Chapter 27 Cave on the Wall

After doing all of this, Meng Fan jumped into the yard. He quietly walked to the north and cut off the head of two wandering zombies with a thunderbolt.When he observed the open space in the north of the temporary base, Meng Fan found that a helicopter on the open space was gone, which shows that the military survivor had left the military station by helicopter.

"Will the silly B of the upper military ministry think that zombies are still in the category of human beings without allowing the big killing boundary?" Meng Fan couldn't help thinking.

Meng Fan has no time to think about these irrelevant things. He wants to sneak into the dormitory to take a look, but when he sees those wandering zombies, he still dispels the idea."Go and get lucky!

I finally came to the door of the military reserve library, but Meng Fan was disappointed because the gate of the military library was locked. Meng Fan could not think that he had the ability to open the three doors to take it out.

No one who found the military and whirlwind groups, Meng Fan could only return according to the original road. When passing by a room, Meng Fan saw the latest CM 1 seven explosion type created in the country through the window.Assault rifle and several magazines.This type of rifle can not only launch a tenmmmi -diameter rifle bullet, but also launch a blasting bomb, which can be used to deal with groups of zombies.

Meng Fan can't help itch. Although he wants to get this gun at least five or six zombies, Meng Fan also thinks it is worth it.He first released the electronic spider to investigate the situation clearly, and he still shot later.

Soon this assault rifle arrived at Meng Fan's hands, and there were as many as fifty -round rifle bullets, five blasting bullets, and three grenades.Meng Fan also found unexpected surprises, up to a whole box of compressed biscuits, but he couldn't bring them all out.

Meng Fan knows the principle of greed and chewing. At this time, he must not be greedy, otherwise he is likely to be unable to get out of the army.He filled his whole body with bullets and compressed biscuits, and then began to evacuate. At this time, he had a weight of 40 pounds, but the pace was still very stable.

But the accident happened when he walked out of the room, and the two mutant black -back army dogs suddenly came out.Meng Fan was shocked and immediately withdrew the office just now.

As soon as Meng Fan closed the door, he heard the sound of the mutant dog hit the door. He knew that the zombies that could not have been swarmed will be surrounded by here.

He thought about it slightly, and smashed the window of the room with an assault rifle, and then jumped out of the window. Since he was going to escape, he no longer had to worry about the shock of the zombies.

Meng Fan ran quickly at a speed of more than 100 meters, and finally the wall of the courtyard when the zombie climbed in before he completed the enclosure.If the Olympic Games is held in the world now, Meng Fan will definitely become a hundred meters of flying people, and it can easily break the world records and become a Chinese who is more than Liu Xiangniu B. Of course, the premise is that Meng Fan can pass the urine test before the game.

Meng Fan rode on the wall, turned around and smiled at the zombies, raised the middle finger.

When Meng Fan saw the two black -back dogs running over, he couldn't laugh.Because the two black -back dogs are not slower than him at all, and even faster, are they evolved?

Meng Fan jumped off the wall immediately, but he did not escape immediately.If the black back can skip the wall, then it doesn't make much sense for him to escape at this time. On the other hand, if the black -backed military dog can't jump over the wall, then he doesn't need to be so anxious.

Meng Fan quickly installed a blasting bomb for the assault rifle. He wanted the black -back dog to taste the flavor of blasting bullets.

The two black -back dogs jumped across the wall of the military point. When they just landed, Meng Fan fired, but the first shot Meng FanThere is no blasting bomb. What can be solved with ordinary bullets, try not to waste the blasting bomb.

A shot of one of the soldiers headshot, but the other soldiers immediately launched an attack on Meng Fan. This time Meng Fan used a blasting bullet.Dog's body was too late to be happy, Meng Fan opened his legs to run quickly and moved. The gunfire just now is enough to attract more zombies.

While moving forward, he has to avoid zombies while moving, which has made Meng Fan go a lot of wrongdoing. Meng Fan looked at the sky and thought that if one day you can fly, you will not be afraid to be afraid of these abominable people.Zombie.

Finally, the zombies were shaken away. Meng Fan climbed to a tree to rest a little. He analyzed the situation in front of him: the person in the headquarters was likely to evacuate, and the people in the whirlwind group were not trapped in the trapped group.After a certain place, it also withdrew to Guzhou City.

But Meng Fan does not think that the suburbs are safer than in the city. You must know that the victims who gathered millions of escape outside Guzhou City, know how many of them have become zombies, and Guzhou, as well as GuzhouWho knows how much the animals in the reserve have changed and evolved.

