Chapter 162 Golden Armor Women in Frozen

"Thunder?" Ji moved his eyes suddenly, and thunder represents what if it was not a thunder, then in his memory, only Lei Emperor Ferry could make such a sound.This is at least the sound generated by a top -level nirvana, and even the existence of top -level nirvana. It is not that the brother does not encounter extremely powerful opponents.

"It's my brother who encountered a strong enemy.

Let's go quickly." At this time, Ji Shi couldn't take care of a lot.In addition, with the strong flexibility of Teng Snake, the body releases the power of explosiveness, as if arrows are rushed into the eighth floor of the Holy Island.

Lan Baoer can clearly feel that Ji Dong is anxious at this moment, and he doesn't ask much. He hurriedly gathers the magic and minimize the burden on Ji.What made her secretly regret was that Ji Xun's injury came only the metal texture, but it didn't feel half a point.Sun and Moon Shuanghui gloves and Jun Mo Yin and Yang Armor handle completely covered his own palm.

In the moment, the two had already come to the opposite mountain, Ji Shi stopped slightly and chose to climb directly.The peaks here are so high, and the battle over there is so fierce. It should be easier to determine the position of Ferry from the top of the mountain, and it is good to rush to the way.With the extreme double fire and his own five elements, Ji Shi is confident to help from Buddha.

Ji Shi and Qian Baoer, just moved forward at the peak, like a star pill jumping, and the shouts of more than two kilometers were at least a few hours for ordinary people to board on the ordinary people to appear on the ordinaryBut for the magician like Ji Shi and Lambaoer, at least a quarter of the husband, they have gone over the mountainside and came to the clouds.But at this time, the mutation suddenly emerged.

A mountain ridge suddenly trembled without a sign, and then, with a loud noise, Ji Shi and Lan Baoer saw that the white at the top of the head at the top of the peak suddenly suddenly suddenly suddenly suddenly suddenly went to the top of the peak.Shake it.The next moment, thousands of tons of ice and snow fell down.

"Not good, avalanche." The previous thunderous sound was too loud, and it shook the ice and snow on this peak. It was not until this moment that it collapsed. The natural power of the dog was endless.In the snow and snow, Lan Baoer couldn't help but stunned.

Ji Shi's response is extremely fast, and the fierce one pulls into her arms, and the Suzaku becomes instantly released. At the same time, he burst into a strong golden red red all over his body.Flame, double -winged patting, rising from the sky.While the snowpacker was not completely coming, the moment suddenly rushed.At this time, he could not hide his body.

From a distance, Ji Shi at this time was like a big bird with a high -flying wing, and the wings spread, like Suzaku's coming, with a golden red flame, straight into the clouds.The nearest ice and snow suddenly melted when they came into contact with the hot and hot magic power, and directly transformed into vanada. They did not wait for more ice and snow to fall, and they were already in mid -air.The yin and yang fish appeared behind Ji Shi, but at this time, the inscription had been engraved with the Yanghuo soaring method.

Ji Shi's arms carrying a little overbearing and hot burning of Lan Baoer, but at this moment, this embrace made her full of security.Listening to the loud noise under his feet, Lan Baoer felt that his heart was trembling. If he was just herself, maybe he would be killed in this ice and snow.Even the water magician, it is absolutely impossible to bear such a horrible ice and snow.

Ji Shi naturally did not know what Lambaoer was thinking at this time. Both wings were shot directly like a flame meteor. Under the increase in the sunfire soaring the magic array, his flight degree was not inferior toAny flying Warcraft, a blink of an eye, the two have come to the top of the mountain.

Until this moment, the power of the avalanche was fully displayed, and it was clear that the mountains of the mountain had become a world of ice and snow, and a large number of ice mist rose, and the loud noise was endless.The amazing power is amazing.

Ji moved steadily on the broken ice surface on the top of the mountain, loosened her arms, and looked at Lan Baoer's face with a lingering look, whispered, "It's okay." Lan Baoer hurriedNodding, her pretty look, plus panic in purple eyes, was particularly in love.After combing his slightly scattered silver, he glanced at the embrace of his arms just now, and Lan Baoer whispered, "You saved me again."

Ji shook his head, his eyes facingIn the distance, he didn't pay too much attention to Lambaoer at this time, and his brother's safety was the most important.

At this moment, there was a fierce thunder sound, and in the loud noise, from the kaolin at this time, it could be seen that it was outside the three peaks of them, a blue -purple thunder lightThe sky was rising, and the dark clouds in the air also light up lightning, as if the Wanlei robbery prison was mounted.

"Brother should be there, we hurry up." Ji Shi pointed at the direction of the thunder light, and when he was about to fly with Lan Baoer again, he was pulled by Lan Baoer.

"Ji Dong, wait a minute before. What do you think of that? ... While saying, Lan Baoer poked towards the side.

Ji moved a little, follow herLooking at the direction of the fingers, I saw that there seemed to be a person in the ice layer that was only seven or eight meters away from them. There seemed to be a person, a person who was completely frozen in the ice.When the two look at it, they will be frozen here. Obviously they are already a dead person. After the avalanche is born, I may not know how long it has been frozen here.

Ji moved to shapeIn a flash, he had already come to the ice, and he was surprised. The frozen in the ice turned out to be a woman with a dazzling golden body armor on her body, and even the face was covered.Frozen in the ice. Lift your right hand and you can't see the palm. There is only a golden sword with two meters long pointed forward.After more than one meter eight, it is a bit taller than the current Ji Shi. Although she can't see her appearance, there is no doubt that the well -known female warrior should be the golden gold department, which is the "beautiful and beautiful of the Xinjin department.Armor!"Lan Bao'er couldn't help but admire. Gold and silver jewelry is always the most attractive woman, there are almost no exceptions.

