di qi shi san zhang chuan song wei ji

Di Xinhu.

Standing on the rock quietly, watching the changing images in the red light in front of him.It was the scene of Ji Shi fighting with the pentded yellow man.Seeing the appearance of the yellow light on the ground.The flame face suddenly changed "bad."

The strong evil spirits flashed through the perfect eyes of the flames, the right hand was connected in the air, and a red lotus fluttered out, straight into the ground, straight into the groundHeart Lake.The flame eyes show the anxiety that is incredible. "Xiao Ji moves, you must persist! No, you can only let that little guy born early."

Drilling the magma under the support of Honglian, slowly falling in front of the flame.One palm of the flames fell lightly on the dome, and the whole world world was completely glossy in this left heart.Even the magma of the Lake of the Earth no longer bubbling, everything seems to have stagnated at this moment.At this moment, all the creatures in the eighteenth floor of the ground have chaotic and fearful emotions at this moment.


Feeling the fluctuations of the magic power in the air, Feri finally understood what the last words of the yellow clothing meant.The magic skills launched by the Huangyi people are called directional transmission.Can send any object in one direction to any distance within 50 miles.It is completely controlled by the magician's own ability.

This magic skill can be performed by the magician of the Grand Master of the Five Crown Turkey.That's why Ray Difer didn't expect.Through the identification of the Earth Elements, Lei Di has fully understood the practices of Huang Yi.Before dying, the Huangyi man forcibly launched this off -order skill with the final magic power and the cost of burning the last vitality, and transmitted Ji Kimong to the core circle of the Eling Mountains.

Before Ji Shi and Lambao'er entered the Eling Mountains, Ferre did not tell them.Di Ling Mountains are divided into core circles and outer circles.They all entered the outer circle.All kinds of Warcraft below the sixth level.It was because he never thought that Ji Shi and Lambaoer had the possibility of entering the core circle that he didn't say.

In the core circle of the Di Ling Mountains, all of which are more than sixth -level Warcraft, which is extremely scary.Moreover, the most terrible thing is that these super -order Warcraft often appears in groups.Even Frey will not easily enter it.Fortunately, there seems to be a special force in the Earth Lingshan Range, which limits that these super -order Warcraft will not leave the core circle.Otherwise, is the four legions outside that can resist.

A two -crowned magician, even if his own attributes are powerful, are transmitted to the core circle of the Earth Lingshan Range, it is definitely a life of nine deaths.What's more, when Ji Tong was sent out, his magic power had been exhausted.

"Little brother, you must not be okay! Be sure to stick to your brother." While saying, Feri moved in the direction of Lan Baoer with one hand, a strong lightning suction powerSuddenly pulled the unconscious Lambaoer over, and at the same time, all the color crystal nucleus on the ground also flew up, just like a starlight, gathered towards Frey.

The other hand of Thunder Emperor directly waved the thick blue -purple lightning. In the mid -air, it was like a thunder bombing. The thunderbolt torn the space again, with a mania roar, the purple thunder Yao Yao TianlonglongStep out.

Ferry received the crystal nucleus, and it took his body, flying directly into the dragon saddle, the right hand was in the air, a giant tomahawk with a long six meters had been born, and the Tomahawk was fully presented.For dark purple, I do n’t know what metal casting is used. I can only see it vaguely that there are deep light -electrode magic patterns on it.Long handle is as thick as an arm. Only big hands such as Reyerre can grasp it. It may be more than 500 pounds of weight.

Holding the strange tomahawk in one hand, Ferry Yangtian screamed, Zi Lei Yaotianlong communicated with him, kicked the ground, and flew towards the core circle of the Earth Lingshan Range.At this time, Frey, the electric light spit in the eyes, the furious and horrible momentum seemed to be able to tear the sky.


The yellow light halo wraps the body, and the powerful suction seems to be to pull him into hell.Ji Shi only felt that he had a dark eyes, and he had trapped in, and no scenes could be seen around.The feeling of going through the world of the heart of the earth reappeared again. He didn't know what happened, but he felt that he couldn't breathe or even move. There was a strong sense of squeezing around the body.

Suddenly, the surrounding pressure was light, and Ji moved in front of him, and he had come to a strange place.

The yellow light around the body slowly retired, Ji moved to breathe fresh air with a large mouth, and at the same time looked at it for four weeks.Still in a forest, but as soon as it appeared, Ji Shi still could not find a sense of direction. His first reaction was not to observe the surroundings, but quickly found a third -order bell crystal nuclear in his hand.Add magic.

Ji Shi saw it when Ray Difer appeared. He knew that his loot this time would not be missing at least. He killed the four people behind it.Nuclear income.After the previous battle, Ji Shi fully recognized the importance of the nucleus of Warcraft. There is a crystal nucleus on the hand. As long as the time is sufficient, the magic is not afraid of scarceness.It is a magic supplement.Even his dual -attribute magic and the ultimate double fire, a three -order crystal nucleus is enough to fill his two crown magic.

The dry yin and yang vortex greedily devoured the magic in the third -order bell crystal nucleus. This is Ji Xi's last third -order Coriner Crystal nucleus.EssenceFor him, as long as he can leave the Lingshan Range alive, this preliminary exam is definitely excessive.

While adding magic, Ji Xun squat **, which will make his goal smaller, and also starts to observe the surrounding scenery.

This is a mountain stalk, and there is a not tall mountain bag on the left, but the peak on the right side is covered with the sun because the distance is too close to see the height.The woods are extremely dense, and there are a lot of shrubs around Ji Shi, and the sight is very far away.If the original Lingshan Range is a mountain forest, then it is more like a tropical rain forest.

