother. I won't join your Central Plains City Branch. It is not impossible to let me join the Bartendian Association. There is only one premise that someone can defeat me on bartending. Otherwise, don't bother me in the future. ">
After that, he turned and accelerated again.

"Ji Dong, you wait." Ji Yeyu hurriedly chased up, "You come to Tiangan College, are you for learning? A nirvana, how about it? As long as you agree, I will give you the practice of nirvana now. I heard that you are the two -fire system of Yin and Yang, and the Binghuo system is still the nirvana of Dinghuo system. You can choose it. "

At a glance, "No need."

"Nothing to kill skills?" Ji Yeyu stunned, "Ji Dong, you need to know, it is many benefits to joining our bartender.What are you doing, there is a lot of pay for each month. So, I will make the chairman of the branch. Two nirvana, one of the Binghuo and Dinghuo system. This is always possible. As long as you repair itIn order to reach the three crowns, there is a possibility of cultivation. What help do you need in the college in the future, I will help you as much as possible. "

Ji Tomai simply ignores him, and he has not heard of it.As if, continue to run forward.

Ji Yeyu's face finally changed, "Ji Dong, don't be too much, there must be a proportion of talented pride."

Ji Tong stopped the steps twice, "My words will not, won't beChange, want me to join the bartender guild, you can. Let Du Sikang defeat me. I will join unconditionally. Otherwise, don't bother me. Also, at the Tiangan College, I don’t need you to help. Cultivation, it is necessaryWith his own ability. "

" You ... "Ji Yezhen himself is a very proud person, but the in front of him is clearly proud than him.The anger in my heart burns, "Ji Dong, you will regret it. I have offended me, I can't take you in the college. However, I must remind you that the chief of our Yin and Yang Academy is the senior who has a special number one to the No. 1Frey is also the chairman of the Central Plains City Branch. You come to the door to provoke the guild, and Brother Fer will not let you go.BR> The third chapter is here. The three chapters are updated.Thanks.