di wu bai wu shi jiu zhang jun wang zui hou de rong he zhi zheng fu di xin

The majestic voice of the king echoed in the air."... Our spiritual consciousness will also be integrated with Ji Shi, everything is dominated by him. He will also help me Firemo finds the real movement."

"Master ..."The two fire demon kings shouted at the same time.

"Don't be sad, we don't disappear, Ji Shi is our inheritance. As long as he gives him enough time, he will become God.The Holy religion does not need an agent. No one is more suitable than him. "The majestic voice gradually faded, and the black and white two -color yin and yang fish in the air slowly landed and floated towards Ji.

At this time, suddenly, the mutation suddenly emerged, and a weird red light flew suddenly towards the direction of Ji's head at the unparalleled speed.The goal is Ji Shi's forehead. It is too fast, and it is a little faster than the squeezing yin and yang fish falling in the sky.Obviously, it is to prevent Ji Dong from fusion with the yin and yang fish.

Unfortunately, everything seems to be doomed. When the red light distance Ji moved less than 30 meters, suddenly, a gorgeous red lotus quietly appeared in front of Ji.Stop the red light.

"Fire Lotus King, are you crazy?" The sound of the furious king of Fire Ling sounded, and the strange red light also showed the body, isn't it the king of Huoling?

The King of Huolian looked coldly at King Huoling, "I'm not crazy, it's you crazy. Can't you hear the words of the two kings just now?"
Tao: "It is because of hearing that I have to do this. Otherwise, the Firelian family has completed the fusion of yin and yang in the future. How can there be the living space of our various ethnic groups? You ..."

In their brief conversation, the yin and yang fish finally fell, and the imprint of the position of Ji Xi's chest disappeared.Ji Dong's body trembled slightly, still floating there, and the two major kings behind him closed the fastest convergence, and then turned into the light group into his body again.And the Jinyang and Dark Moon, which had previously emerged in his palm, had completely disappeared.

The King of Huotian said lightly: "The two kings are good. Ji Shi not only inherits their imprint inheritance, but also my husband's husband. Although he is human, he is also my fire lotus.The tribe. How can you be hurt? What's more, the two major kings also said just now that the reason why the Demon clan did so many mistakes was mainly because they could not integrate yin and yang and walked around.Personality is tyranny. After they learn the method of fusion of the yin and yang, maybe everything will change. "

In the eyes of the King of Fire Spirit, Shen Guangyin flickered, and sinking:" This is just the word of the two kings.You came to the fifteenth floor for a short time. I don't know what happened at the beginning. At that time, when the Firemo ruled the whole world world, the world of heart can be said to be completely caught in aquatic hotness.This situation is reproduced. How can I believe the word of the two kings? Besides, King Huolian, you are too easy to trust, how can you be sure, the human named Ji Shi is really the lover of Her Majesty the Queen of the flames.? This is an unimaginable thing at all. How can I have the power of His Majesty's strength? "

Fire Lotus Wang Liezheng sighed, saying:" You can believe it, don't believe it, the facts, the facts, the facts, the facts, the facts, the facts, the facts, the facts, the facts, the facts, the factsSo. And, as early as Ji Tong came to participate in the selection celebration of our flames of the Holy Education Agent, I already knew the relationship between him and His Majesty the Queen.You can ask him to show you. "

" Can the soul memory not be fake? "The King of Fire Ling still did not believe it. He once experienced the period when the two kings ruled.Darkness is never forgotten.That kind of pain cannot be described in words at all. At this moment, seeing the trend of recovery in the Demon family.How can it stop it?

At this moment, suddenly, King Hualian trembled violently, and suddenly looked back, and her pupils suddenly contracted quickly.

Ji Shi behind her. At this time, the body completely turned into a golden red, which is the color of his exclusive Guanghua. In the golden red, the faint glory continued to exude.At the same time, a golden -red lotus seeds flew out of him and presented in front of all the people.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and nine, a total of nine lotus seeds, surrounded by the quiet spin around Ji's body, each lotus seeds exudes the same asThe breath.Compared with the endless majesty of the two kings before, this breath is softer, but the realm is a bit higher.The stronger the strong heart, the deeper the feelings, and the deeper memory of this breath. This is clearly the breath of the Queen of the flame!

Following the fell kneeling of Huo Demon, when the nine flames of the flames of red lotus appeared, the people of the Lotus family, under the leadership of Hongyan, also kneeling to the ground one after another, watching it to seeSpeaking of Ji Shi and accurate, looking at the eyes of the nine lotus seeds around Ji Shong's body, it became extremely hot.After so long news, they finally saw part of the great flames of the gods of the gods of flames.I can feel the extremely powerful but very gentle breath.yes!This is exactly the fate of the Queen of the Flame!

The King of Fire Ling also stayed, and there was no need to explain anything.For the Lotus tribe, nothing is more important than the lotus seeds of their destiny Red Lotus.The Queen of the Flame Lianlian Red Lotus Seeds gave Ji Shi, which is enough to prove a lot of things.The Queen of the Flame was really gone. This was the first idea of the King of Huolian at this time, and its soul fluctuations suddenly became violent.

