Chapter 66 Special Entertainment

Saying is late, then fast, a sudden blue light appeared in the sword light. If the sword worshipers were shot (in fact, they were actually electric shocks), they flew out.Provincial personnel.

Meng Fan smiled coldly: "Brother Chef, not a brother's heavy start, where are you just to discuss, clearly want my life, the brothers can only offend themselves for self -protection."

BR> The stage was silent for a few seconds, and then thunderous applause broke out, and even the people in Gao Qingshan couldn't help but drink color for Meng Fan.

Gao Qingshan also immediately realized such a fact. With his strange soldiers, it was impossible for him to be the opponent of this person on the stage, so he attached great importance to the combat effectiveness of the Thunder Brigade.

The remaining "strange soldiers" all lowered their heads, because they were very clear, on their strength, they were never above those people. Since Meng Fan can easily defeat them, they can also be able to easily defeat them, and they can also be able to easily defeat them.Easily defeat themselves, then they are not necessary to be beaten on stage.

Knowing that it is defeated, it is indeed brave to try on stage, but it is not the behavior of the wise. Obviously, these are all wise men, not brave.

But one person appeared on the stage at this time. She was Su Chen. Everyone looked at Meng Fan and her nervously, because Su Chen's combat skills were completely different from others.

Meng Fan clenched his fist. With the technology of fighting, Meng Fan must be sure of the victory, so as long as the battle was from the beginning, Meng Fan would make a prefers to make Su Chen down on stage.

Although it is not boring to hit a woman, she is always better than being thrown into the stage.

But Su Chen didn't mean to start after the stage. She just glanced at Meng Fan, and then laughed at the "audience": "Everyone knows, I am not good at fighting. If you want to defeat Captain Meng Captain Meng, Must -control, but this technology can deal with ordinary people, and Captain Meng, who is like a hundred battles, cannot be effective at all. I have secretly tried it just now.No, so in this test, we lost our heart to take orally, and the Thunder Brigade really became famous. "

Meng Fan stunned, and said," Did she really control my heart?She was still afraid of losing, so she just admitted. "

But no matter what, Su Chen has already admitted, that Meng Fan is an indisputable winner.

After that, Meng Fan's ears are naturally a praise. Gao Qingshan naturally must compliment the Thunder Brigade, but Zhou Tianzi knows that if there are Meng Fan, they may suffer a loss.It's right.

Meng Fan took the opportunity to say: "Gao Gao, forgive me, your strange soldiers, if you only know about these things, then it is useless to destroy zombies."

As soon as this remark came out, everyone was shocked, and Meng Fan went on to say, "Think about it, zombies are not stones, nor tofu, how can you make you want to smash, and how to cut it. On the contrary, the zombie skin is rough.The meat is thick, the body is flexible, and the tip of the teeth is profitable. If you want these people to truly play a role, then you must take them to the front line of corpses and improve their combat skills through actual combat., But the zombies I destroyed, there are no 10,000 or 8,000, let alone the entire Thunder Brigade. "

Gao Qingshan smiled:" Captain Meng is right, but fighting against the zombies is very dangerous.In the matter, I can't always make a joke with their lives! "

" The head of the Gao Tuan is wrong again. In this environment, we will not go to the zombies, and the zombies will come to us. The early danger can be practiced.The real strange soldiers can only feed zombies in danger. At present, the head of Zhou team leads the soldiers. Isn't it a good time for your strange soldiers to play a role? You give these ten people to the head of the group, wait for Guzhou City to wait for Guzhou CityAfter the battle, I promise that their strength will increase a lot, and it will be better than me. "

" This ... "Gao Qingshan hesitated,
"Chang didn't want to work for the country, and didn't want them to participate in the battle? "Meng Fan asked.

"Meng Fan, don't let Gao Tuan's embarrassment!" Zhou Tianzi laughed.

"No!" Gao Qingshan had already made up his mind at this time. Since this strange soldier can't even fight alone, it is useless to keep it.He was generous, so he waved his hand: "Captain Meng said very reasonablely that they should make them work for the country, but Su Chen is a woman. Her heart -controlling technique is useless to deal with zombies, so stay!"

"Thank you Gao Gao's strong support for me, but the sword is not eye -catching, and the death and injury in the battle are inevitable. I can't guarantee that nine people will be able to come back alive, but I will try their best to protect them."Said.

The sky gradually darkened. Gao Qingshan brought Zhou Tianzi and his party to a European -style building, and saw a large brand hanging on the door, saying: "Beishan County officer leisure club."