What exactly is this?Or isn't the Eling Mountains?Ji Xun's brain was running quickly.With a movement in his heart, a smile appeared on his face, and he had a care in his heart.

I don't know what this is, do she still know?It is no longer a combat state, and it is nothing at all.

While thinking, Ji moved out, "Flame."

In a brief judgment, Ji Shi knew that he seemed to have experienced another in all directions.Transmitting magic skills such as transmission scrolls.However, the distance from this time is obviously a lot closer. For the ability to transmit this ability, Ji Shi is very grateful. Without the scroll of the last time, he could not know the flame. After thinking about the current situation, he has made it.Think of the most correct decision.No matter where it is, how dangerous is it, as long as you can transmit it to the world of the earth, the flames will not be dangerous at least for the time being.The flames will definitely be able to tell yourself where this is.So he called.

But what made Ji Shidong was surprised, the uncomfortable call, but this time did not bring the red lotus petals.The surroundings are still quiet, without any movement, and even a trace of magic fluctuations.

Hurry up and look at his chest. The red lotus brand on his chest did not disappear, but under his call, he did not respond in half.

What's going on?Why can't you go to the underground world?Although he was not panic, his heart had sank.No one can answer the doubts in his heart at this time. Ji Shi knows that what he can rely on now is only himself.Fortunately, in the yin and yang vortex, the magic is gradually replenished.Sitting in the bushes, he took out the skin from the storage bracelet and took a few sips of water.

The previous battle was not just magic, but his physical strength was also consumed in large quantities, and he was also injured.Until now, his right arm and chest are still painful.However, Ji Dong was clever and did not cultivate, but he still just replenished magic with the crystal nucleus.The unknown around him had a strong sense of crisis. He kept telling himself that he must keep calm, if he was messy at this time.Then, everything will become more dangerous.

After taking a full rest for half an hour, I ate something.Ji Tong felt that his physical strength had returned to half, and the pain in his right arm and chest was reduced a lot. The magic power had been added. Of course, it also consumed a three -order crystal nucleus.

Stand up slowly, stretching his body, Ji Shi looked at the sun in the air and distinguished the position.From the surrounding temperature and the position of the sun in the air, he can judge that he should still be within the scope of the Earth Ling Mountains.

At least it is likely.He entered the Eling Mountains from the west. At this time, he only walked west, and let's talk about this mountain forest.

Acknowledging the situation, Ji Shi stood up, his west side was the high -level mountain, folded from the tree on the side of the tree to open the road, wore thorns, and walked towards the mountain to the mountains.Essence

At this moment, Ji Shi suddenly heard a rolling roar in the distance, and the sound seemed to be from the other side of the mountain in front of him.The sound made him spirit.I thought in my heart, it seemed that I was really in the Lingling Mountains.At this time, the sky was cloudless, and the appearance of thunder was likely to be his brother Lei Di looking for himself.

Immediately accelerated, quickly walked towards the peak in front of him, Ji Shi had already thought about it, and when he climbed the mountain in front of him, he immediately launched the ultimate double fireball on the top of the mountain.It brings danger, but it can make it easier for my brother to find themselves.In Ji's heart, Ray Di, who has Zi Lei Yao Tianlong, is almost invincible synonymous. As long as he can find himself, it will naturally be safe.

Ji Shi was climbing to the mountain with a long time. After passing through a mountain forest, he suddenly found that there was a black cave on the mountain wall in front of him.

The cave is about ten meters high and 20 meters wide. It is bottomless inside and cannot be seen clearly.

A big cave.Ji Dong was shocked. Although he was curious about this abrupt cave, it was even more important to converge with Lei Di at this time.Curiously killed people, Ji Tong immediately dispelled the idea of entering the investigation, ready to bypass the cave, and then continue to climb up to the top of the mountain.

But at this moment, suddenly, an extremely powerful suction power suddenly came from the cave, and the various plants around them suddenly made a series of rush. The suction power was too powerful.A surging wind was formed on the periphery of the mountain.Ji Dong hurriedly hugged a tree around him, stabilizing his body as stable as possible.

At this moment, a low snoring hummed in his ear, the suction power in the cave doubled again, and all the suction seemed to be condensed towards him alone, Karaka sounded a sound, Karaka sounded a sound.The tree that Ji moved was breaking that, and his whole person took a half -cut tree and was directly sucked into the cave and flew away.

Ji Tong suddenly realized in his heart. When he remembered that when he was resting, he didn't even see a insect in this dense mountain forest.Not to mention Warcraft.Is it because this cave does not happen?However, it's too late to say anything now.What he did not want to happen the most happened, and the feeling of unable to master his destiny was unwilling to face anyone.

The cave seems to go straight upwards. With the deepening of the body, there is a dark tree around.The rolling roll is a magical operation on the surface of the skin to avoid the damage caused by the collision of the body and the mountain.However, his worries seemed to be superfluous. In the process of being sucked by the powerful suction, the suction seemed to have long eyes, and he had no collision with his body.Ji Shi can only feel vaguely, the more room, the greater the space.

Suddenly, the space in front of it gradually brightened, not exporting. The light comes from the surrounding stone wall. The stone wall exudes dark red glory. The more the light is, the stronger the light.In the back, the surrounding stone walls are like rubies.Moreover, Ji Shi obviously felt that the surrounding fire attribute elements became extremely rich, and there were signs of faintness comparable to the earth.The temperature around it is not high.These fire attribute elements seem to come from stone walls.

At this moment, the powerful sucking force suddenly stopped, and it was a little bit.Immediately afterwards, he saw a pair of crystal red eyes, which was not very large, but exuding a deeper crystal red than the Lake of Magnitte.