Chapter 74 Binghuo Totem, Suzaku

The fire of the world of the world is rotating around the huge dragon eggs, and gradually integrates into it.At this moment, the light in the eyes beating slightly, and suddenly stopped his movement.Her expression looks a little weird. "Xiao Ji moved, why do you have so good luck every time you are transmitted. It seems that this little guy does not need to hatch in advance."

Standing up from the ground, but while he stood up, his body had lost his ability to move, even if his yin and yang vortex with the extremely flames of the two monarchs also stopped running at this moment.The strange feeling seems to have become the same crystal as the stone wall in the cave, not a life.

At this time, he also saw everything in front of him. This is the deepest part of the cave. From the ground to the top of the cave, there are 30 meters away, and the cave is extremely wide.The most strange thing is that the stone walls in the cave are extremely shiny red. It seems that this is originally a huge ruby, and the hole is hollowed out from this ruby.

In the middle of the cave, a large tree that connects to the top of the cave occupies almost half of the area in the cave.I have never seen such a huge sycamore tree, and the color of the tree is still so strange.The color of the dark red tree is changing slowly, and it is dark and dark, just like the ape tree itself is breathing.

Standing here, Ji Shi feels that he is like immersing in magma. The only thing that is different from the Lake of Di Xin is the coexistence of Bingding Shuanghuo, but there is only pure here.Cubi.

The crystal red eyes are cast from the large tree, standing on the crown, and it looks like a big bird with a big bird with a red body.Chicken head, swallow -collar snake neck, turtle back, fish tail, and the whole body are full of golden light red, and the long tail spreads three times the length of the body on the tree. Therefore, although her body is not large,But in fact, there were a pair of crystal red enough from beginning to end. It was her eyes. Looking at Ji Shi, her eyes were full of majesty and anger.

This is, Ji Tong's mind suddenly thought of two words, Suzaku.In his memory, the myths recorded the myths. Phoenix was the bird of Xiangrui, as five colors.The pure red phoenix in the whole body is in charge of the flames of heaven and earth. It is the flame of the fire, that is, the godbird Suzaku who defends the south. She is also the separation of Phoenix.Fengqi Wutongmu, everything in front of him seemed to indicate the identity of the red bird.

, humans, you are so brave."Some sharp voice spit out of the mouth of the fire phoenix, just this sound made Ji move his body trembling uncontrollably, and Qiqiao bleed at the same time. Even his dragon's body was a little unbearable.

, uh? "The red light in the eyes of the fire Phoenix flashed, so weak.Can you come to my territory?"Ji Tong only felt that the restraint around his body had been restored, and he had restored his ability to move and speak. He said lightly:" I don't know how to come here."

Fire Phoenix stood on the branches and looked at him high." Don't you know?Even when I was in a good mood, no creature dared to approach my hole.No matter how you come, you have to die, even if my child is buried.You are also the body of fire attributes, and you should be honored."

Ji Xun dodged his lips. He had no idea of surviving, and he had no idea of surviving the world.The existence, even if the ice and snow dragon wind cream I saw last time, I am afraid that the witch saw the big witch in front of her. How could it escape from here with her own strength. But even if it was dead, he would die with dignity.

"honor?You are just a bird. I am a human and the spirit of all things.What are you doing?"Ji Qian said coldly, at this time he only asked for a quick death, and he was just praying silently. If there was still a chance to live cross, then he hoped that he could be reborn in the underground world, even if it was just the most insignificant kind of insignificant kind of insignificant kind of insignificant kind of insignificant way,For underground creatures, he can at least know that he is not far away from the flames.

Listening to Ji Shi's words, the Suzaku on the dark red sycamore tree suddenly opened his wings with a wide five meters wide, raised his head, and said with one sound.The exciting Feng Ming sounded instantly. At the moment when the sound of Feng Ming sounded, Ji Shi only felt that his soul seemed to leave from his body.At this moment, the fragment two came from this time. The warm feeling came from Ji Dong's left chest, and the red light spread quietly. The familiar red lotus petals quietly swept away, and slowly wrapped Ji Tong's body. Everything on the outside world.All the sounds are isolated.

Flame? Ji moved in his heart and called in his heart.

Feng Mingga stopped, two almost substantial golden flames suddenly spit out from Suzaku's eyes, spreading, spreading, spreadingIt was a few meters to slowly recover. It was the two most familiar fires that Ji Shong's most familiar fire.IntersectionHe came to you.The sound of flames rang from Ji Shi's chest, and listening to her perfect and familiar voice, Ji Shi couldn't help but be a little infatuated. It was the flame again.The ashamed feeling rose from Ji Dong's heart. When can I protect her by herself?

Suzaku's voice becomes a little calm, Her Majesty the Queen, do you want to use this humans to locate,So do you deal with me? Don't forget that your existence is not tolerated. If you dare to rush to the world to show magical powers, just, if I die, you will never survive. "It is found that although Suzaku is calm, her words obviously have a sense of color change, which seems to be afraid.

The flame sighed leisurely, "Suzaku, you are one of the top ten gods and beasts, you are banned here, and you know very well that I will not come to the world easily, why not be afraid? I lead him here hereIt is to help you. We are all a fiery, killing you, what are the benefits of me? Do you think I need everything here? "'

Suzaku stunned"Help me? Can you help me with this little human? The empress is carved, did you say that you will give me the power of the two kings of the original two kings?"The red light of my red flickered, and even the evidence became rapid.

