Chapter 26 outside the barracks

Liang Shuang stretched his waist and said with a smile, "Sleep well! Bing Brother, is it unless I have no makeup now!"

Meng Fan shook his head and said, "No, you, youNow like the water out of the hibiscus, it is almost beautiful, just like the little fairy. "

Liang Shuang smiled happily:" Bing, I know you tease me! I know my face acneIt is a ugly woman, but my figure is still pretty good. "

Meng Fan smiled slightly:" You don't need to inferiority, you are a beauty embryo, after a while of acne disappearing, you are the standard.The little beauty. "

Liang Shuang said happily:" Do you really think so? Then, will I be your wife? "

Meng Fan listenedShe said so, knowing that she was still trying to leave him. The two only knew such a short time. In fact, they couldn't talk about love. Liang Shuang said to him instead of his feelings.

Meng Fan said seriously: "Liang Shuang, you can rest assured, I will definitely come back before dark, I will never leave you.Know the truth of the grace of dripping the water. "

" I don't want you to repay or not repay, just don't throw me alone here, you must talk about it.Then! Let's pull the hook! "

Meng Fan's heart, you are all the girls of the 17th and eighth, why do you still make some children!However, he still stretched out his hand and pulled up with Liang Shuang.Liang Shuang smiled happily.

After having breakfast, Meng Fan began to check his equipment. A soldier must conduct a very strict inspection of the equipment before the battle. After experiencing an accident the day before yesterday, Meng Fan's attitude towards things was even more rigorous.

After being equipped with himself, Meng Fan handed a pistol to Liang Shuang: "There are eight bullets in this gun, you keep your body defense, remember, do not go out before I come back.Some people do n’t open the door when they knock on the door. People in troubled times are sometimes more cute than zombies. Remember? "

Liang Shuang nodded hard:" Remember. "To be honest, Meng Fan was right.This little girl was not at ease at all, because she had almost no one who really did it as Meng Fan before, and even the water was used by Meng Fan to help her pick it up, but if it wasn't for Liang Shuang not listening to him, heMeng Fan may not live.well!Meng Fan can only believe her this time.

The army station is actually very close to here, only a distance of more than 1,000 meters, but at this time, each step may be dangerous.Meng Fan walked very cautiously. There was a village between the military station and the military building. When each curve and intersection, Meng Fan would release the electronic spiders and continue to move forward.When more than a hundred meters turned a corner, he found a lot of corpses.

Meng Fan observed the corpses, and he found that each corpse had gunfire on the head of each body, indicating that these corpses were zombies killed.Meng Fan was generally estimated that there were at least hundreds of these corpses, indicating that there have been very fierce battles here.

The rest of Lu Meng Fan went more cautiously. At the next corner, Meng Fan observed through the electronic spider that the outside of the army station was full of zombies, but these zombies were not a brain.The child was squeezed into the gate of the military point, but was a state of chaos and scattered. Is there no alive human beings in the military point?

Meng Fan recalls the electronic spider behind himself, and he began to visualize the number of zombies in front.Knowing and knowing each other, and the battle is all over, although Meng Fan does not want to have a positive conflict with these zombies, it is necessary to observe more.

The electronic spider suddenly issued an alert from behind. Meng Fan immediately raised his gun and turned back. He saw a black dog with a lack of ears and came to himself from behind.

completely cut away, his movements are as gentle as possible, so as not to send out a big movement to attract the zombies.

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