Chapter 403

Ten days before Ji moved to the city of Central Plains.The other four countries have come. They all watched the magic show of the students of the Sun and Moon School of the Blazing Fire College, and had conducted close consultations several times.

Ji Shi still underestimated the influence of the Five Elements Cycle Circulation of the Five Elements and Large Elements of the Five Elements.How could the Middle -earth Empire and the Maggrist always have no strong support, and how could it not be valued by the other four empires?Especially when they really saw that the 30 students who were generally less than the three crowns in the five elements of the Circular Circulation Act showed the powerful power that the six crown magicians and it was difficult to compete, the four empire messengers suddenly had an uproar.

The news of the South Fire Empire was the earliest. After Ji Shi took the departure, Zhu Rong found the royal family of the South Fire Empire, and told the royal family on the situation of the five elements of the cycle of the five elements.With the status of Zhu Rong, it naturally attracted the attention of the South Fire Empire, and has been urgently negotiated in China.Therefore, the messenger who came this time was fully ordered by the royal family of the South Fire Empire. When they saw the strong effect of the Five Elements Cycle Circles, they immediately expressed the full support of the Lord's Association, becoming the Middle -earth Empire following the Middle -earth Empire.After that, the second one made the correct statement.

It is almost supported by the Nanghuo Empire at the same time, that is, the Dongmu Empire. Although the time when the East Wood Empire gets the news, it is not as early as the South Fire Empire, but it is definitely not too late.And the eagerness of the most popular princess' wording made the Dongmu Empire have to pay attention to it.

And this time also surprised His Majesty of the Emperor Dongmu Empire. The little witch has always helped the empire to do such a big event this time.The exchanges between the association.There are also reason to please Ji Shi.Do not forget that the Dongmu Empire is closest to the Holy Island. Chen Longao is very familiar with Ji Shi's identity. After comprehensive consideration, the Dongmu Empire decided to go to the silly money business association to get as much as possible to get as much as possible to get as much as possible to get as much as possible to get as much as possible to obtain as much as possibleJi Shi's friendship.In the view of Emperor Dongmu, everything Chen Sixuan did for the empire thought, but never expected that it was because of his personal feelings, because in his cognition, his daughter had already belonged to it, and there was a marriage contract.The restraint, but how did he know that Chen Sixuan now is no longer Chen Sixuan.She was not helping the East Wood Empire, but the pure help Ji.From her own perspective, for the sake of Ji Shi, even if she gave up the entire Dongmu Empire, she would never care.

The West Gold Empire is the third to express support. The news they got came from the silly and rich business association.The silly money business association can put the headquarters in the West Gold Empire, showing how close its relationship with the West Gold Empire is.The presidents of the Silly and Rich Commercial Associations of all ages are also gold.Before the West Gold Empire had received news from the Silly Rich Business Association, and when the messenger representing the West Gold Empire saw Zhou Xiaoxiao, who came with Ji Kimong and received his benefit, the last hint of hesitation immediately disintegrated and chose to chooseSupport.

The only messenger of the Beishui Empire was waiting for a long time until Ji moved them a week after they returned.It was finally determined.They waited for the arrival of the two supreme strong people, Shuimingyue and Leng Fengyun.The messengers in other countries only knew that the two supreme strongmen and the Crown Ji Changxin and Daji Crown were discussed together for an hour, and the next day, the Beishui Empire finally expressed support.At this point, the five major empires of the Guangming Five Elements have accepted the conditions proposed by Ji Shi, and there is no reservation to support the magician guild.

But what is slightly different from before is that the elders who have the huge power of the great power of all cultivation of the five elements of the five elements of the five elements of the five elements have conducted a detailed combination. The elders will be controlled by the fifteen elders.Among them, the Magic Association occupies four of the seats. After all, the Magic Association will definitely contribute the most, and it is also the most controlled by the magician.The four elders are headed by Hilo and Vodo.There are two people in each country of the five empires, accounting for ten seats.These ten people are the strong generations of the demon world.The two elders of the Middle -earth Empire are Ji Changxin and Shangguan Yin, and the South Fire Empire is naturally Yin Chaoyang and Yin Zhaorong.The brothers and sisters of Yin Chaoyang had come to Central Plains with Zhu Rong before the arrival of Ji.This time.It can be said that it is related to the rise and fall of the entire continent. How can they not come?

