Chapter 402

"No, no, I don't want him to destroy all the gods. But I don't want him to be so painful. I can't stand it, evil god, please, let Ji move."

"Isn't this letting him go or letting you go. God has no words. Now that you have agreed with us, you have no chance to regret it. If you are going to tell him now, then I will first take youKill from this world. He will continue to suffer, and you do n’t even have the last chance. You ca n’t even look at him by your side. How to choose, just between you.

"I ... "Chen Sixuan's impulse was forcibly pressed down by the cold voice of the evil god. She knew very well that the words of the evil god were by no means joking. Can she have a choice?

At this moment, the words of the evil God eased a little. "Ji Tong has not collapsed such pain, but you still know that he is alive and can be with him.Do you have to collapse first? If you want to be with him, let him tell you the three words at all costs. After a year, your efforts are far from enough. For your own happiness, you, you, youWork hard yourself. "

The voice of the evil god faded.Chen Sixuan also restored her ability to move again, but her pace could not be trapped.

Ji's bartending movement stopped at this time. In the crystal clear crystal tinker, a pot of pink exceeded wine was presented.There is still blood on the corner of Ji Shi's mouth, and his eyes completely solidified in the liquor in the juncture.

Inhalery, he slowly opened the lid, a strange wine aroma, with a bit of bloody blood, waving in the air.

"Just call you the blood of miss, although you are not the pinnacle of my bartending skills, but it is emotional. Only the flames can taste your qualifications.Blood, flames, waiting for me, there are still nine years. "

The bottle of thought of thoughts flew towards the red lotus sky fire. When it melted in the sky fire, the entire red lotus sky fire wasIt trembled slightly, and a blood -colored red lotus quietly bloomed in the sky fire. Although it was just a flash, the beauty at that moment was unforgettable for life.

Floating on the ground, Ji Dong glanced at the red lotus sky fire, turned around, and walked towards Chen Sixuan and Miao Miao.

His face was pale, but tears were thrown away the moment ago.On his pale face, with a smile, it looked a little weird.

Chen Sixuan's face is no better than Ji, and he stared at him and said nothing.

Miao Miao looked at the smile on Ji's face, and a creepy feeling rose in his heart, couldn't help asking, "Ji Dong, what are you laughing?"At a glance, "The distance and the flames have been met for a year, why don't I laugh?"

A faint sentence, but Miao Miao and Chen Sixuan shocked at the same time. The two girls were right.Looking at it, the murderous eyes were pity, and the emotions in Chen Sixuan's eyes were much more complicated.

After answering the words, Ji Shi sat down directly, and he placed his hands on his knees quietly. It seemed that his heart was calm, but the smile on his face was soWeird.

After an hour, Ferry returned.His face was also extremely ugly, as if he could drip water.Song Ruilong, who came back with him, couldn't help sighing, patted his generous shoulder.

Miao Miao and Chen Sixuan looked at each other again. This time, they saw a sentence from each other's eyes: there is a long way to go.

The look on the two women's face became a little wonderful, and the sudden tacit understanding made them seem a little closer.

"Brother, let me try your thunder again." Ji Shi jumped from the ground, and his eyes had recovered in his eyes. It seemed that everything that happened just now did not appear on him at all.

Thor's resistance is that Frey's ability to play and attract Ji Shi several times from the beginning, from his thunder prison ax, or the thunder god of thunder god ax.

Frey stunned. He chose to leave to sacrifice the night heart before he chose to not be willing to stay and see Ji's pain.The main purpose of their coming this time is also because of the flames and night hearts, as well as the sacrifice of those dead partners.Looking at Ji Shi, he seemed to have recovered a lot, and the haze on Fer's face couldn't help but scatter.He certainly hoped that his younger brother would come out of pain as soon as possible.

As he said, Ji Shi suddenly raised his right hand and patted it in the direction of Fre.The seemingly weak palm made Frey nervous.He also practiced this unique learning. Of course, he can see that Ji Xun's palm contains the power of destroying the gods.The higher the cultivation of God, the less fireworks when you shoot. The seemingly relaxed palm of Ji Shi, in fact, it contains extremely scary power.But what surprised Frey was that although Ji Dong's palm was photographed, his body did not move, but he was just standing in place. At this time, he was ten meters away from Fer.

