di si shi qi zhang mo li wu qi xia

"This, this is ..." Zhu Lao's body trembled uncontrollably, watching the flames on the palm of his hands on Ji, "Bingwu Yuan Yang Shenghuo, Ding Yingming Yin Ling LingFire. Extremely fire, extreme fire, the two extreme fires will appear at the same time at the same time. This, this, this ... "

The fire light converged, and Ji Qi said in surprise:" You youKnow these two kinds of flames? "

I wish the second child watching Ji Shi dumbly," Of course, only the strongest fire magician with exclusive titles with the exclusive titles canThe ultimate double fire formed by compression exists in the legendary fire from the yang to the yin. Really? Are you really the ultimate double fire? "

Look at Zhu's second child, Ji movementAs if seeing the appearance of the previous life, when he was completely obsessed with the wine culture, the obsession in his eyes was not exactly the same as his original himself.What is the thunder attribute just mentioned? "

I wish the second child murmured:" Thunder is a variant of fire. The attack power is more terrible than the Cinghuo, and it is also divided into yin and yang, yin and thunder.Yang Lei. But few people have such attributes. The biggest feature of the thunder attribute is that it will not be restrained by water attributes, but will be overwhelmed by the soil attributes. However, compared with the extreme double fire, what is the thunder attribute?Boy, you are not a genius, but a wizard, a rare wizard for a century! The cover is good, the cover is good! If you have not covered your extreme double fire, how can you get me. "

> Saying here, I wish the second child suddenly seemed to have changed personal, and looked at Ji Shi with a smile, "Little brother, how do we discuss?"

Ji Tong watched him vigilantly,I thought in my heart that there was nothing to be attentive or stolen.Brothers of the opposite sex. "

Ji moved his eyes wide," What kidding? Are you Lao Gui Geng? "

I wish the second child a little bit said:" It's not very big, nine nineJust at the age of seventeen. "

" This is not big? I am 14 years old this year. You are more than enough when my great -ancestors are more than enough. Read ...? "Ji Shi watched Zhu's second child, speechless.

I wish the second child who was so angry: "Which old guy of the college board of directors is not over a hundred years old? I am only ninety -seven, of course, it's not big.There are a lot of benefits. Whoever dares to mess with you in the future will come to me. I will help you pack them. As long as it is not the old guys of the board of directors, no one in this college is my opponent. And, what magic weapons you need in the future, what magic weapons you need,Although I told my brother, I will create it for you for free. What do you think? "

How can Ji move be so easy," What do you want me to do? "

I wish the old old manTwo hey smiled and rubbed his hands, "This, you also know, casting this thing, flame is the most important. Although I am a Binghuo master, sometimes I still feel that the flame temperature is not enough.This is the ultimate double fire. Not only is it to the yang and yin, but it is also rigid and soft. With you help me, the level of my casting can definitely rise by one step. Even if it reaches the world, it is not a problem.Maybe one day you can cast an exclusive equipment like the top ten artifacts. "

Ji frowned and shook his head and said," No, I can't promise you.With my current strength, the use of the extreme double fire can not persist long at all, and it won't help you. "

I wish the second child scratching his chaotic red hair," This is right! You are only ten!In a few levels, the magic is not enough. Well. Okay. It's not in a hurry now. What do you think of this? After you reach the three championships, help me cast magic weapons.Time. The extreme double fire is not a flame used to cast, it is used to purify instantly, otherwise what do you think of the ultimate flame is? "

Ji moved lightly:" Let me think about it.Anyway, now my cultivation is far from the three crowns. "

I wish the second child suddenly thought of something, turned and ran into the corner and turned it over.Run back.

"Brother, look at this." He handed over the things in his hand.Ji Tong took a closer look, and he suddenly shocked. He had seen this thing. When the teacher helped him open the door of the magician in the summer, he took such two things to make him have magic.Those who appeared in the hands of Zhu Zhu are two crowns. Like the crowns taken in the first summer, they are also black and white, white release red, and black release of blue glory.But it is much larger. There are probably the size of table tennis, which is much thicker. The most important thing is that these two crowns are very similar to yin and yang crowns, and treasure flow flows.Things, you can also see that the two in front of you are much better in quality.

"Crown?" Ji Qiao asked in doubt.

I wish the second child: "Just know it. These two crowns are all top -quality, but it is a priceless treasure. I have cast so many magic weapons.After them, you will be more effective when you cultivate. "

Ji moved:" What is this crown?br>
"Wake up the magic? That is a heavenly thing! The role of the Crown Crowns is more.Absorption can only increase the magic at most, but if it is inlaid on the magic weapon, it can greatly improve the effect of the weapon. I understand that you must absorb a low -level crown. Those things are for me.It's garbage. Like the crystal nucleus produced by Warcraft, the crystal nucleus is also divided into ten. You can understand them as the same thing. However, the effect of the crowns of the same level of crowns is ten times that of the crystal nucleus.I am afraid it is the two highest -level crowns in the entire college, and they are all seven -level treasures. Of course, this is my private collection and has nothing to do with the college. I will give them it. With them, you absorb magical power.It can increase at least 15 %, and it will be much faster to cultivate. Well, think about it, so, I will make them a magic weapon that suits you, even if my brother gives you a little meeting. "Just recovering, let everyone wait for a long time, really embarrassed.After the update, you have no face to ask for a ticket.