The flames said indifferently, "You should understand that the power of the two kings is not something you can. Although you are a beast, but like me. The god world will not allow you to have that strength. You can help you help you.It is the human beings in front of him, because he is the inheritor of the two kings. "

Suzaku's eyes fell on Ji Shi again, the golden red light continued to flash, Ji moved his heart, he felt likeIt was the danger from Suzaku.

, Suzaku, do you want to kill him, to deprive the will of the two kings?The voice of the flame suddenly became severe. You remember that he was called Ji Shi, and it was my only friend. Also, for me, death is not terrible. Deep in the heart, loneliness and death, in factThere is not much difference. What's more, killing you may not necessarily need to do it. If Ji moves is killed by you, then you wait for the revenge of thousands of lives in the world. "

Suzaku's eyes were cold, "You are threatening me, the emperor is carved. What do you want?" |. First.I want to deal with you. Ji Shi can help you reconcile yin and yang attributes, but I want you to three drops of phoenix crown blood, phoenix blood sycamore wood core, and one tons of the polar mine here. "

"This is impossible." Suzaku said with some anxiety and corruptedly, "The empress is engraved, you are too greedy.. I can give you more polar mine, but the other two are impossible. "

The flames calmly said:" Could it be, do you think these things outside you are compared to that life? In your heart, in your heart,Isn't your child even worth this thing? None of these things I need to use, I remind you again ~ Although the teenager standing in front of you is weak, he has inherited the two major.Jun Yu's will and memory. Human beings will not be restricted by cultivation like me. I believe you dare not kill him. Is it ready to establish such an enemy for yourself? "

" I am me, "Suzaku's eyes were slightly sluggish, and glanced at the Crown Crown of the Indus wood, and finally compromised" Well, you win. You are right, nothing else is compared with my child's life.. But I want to look at the fire of his king first. "

The flame smiled slightly, yes, Ji move, show her the extreme double fire."

Ji Shi Shen didn't say anything, raised his hands, Jin and Black, Bingwu Yuan ... Yang Shenghuo and Ding Yingming Yin Linghuo were displayed at the same time.

Although in front of him, CFire Totem Suzaku, behind him, supports him, his emotional sustenance, perfect flames. However, Ji Dong's mood is not good now. He doesn't like the feeling of fate in his own hands.The strength, strength, and teeth were tightly bite. He seemed to feel that the imprint of the two kings in his palm of his hands is being affected by shame. It is his weak power that makes them feel this.It is gradually taking shape. This time, it has nothing to do with the flames.

Suzaku's eyes are mainly on the fire of Ding Yingyin, who is in Ji Shi's left hand, and the suffocating burning ends from her because of excitementThe red feathers on her body seemed a little trembling.

Nodded, good. Transaction. "

The eye -catching red light suddenly spread from Suzaku, and Ji moved in front of her eyes completely changed.It became a red, and no scenes could be seen anymore. The strong attribute did not make him feel uncomfortable. The red lotus petals around the body completed the isolation effect.

It was just a moment of time. The red light that swept the entire hole had disappeared quietly, and there was a few more things on the ground in front of Ji.

First of all, the largest irregular ore is the largest in size, which is similar to the surrounding stone walls. The ruby is thorough. The difference is that there are almost a cubic meter of crystal red oreIt has many golden starlight embellishments, which surprised Ji that this ore did not emit energy fluctuations, but seemed to absorb the element of fire in the air.

Next to the ore is a piece of wooden blocks with a length of about three inches in diameter of the cross section.The golden red, the halo and the dark halo spread slowly, like the huge sycamore tree.There is no doubt that this is the foot of the tree.Ji Shi found that the light and shot of the sycamore trees at the foot of Suzaku's feet were obviously a little dim. Obviously, the three longan -sized fire red spar, which was disconnected from the departure of the cork.There.In addition to these, there are nine slender golden red feathers next to them.Exactly the same as the tail of Suzaku.

At this time, Suzaku has a lot of mild appearance, and the emperor's things are here.The nine nine tails were taken off by myself, even if it was used as a rude crime.Please accept it.Oh, your storage bracelet seems to be unable to let go.I'll help you transform it."

Opening his mouth, a golden flame spit out from the mouth of Suzaku, and turned into a golden thread in the air to quietly wrapped with the storage bracelet on the right hand of Ji. The flame control was wonderful.Sighing, he didn't even feel a bit of burning. You know, it is the sacred fire of Bingwu Yuanyang, Yangzhigang!

Gold spread, the original fire red storage bracelets gradually changed, the original fire redGradually became dark red, a little bit of golden light condensed in it, forming a golden -red fire phoenix form, surrounding it into a circle, connecting the first and tails. Compared with the original simplicity, this storage bracelet can only be extremely dazzling.Come to describe.

The golden fire line is retracted, and a warm idea emanates from the bracelet by itself. It is consolidated with Ji Shi's will.It has expanded thousands of times, and the area of thousands of square meters is wide. Originally, his various items had almost filled the storage bracelets, but now look at it, but it is just a bit of peace.

Get it awayThese things on the ground, Ji Shi looked at Suzaku, how can I help you? "