The North Water Empire is also the two supremacy, Shuimingyue and Leng Fengyun.There is no doubt that they are the pillars behind the Beishui Empire.And the West Gold Empire's side, what makes Ji Dong a little funny is that the elders who served as the elder Zhou Xiaoxiao and his silly money business association's first vice chairman, a Xinjin department named Guzhu YujianSupreme strong.Although his cultivation has just broke through the nine crowns, it is also a real supreme.Ji Shi also knew because of this that the silly and rich business association turned out to be the biggest support behind the West Gold Empire.This is also an important reason why the West Gold Empire has chased the Chinese Empire in recent years.

Only the two elders of the Dongmu Empire were Ji Shi, who did not know it at all, but according to the messenger of the Dongmu Empire, they were also the two supreme strong people.They did not come this time, but the position of this elder will inevitably be appointed by them.

The five empire plus the magician guild, there are already fourteen elders, and the fifteenth elder is Ji Shi.Regardless of whether he is the creator of the five elements of the cycle method or the generation of the saints of the saints, he has this qualification.

Everyone understands what the significance of the establishment of this magician and the elder club. It can be said that this joint elder club is controlled by the most magician power of the entire Guangming Five Elements Continent.It is also the most important force in the Battle of the Dark Five Elements in the future.Any individual country cannot have the absolute right to speak in this joint elder club.

After a half -month consultation, the Lord's Joint Presbyterian Association has established many rules, including before the jihad, if any country wants to withdraw from the co -commander of the Lord of the Presbyterian Association, it will receive other other commanders.The strong sanctions of the Four Kingdoms and the Lord of the Magic.For the survival of the entire mainland.It can be said that the five major empires and the magician guild have taken a vital step.

After a detailed discussion, hesitated the particularity taught by the five elements of the cycle method, but also in order to make the magician under the control of the United Presbyterian Association more cohesive.This individual elderly decided that all the magicians that the six -party control will come to the Central Plains City for unified teaching.Of course, this unity is also carried out in batches.

The Central Turkish Empire will open up a place outside the Central Plains to learn from these demons.The person who is responsible for teaching is naturally the elders of the Supreme Supreme Society.After the establishment of the Lord's Joint Presbyterian Association, Ji Shi taught the principles of the five elements of the cycle method and the method of auxiliary cultivation, except the Dongmu Empire and the silly money business association.The other seven supremacy.In fact, there are only six people who stay here to teach the magicians.Zhou Xiaoxiao, as the chairman of the Stupid Business Association, needs too many things to deal with, obviously it is impossible to leave, and Ji moves himself, and there are many things to deal with. At the same timeMost of the time is used for cultivation, naturally cannot stay here as a teacher. Their goal, but the dark sky saints with ten major artifacts and the dark sky that absorbs the power of the four great beasts.

Ji Shi's students from the Blazing Academy also stayed logically. As the earliest people who practiced the five elements of the five elements, their experience comes to the next magicians who need to accept the inheritance.It is extremely important.

There are still four years left for the Guangming Five Elements Continent. Although it has been integrated with the mainland magician to practice this formation method, there are still many problems, such as how to perform the magician combination.How to ensure that these magicians obey the orders and how to make the combination of the combinations living together, this is a problem that is urgently needed.And obviously these are not Ji Shi to care.What he can do has done everything, and the next thing is the Magic Association and the five empires.

After a whole month, the matter of the Lord's Joint Presbyterian Association finally came to an end. Ji Shi led a lot of saints, plus Zhou Xiaoxiao, and went straight to the Xijin Empire.