Just when Ferry was surprised.Suddenly, he clearly felt that a strong sucking force suddenly broke out from the palm of Ji Kim's palm. With his cultivation, his body could not help but be rushed by Chao Ji.

Is this?Frey had no time to think about it. The Thunder Prison God Ax, which was completely integrated with the body, had reacted. The armor of Thor's armor was instantly covered, and the thunder god resistance also broke out.

A strong burst in the air, which can be clearly seen, a layer of dazzling electrophoresis and a faint golden light rubbed violently in the air, and Fer's front of the body gagged in the body of the body.However, Ji Shi shook his upper body.

The two brothers and brothers are opposite each other, and Ferry's eyes are extremely shocked.

"Destroyed God, Fourth?" Frey asked this sentence almost subconsciously.

Ji nodded, yes, just bathing in the red lotus sky fire before, immersed in the extreme thoughts, the flavor of the red lotus sky fire finally ignited the mystery of destroying the gods and breakthroughs of the gods., Successful from the third breakthrough to the fourth.

"Sure enough, as we expected, after the destroyer broke through to the fourth weight, it added a ability. Although it is only auxiliary, it is extremely practical for the destruction of God. Its name is called, Destroy God. "

" Extinction of God? "Frey repeated the name Ji Shong," It seems to resist my thunder god.Shaking his head: "It's still different. If it is simple than suction, it should be stronger than the Thor's adsorption, but it has no resistance. It can only be simply sucking, because it exists completely with the gods."Thor's resistance to adsorbing has nothing to do with you. Good boy, it will break through so soon. This is really wonderful! "

Ji Qi smiled indifferently," Brother, this destroy God, this destroys GodIn fact, it is also a double -edged sword that forcibly pulling the enemy to himself, although it can destroy the enemy's rhythm, but the two sides of the two sides must be an endless situation.Come out. "

Frey said angrily:" Don't pull so far, don't you just want me to give you a sparring? No problem, do we still need politely between our brothers?If you are disabled, you will support me in the future. "

Ji Shi looked up at the sky," Zhou Xiaoxiao is here, we should leave, in fact, I don't want my brotherDon't you think that this fat man with chaotic gold is more suitable for the sparring of the two of us at the same time? "

Frey's eyes are on," This idea seems good.It seems that it takes a short time to reach the West Gold Empire to the west. It is just a good time for us to ask President Zhou. "

In the sky, Ji Shi and Frey's party found that Zhou was in the process of falling.Suddenly, Little Ling Ling fought a chill, and secretly said in his heart: Whoever has so long, dare to remember my fat man.

Miao Miao and Chen Sixuan stood aside and looked at the two brothers in front of them. Of course, they could see that although the surface of their brothers was relaxed, in fact, they were deliberately avoiding their inner pain.Thinking of each other infection, let the other party come out of sadness early.That's why Ji Shi put forward discussions as soon as Frey returned, and Frey was willing to be a sparring.

Farewell to Song Ruilong, the four people and Zhou Xiaoxiao left the Holy Evil Island directly. Whether it was Ji Shi or Frey, they were unwilling to leave one point in this sad place, because they were afraid of the next momentEssenceI can't help but follow the dead beauty.If Ji's body cannot resist the red lotus fire, then when he first came here, he could not control himself and destroy it directly.

"Ji Dong, are we going to Tianji City first?" Zhou Xiaoxiao asked.

Ji nodded, and said, "I have agreed with my partners, and I will meet with them here. And I will go back to Central Plains City. I promised my studentWe want to send them back to the Bihuo Academy. Now to go to the West Gold Empire with you, you always have to explain to them. "

Zhou Xiaoxiao said:" This is good to say, I can arrange it.Let your students return to the Black Fire Academy in the most comfortable way. "Since Ji Shi promised to return to the West Gold Empire with him, he didn't care about delaying some time in the middle.