This frozen female warrior, the armor is really dazzling, the golden armorAlthough it was frozen, it was still bright. There were arc -shaped patterns on it, and the texture showed dark gold.Extremely strong sense of oppression.

Lan Baoer said: "She is so pitiful, I don't know how long it has been sealed here."

Ji moved:" If you like this set of armor, I melt her out for you."

Lan Baoer hurriedly shook his head and said," No, she is Xinjin, and my attributes are not.

Since she has slept here, don't bother her.

Ji moved with a smile: "The avalanche has brought her to snow and snow. If we did not shoot, we changed others, I am afraid she would directly smash her out of the ice.I'm afraid it will be even more miserable.Anyway, she is also a weak magician.Although we are not greedy, we melt out of her. After leaving here, we buried it outside."

Lan Baoer nodded while connecting." It is best.I really want to see what she looks like."

Ji Dong smiled slightly, and said," This is easy.You avoid it a little."In his opinion, melting such a piece of ice is just a raising hand. The left hand is attached to the ice on the ice.Above the ice.

If it is used to use the ultimate sun fire, it is likely to destroy the corpse in this ice layer, and it will naturally melt the ice layer with Yinhuo.When Yinhuo came into contact with the ice, he was right immediately. The ice layer had a strong resistance to his extreme yinfire, and the degree of melting was extremely slow.Refers. You know, he uses the extreme flame, not an ordinary overcast fire! Bingxue did not disadvantage in front of Ding Yingming Yin Linghuo. What does this mean? It means that this piece in front of him is by no means ordinary ice.

Ji moved to enhance the magic output. The strange scene appeared, and the ice layer other than one meter was affected by the extreme yinfire here.This part of the ice melts extremely subtle. In a blink of an eye, a three -meter -high and three -meter diameter ice pillar melts from the surroundings, presented in front of Ji Shi and Lan Baoer.

That ice pillar that ice pillarThe whole body is clear and crystal clear, just like the purest sapphire. From the surrounding ice and snow, it shows it.It was killed here.If I didn't guess it was wrong, I frozen her should be the ultimate Renshui magic.And it is quite powerful, the ultimate Renshui magic, the caster's strength is far above me.Otherwise, my extreme overcast fire will not melt.I am afraid that it will take a long time to melt her from the ice.It's not time now, let's bring this ice to help Brother Ferry first."

Speaking, Ji moved his right hand, a golden red light released from the Suzaku bracelet, the light swept the ice pillar into it.When I was in contact with the strange ice, I trembled slightly. After the Ice Pillar income was included, the space inside the Suzaku bracelet was instantly reduced by ten times, and the Hangzhou layer's faint cold was scattered on his wrist.

br> The extremely powerful Renshui magic. Ji Dong's heart is surprised. You know, this Suzaku bracelet is forged by the Binghuo god beast in the Sky Gram Beast. This is just a piece of ice.Among them, the remnant magic can have such a huge impression on the Suzaku bracelet. So, it can only be said that the person of the golden armor woman at the beginning has already gone out of the imagination of Ji Shi.

There is no time to think more. Ji Shi injected a Bingwu Yuan Yang Shenghuo into the Suzaku bracelet.The interior space has returned to normal, and even Ji Shi did not show himself. The three -inch high chaos fire in his chest beating slightly.

Ji Shi could not be outside the fire of chaos.Master this powerful flame. However, the magic in his body is accompanied by a trace of chaotic fire. Even he does not know that it is because of this reason that the cold on the ice column can be temporarily suppressed.
"Ji Dong, we, how do we go?"Lan Bao'er's face flushed and asked with a low voice.

Ji moved slightly, his plan naturally flew directly, so the most fast, because of anxiety before, did not notice this problem before, did not notice this problem before.. If the avalanche is as a last resort, then, if you fly directly, there is no doubt that you have to hold Lan Baoer again.

After feeling the goodwill of Lan Baoer about himself,Ji Shi has always paid attention to it. I don't want Lan Baoer to misunderstand. In his heart, there are no extra places to others, but it seems that he has his own will in the heart and let him meet Lan Baoer again.Flame, if you see it, don't blame me!
"Baoer, we are friends, now we are even more comrades -in -arms."Ji Dong was never an indecisive person who thought about it, and had made a decision. Take a step forward. In the slight exclaiming of Lan Baoer, she has blocked her back and flashed her body.The fire array was exhibited to the limit, and the top of the mountain suddenly started, like a golden meteor in the inside. In the direction of the thunderbolt flashes.

In the past, Lan BaoerThere were also some scaredness. At this time, her mood had been calmed down, and she was hugged again by Ji. She subconsciously opened her arms to hold Ji Shi's neck, but now Ji Xunjun's mask of the yin and yang armor is aroundShe will hurt herself. But she still did not take back her arm, and turned around Ji moved around, put her body on his body on his body.The magician is very uncomfortable, but at this moment, her heart is full of a strange warmth.

In the eyes, the three mountain calls have already crossed.During the process, he did not encounter the attack of Warcraft. You know, at this time he burned the ultimate yang fire, and the goal was very obvious.

When he flew over the third mountain peak, his eyes were suddenly cheerful,It turned out to be a giant dog basin in front of him. Lei Guang flashed, and it was a severe roar.