"Captain Zhou, this is a place for officers to rest. I have gone for a day today. Maybe go in and rest, soak in a hot spring!"

There were a few women with heavy makeup greeted. Zhou Tianzi was unhappy, but it was hard to say anything, so he had to follow.

The decoration of the hall is very luxurious. It feels like it has come to the previous five -star hotel. After turning around and right, the front is suddenly cheerful.There is also a group of young and beautiful women in swimsuit.

"Come, Axiang, come out to say hello to the head of the central government." Gao Qingshan laughed and called a tall girl over. I didn't know, I thought it was the Qinglou.

Facts, this is not a Qinglou, but it is not much worse. The woman known as Axiang said from the appearance that it is definitely a woman with a beautiful shoulder, red and red lips, and there is a natural natural eyebrows.The charming state is revealed.

Meng Fanxin said: "This Gao Qingshan will really come. It seems that this trip is really coming.I'm afraid I won't want it. If he is soaring, we can only look at Mei to quench thirst! "

Zhou Tianzi was originally unhappy.There are a few urgent official duties that have not been dealt with, so I ca n’t stay today, come and visit again when I change the day! "

Gao Qingshan hurriedly held his hand:" The head of the Zhou group will not think I am the poor mountain here.Water, the hospitality is not around! "

" How can it be! It's really urgent, and there is, "Zhou Tianzi paused," Gao Tuan, now our people are living in the deep water of the water., I feel that as a soldier, I should put the enjoyment behind, not to mention, a troops that are at ease and can only be enjoyed, how can there be combat effectiveness. Speaking! "

Zhou Tianzi withdrawn, Meng Fan naturally naturalYou can't stay more, although he has not enjoyed the wine and food as expected, he can only follow it immediately.

Gao Qingshan's face is naturally very ugly. He picked up a tall cup angrily and threw it to the ground, smashed, and said angrily: "Good things that are unknown to lift up! "

The personal guard next to him said," That is, we are delicious and delicious, he is so unknown. "

After resentment, he quickly returned to calm again. He felt a little disappointed, and he laughed: "But he is right, a troops who are at ease, there mustHow can this kind of person buy the wine color, but Meng Fan next to him seems to be a little greedy. ">
"The current situation is unclear, and now it is not about this time." Gao Qingshan habitually touched the chin without a beard. "I did not expect the transformed soldiers to have such a terrible combat power, but the central government was tooWell, unwilling to help us become Superman, then we have to find a way ourselves. Xiao Zhao, you go to invite Su Chen over, you must be polite. "

A few minutes later, Su Chen stood at the station.In front of Gao Qingshan, Gao Qingshan waved his hand, and the guards Zhao Yang retreated.

Su Chen smiled charmingly, and suddenly rushed to Gao Qingshan's arms: "Bad guy, only this little will see me, do you miss me?" It turned out that Su Chen and Gao Qingshan had already had a leg long agoIt's right.

Gao Qingshan laughed: "You are a little fox who is fascinating, I don't miss you one minute, but I will come to you today, there are other things."

Su Chen raised his mouth and said, "Just know you have something else, don't you want me to let me come?"

Gao Qingshan laughed and pulled Su Chen in his arms: "Want to wantDo you talk about something else? "

" Okay, don't be false, say that if you have something, you will be stuffy and you will be stuffed! "

Gao Qingshan nodded, but did not speak, but slowly went to the door, looked at no one, and closed the doors and windows. Then he came back and said softly, "Xiao Su, you say you said youSuper power is because you have been to the stronghold of the United Front organization, they helped you get it, is it? "

" Yes. "

" Can you find them? "
"Do you think?" Su Chen made a gesture on himself. Gao Qingshan thought for a moment and lowered his voice and said, "People who once organized the United Front organization had asked me and said that they had anti -S virus vaccines, and they alsoThere are injections that can improve human combat effectiveness, but for me to provide them with some ammunition and grain, I hesitated at that time and did not agree, but now I want to find them to talk about cooperation. "

" Is it true? "Su Chen stared at Gao Qingshan's eyes burning.

"Can the Soviets with super powers still see the true and false?" Gao Qingshan said deeply.

Su Chen's eyes were lightened, and suddenly he laughed with Gao Qingshan."The head of Gao is a happy person, then I said straight, you guess well, I am a special envoy of the United Front organization, and I made a special trip to take the Gao Tuan to walk into a bright avenue."