The Lotus dynasty slowly bowed down and worshiped. "Senior, since the leaving of Her Majesty of the Queen, thank you for your care and help to the Lotus of the Fire Lotus. Without you, maybe we have been being taken overThe Demon clan has swallowed. Now His Majesty's Lotus Seed of Honglian's Lotus Reappears the world. In any case, we can only support the owner of this lotus seed. You should know that if His Majesty of the Queen is unwilling, even if the god king comes, I ca n’t make her life -like lotus seeds as her own. Today, Ji Shi came to the world world, why is it that it represents His Majesty the Queen?Say. My Fire Lotus decided to fully support Ji Shi as the position of the Lord of the Holy religion, and there is no agent. "

After listening to the words of the King of Fire Lotus, the original eager eyes of the fire spirit king gradually became calm.On the ground, the two fire devil also stood up at the same time, watching the fire lotus king and the fire spirit king in the air, and said in unison: "We are the same. We will unconditionally support His Majesty Ji Tomido to lead me and even the whole place.The world of heart. My Fire Demon will follow. "

The eyes of the King of Fire Ling finally completely silent.At this moment, the brand of the two kings has been completely fused with Ji Shi's body, no matter what he does, he cannot reverse this.What's more, the three strong tribe supported Ji Shi, and he stood out from the acting leader's selection celebration.At this time, everything is irreversible.The Huoling tribe was originally in the world of heart. At this time, what else can it say?

The fire spirit king sighed, "Since you have all decided. He has achieved the final victory in the trial. Then he will be the position of the leader.It cannot be removed yet. After all, the Lord of the Holy Holy Church is related to the survival of our entire world world. We always have to observe him for a while and then confirm it. Moreover, his current strength is not enough to serve as the leader."

This point of the fire spirit king said very well. If you just talk about strength, let alone the original Holy -grade high -level fire demon king.Move, he also has no chance.

The King of Fire Lotus slowly nodded, which recognized the meaning of the King of Fire Ling, and the two fire demon kings snorted, apparently, the words of the fire spirit king did not catch a cold.However, their bodies were separated by Ji Shi, and their strength has become the first grade.Two holy grade primary grades may not be a holy mid -level opponent.Therefore, although there is no help in my heart, there is no other way.

The King of Huo Lian stole his eyes to Chen Sixuan in the crowd, but Chen Sixuan did not look at her. King Hualian couldn't help thinking of what Chen Sixuan said to her that day.That day, Chen Sixuan said to King Hualian: Ji Shi is the real inheritor of the two major kings.It was such a simple sentence that made Huo Lian King believe that Ji Shi can achieve good results in the trial.

Instead of saying that Ji's strength is amazing, it is better to say that the flames have begun to the exquisite arrangement in this trial.

After the flames were killed after the flame king and the dark devil, the two kings were the power of the Holy Peak after all. Although the flesh was destroyed, the soul of the Holy Peak was not so easy to break so easily.EssenceThe flames couldn't bear to wipe them completely.Therefore, they reached an agreement with the two kings to release their abilities, leaving only soul memory.If you encounter the right opportunity, help them inherit this memory.Ji moved.There is not just the simple memory.There are also the spiritual consciousness of the two kings.Just one line is promoted to be promoted to the strong spiritual consciousness!If there is not such a powerful spiritual knowledge, it is always moisturizing Ji Shi's soul world, even if he has more adventure, it will not be possible to have the soul fluctuations of the Holy Middle Soul when he is in his twenties.

If the opponent that Ji Shidong is facing is someone else, Chen Sixuan will certainly be extremely nervous, but he is facing the fire demon king, let alone the fire demon king only has the high -level high -level strength, even if it is the pinnacle of the holy level, it is also the peak, and it will alsoThe same can't hurt Ji.Any skill performed by the Demons of the Fireman was unable to hurt him because Ji Dong had the brand of two major kings.Therefore, no matter when, the flames are always so calm.

As for the secret of the Demon King itself, the flames are also known.The original flame king and the dark devil king each had one follower, which is the two fire demon kings.They have followed the two kings for many years. With the cultivation of the two kings, their strength has made great progress.After the flames ruled the world of heart, they secretly dived, temporarily fused in a special method, rapidly improved their strength, and unified the Fire Demon clan.As for the ten -meter high -grade fire demon, it is one of their experiments.After losing the life of more than ten people, he finally cultivated such a temporary fusion that is the same as their physical state, so that he also has the power of the Holy -grade.

Ji Zonghuo's sword of Vulcan was cut out. Although he failed to kill them, he cut off the connection between them.In this way, they show their original strength.The Millennium Repair they said before is not randomly said.For this temporary integration and the improvement of strength, they did pay the price of thousands of years to complete.

But at this time, it is not important at this time. He heard the voice of the owner again, and the brand's life imprint has been inherited, and there is no water than them.It can be said that the significance of all the two fire demon kings is to integrate the will of the two kings of the original two kings, which makes the Demon clan stronger.Now the two kings have already had orders, and their life imprints are inherited on Ji's movement. Their original hostility and use of Ji Shi have long disappeared, becoming the most loyal loyalty.

They are too familiar with the two major kings, and they are more familiar than anyone. It is because of this. When the voice of the two kings appeared before, they did not doubt half of them after they felt it.The biggest enemy of Ji Shi was the Demons, but from this moment, the most firm ally in his heart world was the Demons, and even more supported him than the Lotus.Definitely unconditional support.On the other side of the Huolian tribe, it can also be said that because of the relationship between Ji Dong and the love of flames, the Huolian tribe recognized him, and the fire demon tribe was directly regarded as the patriarch.It's just that the two of the two fire demon kings are not as powerful as before, otherwise they were just when they saw the King of Fire Ling, and they rushed up.Of course, without the obstruction of the King of Fire Lotus, even if they are dead, they will never let the King of Lingling hurt Ji Shi.

At this moment, Ji Shi, floating in the air, slowly opened his eyes. The saint king of the gods on his body slowly retreated, revealing the body.

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