Chapter 48 The Crown of Pin Pin (Part 1)

The first level of crystal and seventh -level crown are obviously not a concept. Ji Shi still remembers that the teacher once said that the crowns of that class were worth thousands of gold coins.Isn't it necessary to rising geometric multiple?He will not accept such a big humanity.Shaking his head again and again,: "No, it's too expensive, I can't."

I wish the second child: "Ji Dong, we will be brothers in the future. It is not too much a little gift to give my brother a little gift?So, if you feel too expensive, what is the remuneration I paid you? As long as you reach the three crowns, you can provide me with three hours of extreme double fire every week to help me cast.The seven -level crown is your year of pay. "As he said, he even showed his pleasure in his eyes.

Ji moved his heart secretly, and looked at the look of the second child, as if he had gained two pieces of crowned crowns, he took advantage of him, and the extreme double fire had such a huge effect?The situation in front of me is undoubtedly the two benefits. I have just come to Tiangan College. It can be said that there is no relative, and the strength is weak.I wish the second child who can really help himself.More importantly, Ji Shi is really interested in Crown.

"Wish Brother, can you tell me, where is the difference between the crystal of this crowns and Warcraft, and why is the effect as strong than the crystal nuclear?"

I wish the old Lao Lao Lao LaoIn the second one, Ji Xun changed his name, and he was overjoyed. "The biggest difference between the crowns and the crystal nucleus is that the output body is different.Change, stop, "Brother, it's not that I don't tell you, but only the disciples of our school who break through the three crowns can know this matter.Side effects. "

I wish the second child:" Don't say these, I have never been willing to use these two crowns, they contain almost the same energy, which is suitable for you.Can't give you, I will help you make them into magic weapons so that it will be more good for you. Now that you have joined the Yinyang Academy, you will live here in the future. I will go to you.That is the symbol of you as a special student of Yinyang Academy. With it, you can enter and exit here. Of course, the core area is not good. The underground area is collectively called Yinyang School, a total of six areas, each circle is one in one circle, and each circle is one in one circle.In the area, with your ranking, three laps outside can be moved freely, and the three laps are not good. As for how to learn, the girl in the night will naturally tell you. Brother, you have to work hard and reach three crowns earlier! ">
Ji nodded, no need to wish him the second instructions that he would work hard to improve his strength.When he came to this strong, he was like Lin's Tiangan College, and his excitement was not small.More importantly, his promise to the flames, Ji Dong vowed secretly in his heart that one day, he would have the strength to protect the flame.At that time, he could express his love to the flames.

When I thought of the flames, Ji Dong couldn't help raising a warm current. People always had the motivation to move forward. Many people called this motivation as faith.And Ji's belief is the flame.

One time passed quickly. When the night heart came here again, Leng Yue was no longer by her side. After saluting the old man again, she took Ji to leave this strange magic weapon manufacturingRoom.

"What do you say to you? See, he is very interested in you." Ye Xin asked Ji.

Ji moved indifferently, "I didn't say anything, just asking my double fire attributes. After all, he is also a fire."

Yexin looked at JiAt a glance, handing a sheepskin map to him, "Indeed, your double fire is enough to surprise the college's mentors. Even the little girl from the cold moon.Don't go messy. If you practice in the room, you can't go to the red area on the map, otherwise the consequences will be at your own risk. Every morning, go to the first floor of the school hall to gather. You are new to the school.Counseling. Disciples of our Yinyang Academy, everyone will have an exclusive mentor. To respect the mentor and strive to cultivate. Remember, if you want to stay in the school, you must reach at least two championships before the age of 16.Before this extent, you can't be regarded as the official student of the school, but you can only be a preparatory student. "

While saying, Ye Xin took Ji Shi to the outer circle of Yinyang Academy, every here here, every here here, hereThe circle is actually a layer, the more you go inward, and you must go down.The third lap was the third layer of the third layer.

Ye Xin let Ji Shi sneak the token that he just got into a groove of a wall, and inject a little magic of the fire, and the door is opened.

"You just arrived at the college, rest early. You can go outside at any time. The disciples of our Yinyang Academy have their own specialty canteen, which indicates the location on the map.. Our college does not have any opening ceremonies in the opening ceremony. Tomorrow will be remembered to get a lobby gathering tomorrow morning. "

" I know, thank you sisters. "

Ye Xin's explanation of Ji Shi is very simple to explain to Ji Shi's movement very simple.After all, water and fire cannot be between any water magician and fire magician.

The layout in the room is very simple. The size of the room is similar to that of the cold water. A bed, a table, are all stone, and then there are a brand new toiletries and two sets of school uniforms.Essence

Ji Shi started the school uniform and looked at it. There was no mark on the big red school uniform.From a certain level, Tiangan College is more casual than the Fire Academy.

Finally settled, but he couldn't rest yet. I didn't know what to do with the assessment of Carl and Bi Su. With the map and token, Ji moved out of Yinyang Academy and returned to the playground.

The admission test on the playground is still undergoing, but the figures of Karl and Bi Su have disappeared. Seeing Ji Shi appeared, those two official students who are responsible for the assessment of the freshmen, their eyes are a bit weird.No wonder they will do this.A freshman, almost killed a formal student during the assessment. Who can treat him with a normal perspective?Tickets, collection, thank you.