di yi bai liu shi yi zhang tian zhi yu mie shen ji

"Storage of memory or imprint?" Ji Dong looked at Lambao in doubt.

Lan Baoer clicked, and said, "Because it is chaotic, no magic can hurt it, even if it is the ultimate magic.br> In this inscription, it is the best carrier to store. According to the records of ancient books, it is generally used to store magic skills. The word destroying the three words of the gods is likely to represent the official jade that the official place.br>
The magic skills. There is no doubt that its power can be imagined with such precious materials. It is likely to be a nirvana. That Mingyin Demon Wolf is really sad, there are treasures in empty, there are treasures., But I ca n’t

Get the meaning of the mystery. "

Hearing the four words of storing magic skills, Ji Shi's eyes could not help but light up.Although the crisis is in full swing, it is also an opportunity.To the inner layer, the better the opportunity

the bigger.Whether it is the corpse and crystal nucleus of powerful Warcraft, or the strong crowns, magic weapons and equipment who died here, are extremely precious.Among them, it is naturally indispensable.It can be called

Destroyed God's strike, the skill stored in this jade is really a nirvana.

Putting back the jade of heaven to Ji Shi, Lan Baoer excitedly said: "Ji Dong, you, which attribute is the magic skill of this attribute. If it is suitable for you, then it is fine.You can learn directly, just

I can remember it first. I can remember it first. I will realize it slowly in the future. "

Is her excitement because of me?Ji Shi shook his head and threw away a trace of thoughts in his heart, took the jade of heaven, concentrated in spirit, accompanied by his own magic, slowly flowing into the jade of the jade


It is also strange. At the moment Ji ’s thoughts had just communicated with the jade of Heaven, the jade of this piece of heaven seemed to be alive.

The faint white mist scattered from the jade of the sky, and in a blink of an eye, Ji Shi's right hand was wrapped in. The peaceful breath really could not feel any attributes.Br>
, completely dispelled, centered on Ji's body, and within three meters, it turned into a magic element vacuum.

The hand of Ji Shi's move was slippery, and the jade that day was like a small fish carved by white jade.Drilling it in the gap

, closely posted in the position of Ji Xi's chest and stopped, as if inlaid there, a warm and moist sensing through the body, thenFor a moment, all the pores of Ji Xian's whole body seemed to be open

Open, Suzaku's inner armor was recycled, and the gentle feeling was immersed in the body.

The trace of warm air flow swims around after entering Ji's body, as if looking for something, just here, the chaotic fire of Ji Xun's chest suddenly fiercely fierce

The fluctuations seem to feel the breath of the fire of chaos. The first silk immersed in the warm air flow in the chest of Ji moved into the fire of chaos like an arrow.And it is also like

All the warm air flow scouts found the target. The next moment, the inextricable warm airflow has performed instantly like Hainan, and all of them are injected into the fire of chaos.

Suddenly, the chaotic fire in Ji Xun's chest seemed to have gained the fuel suddenly, and Ji moved his body as stiff, a strange feeling appeared in his heart, last time the yin and yang vortex

After evolving into yin and yang fish, his body can already absorb the elements of the outside world to join his own magic, but at this moment, the magic in his body is being a strange warm air flow and chaos.

> Fire cooperates to completely block the external magic elements, but the rising chaotic fire is constantly splitting a huge and pure extreme yin and yang fire element with his own magic.

Since the beginning, the chaotic fire of Ji Shi has changed from silk to a ray of strands, which is not a very subtle existence, but at this moment, the nourishment of the chaos in the jade in this day, two or two, two or two, two or two, two or two, two or two, two or twoIn combination,

The fire of chaos turned out to be more than three inches rising in the chest of Ji.

The air around Ji Xun's body is condensed, and a layer of white light also emerged on the Jun Mo Yin Yang armor. All the magic he had previously consumed was completely recovered at this moment, and even

It has improved, and he can clearly feel that his magic has changed from justice to level 49 to the peak of 49th level, and only the last level of the four crowns is only the first level of the four championships.The front line

is separated.

That's it. The black and gold -colored yin and yang fish is silently transformed into black and white, just like Tai Chi he has seen in his previous life.

The fire of chaos is sitting in the middle of the town, making the yin and yang fish with a layer of milky white luster.All elements in the air are quietly away, as if they are excluded.

Even the yin and yang crowns above the top of Ji's head also became milky white at this time. The crowning peak marking formed by the rejuvenation of the yin and yang flames converted into milky white flames.The temperament of his whole person becomes

plus restraint.

The expansion of the geometric multiple of ideas. If his spiritual world is only the size of a slap, then at this moment, it seems to increase suddenly to ten square meters.In the jade jade

The spiritual imprint is integrated with his own branding, and there is no need to watch and remember it. All the contents of the jade that day have been deeply imprinted in Ji Jing's mind.Among them, the square characters jumped in the heart

and became the most profound memory.

Ji Shi never knew how to cultivate the fire of chaos, let alone control it, but he had been rescued by the chaos fire at several critical junctures, which made him deeply realize this.How important the flames of the source

are the source.Although he still does not know how to use this magical flame, the enhancement of the chaos fire is undoubtedly extremely beneficial to him.

The fire of the three -inch height has become much obvious. Ji Shi's restrained temperament is deep and peaceful. The pride and domineering in the bones are completely hidden.BR> still exists, and he himself does not seem to have half of the magic element.

White light gradually converges, all magic fluctuations have disappeared, and the jade of heaven also disappears, no longer exist.

Lan Baoer is actually not wrong. For ordinary magicians, if you can have a piece of heaven, you don't need to be afraid to go into the magic impact to impact any level during practice.

