Chapter 65

Sure enough, after a few rounds, Su Chen was already obviously at a disadvantage, but suddenly Song Tao's spirit was stagnant, and Su Chen was kicked to the ground by the same way, but this time she was not very strong, but she would just be, but she would just be.Song Tao took a few steps back.

Su Chen is like a martial arts, and Song Tao can only sigh and go down."Song Tao, you have obviously occupied the advantage just now. How can you lose it?" Zhou Tianzi asked immediately.

"Oh! Captain, I ..." Song Tao stopped talking and stopped.

"Look at your bear, what can't be said when you are a soldier!" Zhou Tianzi got angry.

"Yes, I had a good fight. Who knew that when she saw her eyes, I suddenly had a strange feeling. I had an illusion in front of my eyes. I actually thought ..." Song Tao started againI have been.

When Meng Fan saw his face a little red, he laughed: "You won't look at the chick, want to be close and affectionate with her!"

SongTao's face was even more reddish. It seemed that Meng Fan's joke said the truth.

Zhou Tianzi no longer questioned. He knew that the combat literacy of this group of soldiers under his hands was very clear. When fighting, they would never have this idea. The only explanation was that Su Chen implemented Song Tao's implementation of Song Tao.Mental control.

In other words, Su Chen has super powers with spiritual control.

"The chiefs in the audience, I have always admired the Thunder Brigade in the central government. How can we learn about it?" I do n’t know when I went to the stage to challenge the dwarf winter melon.

Zhou Tianzi feels a bit difficult. If he fights like the regular army exercises, Zhou Tianzi is not afraid, but these people use all the rivers and lakes routines. On the ring, Zhou Tianzi's soldiers will be too bad.It's right.

But if you should not fight, wouldn't it be laughed at Gao Qingshan.At this time, Gao Qingshan also said, "Yes, yes, I also want to see the style of the Thunder Brigade, and the head of Zhou will show one hand!"

Zhou Tianzi said: "There are only five people around me,Political Commissar Wang Kun is good at doing ideological work. Fighting is not his director. Qian Jin, the deputy captain, has two sons, but he may not be able to fight each other.It's useless to go up. Meng Fan's strength is definitely not bad, but he has just injected the third -generation Liao's transformation solution. The body may not be adaptable.When Zhou Tianzi was thinking, Gao Qingshan laughed again: "It seems that the head of Zhou Duan is a bit embarrassed, otherwise it is okay!"

I sneered in the Tai in the stage: "It seems that the legendary ThunderThe brigade is just the same! "

Meng Fanxin said:" The emperor is not available, and he can't say it by himself. It seems that I need to solve him for him. "Meng Fan was transported.Not only did it not be weakened, it was stronger than before the injection, and I couldn't help but secretly: "It seems that the third -generation Liao's evolution solution has played a role.The frog at the bottom of the well! "

So Meng Fan said greatly:" The head of Zhou is a bit embarrassed. You think that they are all regular army. It is reasonable to fight against the regular army.In the coming of the people, even if the head of the Zhou Tuan won, it would not be martial arts! "

As soon as Meng Fan's words came out, the" masters "on the stage thundered," You, you, his mother, his mother -in -lawIt is said that we are the crowd of dirty, you look for death! "" There is a kind of comparison, see who is the crowd of dirt. "Excuse me? "

" Oh, me, because the qualifications are too poor, they are not selected as the Thunder Brigade, but the head of the group of Zhou can afford to make their logistics captains, and usually wash their clothes for a meal.During the battle, hand in a ammunition box, clean up a battlefield or something ...? "

The big hand on the stage immediately laughed:" What is it? For a long time, it is just a hanging, just a hanging and a war.Logistics.

Meng Fan immediately sneered: "Lao Tzu is the logistics soldier, which is also the Thunder team directly under the central government.BR> Big hand is angry: "Okay, Meng Fan, there is a kind of coming to the stage to try and try!"
"Okay! Let Lao Tzu teach you the two heads of Zhou Gao!" Meng Fan laughedWith one jumper, he jumped into the stage.

Gao Qingshan saw Meng Fan without fear, so he knew that Meng Fan must not be ordinary people.The incompetence of this strange soldier was as defeated. It was originally a logistic soldier, and there was no defense.

But Gao Qingshan understood wrong, because Meng Fan had never thought about the failure.

Because of strength, Meng Fan could not lose to them at all.

Big hand glaring at Meng Fan, he is about to rub himself, but the dwarf melon grabbed the front: "Brother, kill the chicken and use a cattle knife, give him to the younger brother!"

Loying to see others repair Meng Fan. Besides, if the winter melon can't beat Meng Fan, and it will win, it can also show his own ability.

