Chapter 48 The Crown of the Pin (Part 2)

Ji Shi found a formal student he had seen before, and got good news. With the combination of the two people's combination skills, Karl and Bi Su have become the junior students of the college.Entry procedures.

I just came to this day of the Ganxian College. The two brothers had successfully entered school. Ji moved to care, and simply returned to the dormitory he had just been assigned.Finally stabilized, he couldn't wait to see the faith in that heart.Today, I can finally continue to practice there.

Back to the room belonging to Yinyang School, Ji Shi took out some of the wine from the storage bracelet and placed it on the table. There is no bar when the leaving college, the conditions are much worse, the conditions are much worse.But he did not affect his bartending. Even Ji moved himself, and he could meet each other every day, but he always missed her.Just in this mood, a glass of wine is made.


The red lotus stretched, rolling his body and disappearing quietly.

Di Xinhu, Rock Platform.When Ji appeared out of thin air, he saw the perfect her at first glance.A strong sense of happiness spontaneous, as long as he could see her every time he came here, he was satisfied.If he was amazing when he saw the flame for the first time, he could hold his heart.Well, four years have passed, but his heart has already fallen into it. In his heart, there is nothing more important than flames, and he will be obsessed with himself.She is his belief, constant faith.

The flames took over the wine in Ji Jing's hand and smiled slightly, "Xiao Ji moves, today's three -series combination skills are good."

Ji moved: "Just happen, I also, I alsoUnexpectedly, it would be like this. The flames, my extreme double fire was found. "

The flames drank the cocktail in my hand to taste the taste and feeling," don't be tight. Your ability will be in the morning and evening people will be someone will be someone.Know. And the second child is a obsessed person, and he has vowed that he will not say it at will. This person deserves to be associated. Magic weapon is good for any level of magicians. So, you can promise him to promise himAfter your cultivation reaches the three crowns, as long as he is in the college for one day, use the extreme double fire for a day. Every Wednesday. The condition is that when you need it, he will create it for youA full set of magic weapons. The materials are provided by you. "

Ji nodded, saying," Okay, I listen to you. "

The flames were slightly froze because Ji movedThe answer was too fast, and there was no half hesitant at all. Hurry up and drink a bite, cover up your disappointment, nodded, and said, "You cultivate. From now on, you have to cultivate at least five hours here every day., At least two hours of cultivation of magic skills. You should also feel that in battle, magic is the foundation, but magic skills are decisive.The number of use of the magic skills. I hope you can complete the magic skills first. Cultivation of magic skills itself is also a way to enhance magic. And it can make you better use it. Each time the magic is exhausted and recovered, the process of recovering the magic,It's the best improvement. "

" Okay. "

A promised, Ji Dong started to cultivate immediately, the flame did not stop here, it seemed to think about something, and he drifted up.In the blink of an eye, it has disappeared into the Lake of the Heart.

The dark moon dances connected to the sun, and then the dark moon claws, the sun collapse, the gold and black, and the two extreme flames are surging.Remaining.With both hands on both sides of the body, the remaining magic was instantly mobilized. The strong Bingwu Yuanyang Shenghuo and Ding Yingyin Spirit Fire concentrated on his chest. A gold and black two -color mixed fireball came out.Completed the last blow of all his magic.

The ultimate double fire version of the Bing Ding fireball flew out with the sound of screams. After fifty meters in the blink of an eye, it was smashed in the Lake in the heart.Heritage waves.

Ji was happy in his heart, he knew that he could complete the five magic skills in one go, not because his magic power improved again, but because the magic skills avoided the magic as much as possible in the process of exerting it.Waste, this was left to complete the release of Bingding fireball.Of course, the power of this Bingsin fireball was only one -third of his heyday.But this is definitely a good start.

After exhausting his own magic, Ji Tong immediately sat down with his knees. The yin and yang vortex around the yin and yang crowns turned around, and quickly absorbed the pure Bingding double fire in the air to supplement himself.

Ji Dou found that with the improvement of his magic, during the cultivation process, the speed of absorbing magic elements in the air was also significantly increased.When he came here for the first time, he couldn't even stand the calories here, and now he can cultivate here without the need for flames.There is no doubt that the speed of cultivation here is much faster than the outside world.Without sixteen years old, Ji Shi believes that with his current cultivation speed, I am afraid that within half a year, there will be a chance to impact two crowns.

Repeat the release of magic skills, cultivate magic power, and experience the feelings of their own feelings when giving the magic skills. These processes are undoubtedly boring.But as long as he felt irritable, he remembered the flames in his heart, and all the negative emotions would disappear, and the whole person became confident again.Ji Shi didn't know if this is the power of love, but he can be sure that flames are the biggest motivation to cultivate himself.

During the cultivation process, he can also feel that every time he repeats this process, the magic will be a bit improved.It's hard to have this feeling.From level to 10, because there is no yin and yang crowns, cultivation is extremely difficult, which is the first level of the magician.And this process from 10 to 20 is much easier.The source of the yin and yang crowns of this source and the absorption speed of the yin and yang vortex on the outside world are extremely amazing. However, this night's cultivation, Ji's full set of magic skills have already performed as much as fifteen times.In this way, more than two months, he can first complete the number of skills to continue to learn the skills of the lattering skills.

"Okay, Ji Dong, stop. You should leave." The soft voice of the flames sounded, and Ji Tong, who had just recovered the magic, was ready to show the magic skills again.

"Flame." Ji moved the empty cup from the flame.What surprised him was that the fingers of the flames suddenly rolled up and clasped his hand.He didn't wait for Ji Tong to feel the tenderness of the fingertips of the flames, and a tingling had come from his own middle finger.

"Don't move." The flames said lightly.Before 8 o'clock in the evening, Xiao San worked hard to change.Seek recommended tickets and collect.thank you all.