But for Ji Dong, the fire of his chaos itself already has this role, and the jade that Tian Zhizhi, who uses chaos as the source, feels that Ji Tong's chaos is like finding it.Home

, fusion directly with the fire of his chaos.This situation is unpredictable, but there is no doubt that this integration really completely integrates the benefits of the jade of heaven.

The milky white light is restrained. In addition to the temperament, all the changes in Ji's body have returned to normal.br> color.

Opening his eyes, Ji Shi saw the eyes of Lan Baoer's concern first, "How? Is it a nirvana?" Lan Baoer asked with a bit of excitement and jumping.

Ji showed a bitter smile on his face, "The jade of heaven has been integrated with my body, and the records recorded in it are also imprinted in my spirit, but it is not a must to kill

Skills. If you want to measure it with skills, it should be regarded as the benchmark. Even the hit skills are not considered. "

Lan Baoer obviously stunned," Impossible.Will the skills stored in the jade storage will be the benchmarking skills? "

Ji moved:" There are already two types of external entry or restraint, that is, far -reaching and nearly attack.It is a near -attack, but it cannot be released. The destruction of God recorded in the jade of the sky

It can only be a near -attack, or it is not even a close attack. Because it is used, notThere will be any magic to break away from the body. You must have to encounter your opponent in order to have a role. "

Lambaoer said in surprise:" What kind of skill is this? "

> Ji moved: "If you are accurate, the killing of God should be regarded as a kind of power method. It is completely internal connotation that puts our own magic when performing skills.> After the records of this day, I only understand so much at present. More mysteries must be cultivated before they know. Baoer, when we come out of the Holy Evil Island, I will record a copy for you. "

Lan Baoer hurriedly shook his head, "No, this Mingyin wolf killed, and the things you got are naturally yours."

Ji moved a smile and said, "But it's just a skill. See you, we are partners! "

Lan Baoer's red lips gently, did not quit again, nodded gently," Okay. Thank you for you"Said in her mouth, but she thought about it in her heart that she could have the same skills as him,

It seems to be a good thing.

The two continued to move forward. With the experience of the Demon Wolf, Ji Shi really understood what the opportunity on the island of Holy Evil refers to.I met

, but luck was quite good.For others, the jade of heaven or a kind of auxiliary tool, but for him, is no less than a artifact.The fire of chaos is greatly improved, which is definitely

It can be encountered, and at the same time, even with his mental strength improves.Naturally, it will be more handy in controlling magic.

Ji Dou vaguely felt that the transformation of the yin and yang fish turned into a Tai Chi map. The two ultimate magic power would become easier when switching.The closer the yin and yang dual -attribute combination technology is connected

, the greater the power.After this attempt to kill the magic wolf, the six mantras are not inferior to the nirvana, and the magical skills have saved the magical skills. It has opened another door for him.It will be the direction of Ji Dai's main cultivation in the future.The benefits brought by the jade of heaven undoubtedly made him more likely to practice in this area.As for the killing of God, then wait until you leave

After opening the Holy Evil Battlefield, you can study it. From the record of the brand, this skill seems to be simple and uncomfortable.Records in the jade of heaven, will it really be so

Is it simple?

There is a priority and urgency, and the mystery of destroying the gods is not too late to study when they can really calm down.

The number of Warcraft on the seventh layer is not a lot. After all, it is a 6 -order Warcraft. Each Warcraft has its own site.Ji Shi and Lan Bao'er continued to move forward. Under the situation of unavoidable feelings

Ji Shi has killed the four -headed six -order Warcraft, and the two finally came to the seventh floor and eighth.Place of layers.

Fortunately, there have been no Warcraft at this stage on the seventh floor, even if they encounter a seventh -order Warcraft, they will not be so relaxed.Seventh -order Warcraft is much stronger than the sixth -order Warcraft.

, a seventh -order Warcraft can at least be equivalent to the combat effectiveness of the ten -order 6 -order Warcraft.Full attack, once the powerful seven -order

Peak Warcraft completely waved out, I am afraid there would be no chance.

In a total of five six -order crystal nucleus, Ji Shi gave the two water systems to Lambaoer.He is also selective when facing the sixth -order Warcraft.If he was himself, he would choose the fire system as much as possible.Ji Shi is becoming more and more proficient for this newly developed serial combination technology.

He guessed very accurate, affected by the impact of the jade of heaven on the fire of chaos, his extreme yang fire and the ultimate yinfire were easier than before when switching with each other.

Load, the power of the sixteen curse is becoming more and more amazing. If there is any restriction on this skill, that is the distance. If you want to wave it, you must be close first.Let the first

hit the opponent.

When you come to the junction of the seventh floor and the eighth floor, the most obvious change is still the environment. Standing on a mountainside, Ji moved forward, and saw that ahead was towering into the clouds in front of the clouds.The mountains block

, the misty clouds seem to only reach the mountainside, and the magnificent momentum comes.But the seventh layer of the Holy Island is comparable.

The two stopped. Whenever they were about to enter the next floor, they paused, adjusted their strength, and simply supplied.In order to better face more powerful opponents.Ling Ji

It was strange that they did not encounter any magician on the Dark Five Elements Continent.

When Ji Shi and Lambao'er were about to rest for a while, suddenly, a deafening and dull roar came from the distant mountains. The violent roar was like hundreds of
Tianlei bombed at the same time, and under the mountains, it was extremely amazing.

The huge thunder led to a series of reactions. In addition to the huge roar, the dark clouds in the sky also fluctuated violently.br> peaks.