Winter melon is the best ability to hit people with his head. Meng Fan knows that his head is hard, and his arms are strong.Of course, it is speed. When he first flickered, when the winter melon's head was only a long time away from Meng Fan, Meng Fan turned gently and escaped the hit of winter melon.This time, everyone can see that Meng Fan's speed is faster than Su Chen.

In the beginning, the winter melon saw Meng Fan hiding or not, and secretly added a little effort. I just wanted to hit Meng Fan vomiting blood at once.Almost the brakes could not be held, and it was almost planted from the table.

Winter melon yelling was so angry, and hit another one end. This time he tried his best to use his strength, and his body was as fast as lightning. If ordinary people were hit by this time, they would break the fracture and die!

Meng Fanxin said: "Good boy, where are you discussing, and you have to make Lao Tzu's life, you are not benevolent, I am not righteous, do you leave a little?Bald donkey! "

Meng Fan still flashed lightly. After this flash, Meng Fan suddenly shot and grabbed the small distinction of winter melon. Not only that, Meng Fan was still kicking on his buttocks.After a while, the winter melon was too fierce, and the little hair was too small. After being caught by Meng Fan, it was about to be broken. In addition, Meng Fan's kick could not bear the two rare hair.Fang's giant power was dragged down by Meng Fan when he set aside the scalp, and the melon could not hold his feet, and he fell down from the table.

"Oh! I'm sorry, I was afraid you would fall, so I wanted to pull you one, but I didn't expect you to pull it down at all of you.What about the medical soldier, quickly, raise this benevolent, take the medicine. "

Meng Fan already admits it first, so that others can see that it is wrong, and I am embarrassed to saywhat.

Winter melon howling loudly in the stage: "Oh my mother, my precious hair! My body is skin -skinned, my parents, I am sorry for my father and mother! I can't live.! "

Winter melon was so annoyed by Gao Qingshan. He waved softly, and several soldiers lifted him down.

Although I saw that the winter melon was easily defeated, it was caused by Meng Fan's dodge too fast. I felt that Meng Fan was only agile and did not have the true ability.A sound: "It's a good Meng Fan, eat my palm!"

Meng Fan smiled slightly and drank: "Let me go!" Then he greeted him on the front.

The big hand is out of palm, Meng Fan's punch, and the big hand first comes out. His play is not technically at all, but the palm of the palm from the upper right is like a slap. But this one, but this one, but this one, this onePutting down, the power of the power has already seen it.

But his slap did not hit at all, because Meng Fan didn't give him a chance.

Meng Fan was punching in the back, but his body was moving as an electric light. As soon as the big hand of the big hand waved to the extreme, Meng Fan's fist had reached him.

The big hand seemed to have a sudden wind in flat ground, and then Meng Fan's fist had already reached the eyes. He had been beaten out before he had time to make any adjustments and reactions.

Meng Fan’s punch is not only fast, but also far stronger than Su Chen. After landing on the ground, he also wanted to stand up, but found that his neck was broken, and the whole body did not listen to calling.Essence

Most of the people in the audience are Gao Qingshan. At this time, they were so surprised that they couldn't speak. The whole venue became silent for a while. No one imagined.There will be such a strong explosive power.

Winter melon is defeated only in two rounds. It is too single to lose in his way.The genuine soldiers of the Thunder Brigade are not. If the master of the Thunder Brigade, what kind of strength will there be?

Gao Qingshan's face has also changed. He also thought that the combat effectiveness of the Thunder Brigade could not be underestimated, but he did not expect that there was such a strong strength. If they added their high -tech equipment, they would be them.If you want to destroy the entire Beishan County, it is not without this ability.

After the big hand was defeated, a short figure immediately jumped on the stage, which was the so -called "swordsman".

"It turned out to be a chef, but unfortunately I am not tofu, I won't make you cut if you want to cut it!" Meng Fan laughed.

"Find to death!" The sword -savings talked to the sword straight, and suddenly changed to cutting three feet in front of Meng Fan, and suddenly a sword shocked Meng Fan's whole body.

"Ah!" Many people sweated for Meng Fan when the stage was established. In any case, Meng Fan was the body of flesh and blood. The first few games were fists and fists.But this time Meng Fan played against the steel sword with a bare -handed and empty fist. Once it was a bit lost, it was terrible.

Zhou Tianzi suddenly stood up from the seat. Although he was confident in Meng Fan, after all, the other party's sword was in hand, and Meng Fan's advantage could not be shown, so he really did it really for it.Meng Fan's security worry.Gao Qingshan was also a little nervous. Although he wanted to teach Meng Fan, he didn't want to make a lives, but now he looks like a posture of taking Meng Fan's life.