"The fat man doesn't do it. If you go on like this, the fat man will not be able to take off the skin without taking you two., Feel grievance, sadness.If you just listen to this sound.That was definitely a tearful, thinking what the fat man in this words had been wronged.However, if the person who heard this knows, the person who speaks is the strongest in the world. He is renamed as high as 96 and realized the chairman of the Stupid Business Association of Chaos and Austrian. So what would he think?

Yes, Zhou Xiaoxiao was talking. The fat man was standing there at this time, his hands on his hips, and looked at the two brothers of Ji and Ferry with a grieving face, and couldn't wait to follow them.Desperate.

They have been nearly a thousand kilometers away from the Central Plains City. Then they stopped at this small forest to rest. Ji Shi and Feri directly proposed to continue to complete their great career with the fat man.Others were sitting on the tree next to each other, and they looked at the farce that repeated more than once in front of them.

"Fat man, talk to count, but you promised us to be a sparring. We have a stronger strength and are not good for you?" Frey smiled.Since these days, he and Ji Shi have been familiar with Zhou Xiaoxiao. Although the fat man has been very high, he is nearly eighty.But being very easy -going, let them call fat people directly.Hit with the saints of the heavens.

However, for the fat man himself, it is the two days of sadness and joy, although it is mature with these young saints, but he also paid a painful price.

Don't think that Ji moves for a month in the city of Central Plains. On the contrary, in this month, his cultivation results are even better than the previous months.The meetings of the Lord's Joint Presbyterian Association had extremely necessary accidents. He would hardly attend, and his votes were handed over to the agent of the ancestor Yin Yinyang.He and Frey found this fat man with special.At least once every day, he will be discussed once.

Zhou Xiaoxiao's Xiu is indeed strong. At the beginning, Ji Shi and Frey were not tacit. Although both of them were good, they faced Zhou Xiaoxiao's 96th level.Magic and chaos.The nose that is often packed is swollen.But who is Ji and Frey?It was the most outstanding saints in the contemporary contemporary.Frey's thunderbolt god ax and Ji Tong realized the destroyed god's strike after destroying the gods. In the gradually tacit cooperation, it brought great trouble to the fat man.

Regardless of whether it is being taken up by the thunder prison, or being shot with two palms of the magic of Ji, the fat man is painful for a while, and with the continuation of the discussion, the number of fat people being beaten by the fat man is also hit.Gradually increase.Although both sides have left in magic output.However, Frena's explosive extreme yang Lei and Ji Shi Na burst into the body, and it was already a four -fold condensed god to hit the extreme double fire, which was too uncomfortable.The attributes of Ji Shi and Frey themselves also restrain Zhou Xiaoxiao's ultimate Gengjin magic.

This is not the most depressed by the fat man. In any case, the practice of Ji Shi and Ferry, although the strength is perverted, but everyone is just discussing, not life and death.The two of them were not enough to really pose a threat to the fat man. The fat man beaten, and naturally returned to them.However, whether it is Ji Shi or Ferry, they have a strong ability to fight against.Moreover, every time I finish the discussion, the fat man can only depressed himself to force himself out of the remaining heterogeneous magic in the body. If he is injured, he will have to heal himself.But the two brothers fell well. After returning, Yao Qianshu, the ultimate metamori which is the ultimate Jiamu owner of the medicine doctor, was easily healed by Frey, and Ji Dong was extremely angry.He stunned, and when he went back, he greeting Ji Shi was Chen Sixuan's full of concern and strong ultimate Ogi Magic therapy.With the eternal armor and the nucleus of life as the backing, coupled with the ability of Ji Tong's Phoenix Dragon Dragon Snake to pervert, it will not be used the next day to live a dragon.

People have a backing, they have nothing, and they have to be depressed and cure, and the pain is extremely painful.The fat man naturally does not do it.However, no matter how he complained, he couldn't help admiring the brothers of Ji and Frey.

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