Ji moved: "Fat, do you want me to pass this assessment?"

Zhou Xiaoxiao blinked, "Little boy, you ask, I ask me, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, me, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, meHow do you think there are conspiracy! "

Ji moved indifferently," Conspiracy can't be said. However, after I recently improved, I have always felt insufficient combat experience, and I cannot perfect my magic and various skills.Need some pressure. If it is convenient, how do you accompany me and my brother when you rest? "

" Don't do it. "Resolutely, your group of kids, one more abnormal than one, have the ultimate magic, you hug you, my fat people can't stand it! I'm afraid you have squeezed a few pounds of oil and water before you arrived at the West Gold Empire.Is the meat easy? "

Ji moved:" It's just that I and my brother, no one else will participate. I know you are afraid of my five elements of the cycle formation method, you can rest assured, we still do this method, we still have to pay attention to this method.I haven't started cultivation. You have a compliant and powerful person who has a strong monitor, are you afraid that the two wizards of our two cultivations are not as eight -crowned? Moreover, if my actual ability can not improve, how can I pass it through?What is the abnormal assessment of your business association? "

The fat man hesitated, and then looked at Ferry and Ji Dong, then he nodded barely," If only you are two, you can considerHowever, you can't use the power of mounts. "He is very smart. Although Fer's Zi Lei Yao Tianlong is nine -order Warcraft, it is still within the scope of his acceptance, but Ji Dong's Dan Yan Fire Dragon makes the Dayan Holy Fire Dragon.He can also feel a powerful threat, and the fat man will not do a loss of business.

Ji nodded, and said, "Yes, what we want to exercise is also our own ability."

Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "In this way, the fat man will accompany you to act, andBut how can you say it, but the fat man will not be polite. "When he was saying this, he suddenly found that Ji Shi and Frey looked at each other, and there was a weird smile in the eyes of the two.The fat on the fat man couldn't help shaking.

Zhou Xiaoxiao can find Ji to move them, in fact because he visited Tianji City before and got the news that Ji moved to leave Central Plains City.Yun Tianji didn't hide anything to him, and pointed him where the road was waiting for Ji Shi to appear.With Yun Tianji's predicted ability, he has many expectations for Zhou Xiaoxiao's fat man.

When you come to Tianji City, everyone will meet again. After these days of rest, everyone who is immersed in the mystery of the five elements has gradually recovered the mind. There is no doubt that the energy of the earth palace treasure has made them repair them.In order to grow up the building, Du Ming and Du Xin'er, who are the weakest, are getting closer and closer to the six crowns.

Back to Central Plains City, Ji Shi just left after he planned to deal with some basic affairs, but it was contrary to his wishes. He stayed in the city of Central Plains for another month.Because there are too many things to deal with.

After being announced by the Central Plains City, the response speed of the four countries in the mainland is faster than expected. When Ji moved to them to return to the Central Plains City, the South Fire Empire, the West Jin Empire, the Beishui Empire and the EastThe messengers of the Wood Empire have been here for ten days.

Yesterday afternoon, I was going to take a break, and suddenly heard the sobbing sound. When I ran over, my wife was crying.Unknown.Ask her why.She refused to say at the beginning.Later, I told me that she had never slept a consciousness since she had sugar sugar for more than a year.She really wanted to sleep at six o'clock in the morning, because it did not affect the code word. After the sugar sugar, we slept in a room, and I never knew.After listening to him, I was uncomfortable.My wife never complains to me. In fact, she paid a lot behind my hard work code.My concern for her is really less.However, I can't throw my book friends.I decided that when this book was written, I might take a few days off for myself, accompany her out to play and read the new book.As for a few days, then notify everyone.The heart is touched, and the complaints are complained.For more than six years of code, he has achieved the current results of Primary Three, but whether it is me or the people around me, I have paid a lot.But I do n’t regret it, because I have also met tens of millions of book friends for more than six years, and you have been with me and support me, is n’t it?