Chapter 558 The strongest blow

In the bottle of the jade.Storage is the large sun cone at the level of mid -level superbbeca, compared with the high -level high -level Da Yingbing.But it is not united with Ji Shi, existing alone.Therefore, although it is not enough to completely offset the power of Da Youbing, it is enough to block the direction of Da Youbing's progress, and even the direction of changing its attack.What Ji Shi needed was such a short time.

The Dan Yan Fire Dragon and Eclipse Phoenix lost their glory at the same time. They can only float in the sky by virtue of their instincts. At this moment, the red that cannot be described by words has been turned into a shocking sky.Changhong cut forward.

Ning, the entire space of the whole fifteenth floor seems to be condensed by this sword.

The Demon King sent out the remnant magic of the big youth, and when he met the red light, he quietly vaporized.One end of the shocking Changhong was the sword of Vulcan that Ji moved down, and the other end, at the moment of air condensed, had landed on the Demon King.

But at the same time that the Vulcan was blowing out, Ji's pupils shrunk violently, and he finally felt the power of the Holy -level high -level.

The body of the Demon King collides with the big sun cone and Da Youxing.The moment when all soul fluctuations and sight were observed, the twelve meter -high body had been converted into a two -meter -high humanoid.All the flames seemed to disappear on him.The remaining is only half -golden and half black.

His appearance is mediocre, and it looks like the most common human beings. At this moment, his hands, so that he is on the top of his head, holding the Vulcan sword light from the sky.

The monstrous murderous was scattered in the moment when the Vulcan sword light was sandwiched, and the whole body of the fire demon king who became a human figure had also completely turned red.

A loud noise made Ji Shi unimaginable.After all, Hongguang still fell down, cut it on the top of the fire demon king, and passed through, and put his pair of colors from it.

This sword was leaked, left on the fifteenth floor of the earth world, a canyon up to kilometers deep.

But at the same time as this sword was leaked, the body that had been shaved into the fire demon king had become two.One is as dark as ink, and the other is shiny.Yes, the two bodies, two are full of their own extreme elements.

Without the high -level high -level atmosphere, the remaining one is still the Holy level.In the early holy grade, the two holy primary fire demon kings have shifted as soon as possible, and the next moment appear on both sides of Ji Shi's body.

"Thousands of years of cultivation, once destroyed. You go to death." They spoke at the same time, and they had no half emotions at the same time.Their fist.It also took all the attack power of the extremely horrible holy grade, bombarding to the magic power, but still holding the Ji Kim with the sword of Vulcan.

Regardless of how much benefits of the fusion of the Yin and Yang Double Fire of Ji Tong, when the body is severely damaged, the Demon King has completely fallen into a state of violent.At this time, it was divided into two, and it turned into the form of two big fire devils of one black and one gold. Not to mention Ji Kimong, even the fire spirit king and Huolian king who were still in their hands were stunned.No one understands what is going on throughout the world, even among the Demons.

It's over ... This is the first reaction of the fire demon king who rushed over after the decomposition.He couldn't think of it, and he brought this result by this all -out sword.The hard work that went all out made the Fire Demon King divided into two. Even if their individual abilities weakened a lot, it was still the existence of two holy levels!At this moment, Ji Shi has no power to resist, and he can only watch the two fire demon kings of Yin and Yang bombarding to himself with extremely terrifying power.Under such a bombardment, his holy body is also impossible to bear, and only death is one way.Even if Ji Dong is smarter, all plans are accurate.At this time, everything has exceeded his calculations.

The saints of the Tiangan could not relieve the thirst, and their strength was not enough to stop the fire demon king's attack on Ji Shi. You can only watch the huge light of the golden and black groups.Just swallow.

At this moment, if there is a calm person present, it is Chen Sixuan.When she watched the fire demon king into the two rushing Xiang Ji, and eventually swallowed Ji's body, her perfect face showed a touch of smile.Unfortunately, no one will notice her at this time, let alone her emotional changes.The attention of everyone has been completely attracted by the golden black and black two.

After finishing ..., this idea also appeared in the minds of every heavenly saint, and they even forgot to exert the five elements of the yin and yang world to escape here.Their hearts are like being torn by a huge force, and everyone has fallen into a state of suffocation.

Miracle, often when everyone thinks it is impossible.Ji Shi is a miracle manufacturer in the eyes of his partners, but everything that happened next made them completely unbelievable.

Black and gold, the two -color light completely devoured Ji Shi's body for less than a second. Suddenly, an unparalleled roar broke out of the place that Ji Shi was floating before.The two fire demon kings who turned into the two flew out like an artillery shell, and flew more than 300 meters to stabilize the shape.Even the flames on them had disappeared at this moment, and the remaining one was endless horror.

Ji Dai did not die.It was not as good as flying ash as the imagination of the earth. He still floated there and floated there quietly, as if nothing happened.His hands raised on both sides of his body, his right hand turned into golden, and his left hand became black.His hands slowly opened, and the palm of his palm was shining with strange glory.

The light is not very strong, it is clear to be clear. In his right hand, a golden sun is lit, and in his left hand, the lit is a one is a one.The black moon.In January of this day, it was so faint.Just behind Ji Shi, the two groups of light and shadow gradually opened up, magnifying behind him.