Meng Fan was thinking. Suddenly he saw a mosquito flying through his eyes. Now it is winter, and the temperature is at least zero. How can there be mosquitoes flying out?Meng Fan was shocked, and the only reasonable explanation was that mosquitoes also mutated.

After solving several sporadic zombies outside the army building, Meng Fan returned to the Army Building smoothly.Come and open the door for me. "

Meng Fan's corner of his mouth showed a smile, he thought that Liang Shuang came out of the door happily.

No one answered. At this time in the corridor, a kind of ominous premonition suddenly emerged from Meng Fan's heart.You can open the door for me. Don't you make a joke with me? "

No one still answered.Meng Fan immediately pulled out Long Weijian to cut the door lock, and then kicked the inner door away.Meng Fan walked in with a pistol alertly.

There is no one in the living room, and it seems as tidy as Meng Fan.Meng Fan quietly walked into the bedroom. How much he hoped to see Liang Shuang suddenly run out at this time to scare him, and said with a smile that she was just joking with him just now!

No one ran out. Meng Fan saw that there was a pool of blood on the bed in the bedroom, and there was a large human -shaped hole on the wall.Meng Fan's head buzzed, and there was a sense of blank brain in an instant, and then the heart began to shrink, and his breathing was a bit heavy.

Meng Fan did not stay in the pain, but quietly removed the submachine gun from the shoulder, and the CM one -seven assault rifle was also removed from the shoulder.More convenient.Meng Fan saw that there was a pistol on the ground. It was the one he handed over to Liang Shuang. He also picked it up and inserted it on his waist.

The things that can hit the wall are definitely not ordinary zombies. Meng Fan took out a dose of strong heart and gave himself a needle.There is a hint of hope, what if Liang Shuang is still alive?

Meng Fan was inserted with Long Weijian on his back, holding a pistol tightly in his hand, carefully worn in the human shape hole, and searched in another room along the blood.

This time he found a large human -shaped hole. Through this insider, Meng Fan saw a strange figure.

From the perspective of the back, the person's head is not proportional to the body, and it is a giant monster with deformity.Meng Fan does not believe that this monster is still human.

The giant zombies hit the wall violently with their heads, and the wall was hit by a large hole by him.At this time he suddenly turned back, and the purple -red eyes looked at Meng Fan.

One corpse only looked at the second, and the giant zombie immediately ran to Meng Fan, and Meng Fan would not be polite to him, hitting his head with a shot.

But he didn't be shot a blood hole by a headshot or a bullet on his head like other zombies. The bullet just slightly slowed down his impulse, and he still rushed towards Meng Fan.

Meng Fan saw some ugly blocks on his head and on his body, just like the stone man in the movie "Four Heroes".It was these blocks that blocked Meng Fan's bullets.

Meng Fan regrets that he has not brought the CM 1 seven explosive assault rifle, because the power of the rifle is far greater than the pistol in his hand. He does not believe that this monster's rifle bomb is hard to block.

Meng Fan shot again and again, smashing the eyes of the giant zombie, but still did not stop his steps.The bullets in the pistol had been empty, and the giant zombies had already worn the large hole and hit Meng Fan.

Meng Fan hurriedly escaped, and the giant zombies hit the wall behind Meng Fan, and hit the wall out of a hole, showing how strong his impact power was.

Meng Fan pulled out the dragon's sword, a sword stabbed to the huge head of the zombie, the giant zombie suddenly turned back, Long Weijian stabbed a bit, slipped on the scalp of the zombie, but he did not stab in the scalp.EssenceThis is the first time Meng Fan has encountered a creature that Lian Long Weijian is difficult to get in.

The giant zombie immediately hit the front rushing forward, hit Meng Fan flying up, fell from the cave on the wall to another room, and the Long Weijian in his hand flew out.

Without the protection of bulletproof combat clothes, I am afraid Meng Fan's ribs have been broken.The giant zombies followed up and chased and rushed towards Meng Fan. Meng Fan hurriedly rolled on the ground and escaped the tiger of the giant zombie.

At this time, Meng Fan felt that his body was hot, and the heartbroken agent had begun to play a role.When Meng Fan looked up, he saw a few corpses, and one of them was Liang Shuang.

Meng Fanyuan opened his eyes, roared, and kicked up the giant zombie who was about to rush to him into the corner, and then he picked up the dragon's sword and chopped at the giant zombie.

With the role of a strong heart, Meng Fan's power has increased several times, and even the hard shell of a giant zombie was cut away by him.Meng Fan waved hundreds of swords in one breath, and the giant zombies were decomposed into more than 100 yuan, and it was no longer possible to live.