The extremely majestic atmosphere, accompanied by the stretching of the 100 -meter Kaohsiung strong body, gradually becomes more and more solid, the 15th floor of the world of the world, then the rich fire element fluctuatesAt this moment, these two huge and magnificent figures were drawn crazy, making their light and shadow clearer.

Ji Shi floated there.His eyes had been closed, and the sword of Vulcan had already recovered his body, still open his arms, as if he felt something there.

In the sky, the battle on both sides has stopped, and the magic domain of the King of Fire Ling and the King of Huolian also recovered, and their eyes were condensed on Ji Shi.The strong magic fluctuations and breaths made each strong man shocked, because the majesty of the two light and shadow behind Ji Dong had the urge to worship the worship of Huo Lian and the King of Huoling.

Two large 100 -meter -high light and shadow are finally completely clear.That is clearly the magnifying version of the Demon King, especially his body's magnification at this time.Isn't it the figure of the Flame King and the Dark Devil?The light and shadow of the two kings slowly turned, facing each other, and four hands, so they held them together in the air, covering Ji Shi's body below.The endless majesty after their appearance was passed into the motion of Ji, it seemed to be imprinted this majesty on Ji Shi's body.

A puppet sound, a relatively weak fire demon has already kneeling on the ground in the air, then, then, this situation is like a infection.fall.This majesty, they are so familiar, it is completely impossible to pretend.Even the original queen of the flames could not be done.Only the two kings who have dominated them have ruled the entire world of thousands of years, can they have such a majestic atmosphere!At this time, they will not think about why this majesty appears on Ji Shi. What they can think of is that the old owner returned and once led them to the peak of the world of the world.

In the sky, Jin Yang and the dark moon in Ji Shi's hands gradually changed, and his two hands became brighter and brighter, especially those two imprints.Golden light, and around the dark moon, there is this circle of purple light.With the shining of light, they also seem to be getting bigger and bigger. When the two groups of light swell to one meter in diameter, they were out of the hands from Ji Shi's hands and floating.Fly.

With a loud noise, Jinyang and Dark Moon instantly rose to the height of the fifteenth floor of the world of heart world. Their light completely covered the entire 15th floor, compared toPreviously, the release of the magic of the Demon King was a lot stronger, especially the endless majesty emitted in it, and it was far from comparable to the fire demon king. Only the two kings were the original kings.In order to release such a breath.

The flame king and the dark demon king are the ultimate existence of the Demon clan. Although they have only one attribute, they have cultivated to the level of the Holy Peak.The existence of spiritual ideas has also been convinced of the entire Fire Demon.

The two fire demon kings floating in the sky also slowly landed. Although they did not kneel like other fire demon, the anger and all negative emotions in the eyes have disappeared.Only respect.And the Holy Fire Demon, which was moving with Fire Lotus, had already fallen into the people, and he fell on his knees and worshiped there.

The Jinyang in the sky is gradually approaching, and it is close to each other, and the two major princes that float behind Ji Dai are incomparable. Under the shining of Jinyang and the dark moonTheir hands that they gripped with each other seemed to solidify each other. They looked at each other, full of understanding, and it was an understanding, and it was also a harmony that the Firemis could not imagine.

At this moment, the light in the sky seemed to affect the hearts of every Fire Demon. When you stole each other's eyes, the gap between the Dark Fire and the Lie Die Demon seemed to be because of the sky.The impact of this light gradually disappeared.

Jinyang and Dark Moon finally floated together. Their light that was originally incompatible started to entangle each other.

At this time, a milky white light spit out from the mouth of the Ji movement. This light shook up and fell in the center of Jinyang and Dark Moon. It appeared likeThe adhesive is average, and the strong magic fluctuations are firmly adsorbed to the top to the top.

Yin and yang are also flames, but they have completely different familiarity, but at this moment, they have no points.Whether it is Jinyang or a dark moon, it is so quietly melting in the mid -air, and then blend with each other, integrate each other, and rotate around.Only the creamy light of the center remains unchanged.

The speed of rotation is getting faster and faster. Gradually, the pattern of a Taiji yin and yang fish appears in the air, the golden color gradually becomes white, and the black becomes deeper.Isn't it the Tai Chi pattern?

Ji Shi said slowly, his voice changed, becoming extremely majestic and old.Not only can they never pursue the pinnacle of that power, but also affect the inner world because of the imbalance of yin and yang, and thereby having the original civil strife. Fortunately, the appearance of the queen of the flames has not been made.In the body of the human Ji movement, it is fused as one. Although it has lost its powerful power, our soul has been sublimated. Finally, the meaning of the yin and yang integration is lonely.From today, the person inherited by the two of us will be in charge of the entire race, and will also pass on the method of this yin and yang cultivation to you, and inherit the mantle of the goddess of flames to work hard for the peace of the world.. Diablo, Ming Yan. Go up. "

" Yes, owner. "The two fire demon kings who were cut off by Ji Shi sword came forward at the same time, and finally like Jinshan, inverted jade pillarHe fell to the ground and worshiped at Ji in the air.

At this time, they had no half doubt at this time, because their names were only the original flame kings and the dark devil.

The majestic voice sounded again. "Ji Shi inherited the brand of both of us. With this branded body, the people of this family could not hurt even if they became gods.The wrong thing is not to be you, it is the separation of the yin and yang of my family. From today, you have to assist Ji to move ... "

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