di si bai ling yi zhang wo de huo yan you zen me hui shang hai wo de ji dong ne

Yes, at this moment, no one can stop Ji Dong.Everything he was suppressed in his heart had completely erupted, and he no longer cared about the murderous atmosphere that might erupt at any time, so he rushed over.

Seeing that his body was about to rush into the red lotus sky fire.At this moment, a strange scene appeared, Ji Shi's body suddenly stagnated in the air, and the whole person floated in the air.

Frey, Miao Miao and Song Ruilong mentioned that the heart of the throat suddenly contracted violently, and Ferry shouted again, "Little teacher, come back, can't go."

At this time, at this timeA total of nine red lights suddenly emerged from the motion of Ji.Nine o'clock the light spread quietly, surrounded by Ji Xi's body, surrounded into a circle. The next moment, a red mask with a diameter of five meters had shrouded his body, and Ji Shi, who was delayed for a while, rushed at this time at this time.Out, the body directly rushed into the red lotus sky fire.

In the distance, Chen Sixuan, who watched this scene, said, "How can my flame hurt my Ji Shi?"

Song Ruilong stayed.Frey and Miao Miao also stayed. Just in the red lotus fire, Ji Shi's body finally stopped, and the flames of the sky continued to wash his body, but he stood there, five diameter, five in diameterThe huge light faster of Mi was shrouded in his body and easily opened the red lotus sky fire. The flame of the ultimate murderous skill did not cause any harm to him.

This looks so incredible in anyone's eyes, but it presented in front of everyone.

"Flame, flames ..." Ji Qian stood in the red lotus sky fire, and it was already full of tears.At this moment, he could clearly feel that he seemed to return to the world of heart again, hugging his flame again.Battle in the red lotus sky fire, and he felt only warmth. The nine red light that opened the mask around him, wasn't it the nine ordered lotus seeds left by the flame to him?

Yes!This is the flames of the red lotus sky fire. How can it hurt the flames of the flame?

The warmth of the red lotus sky fire seemed to be infiltrating Ji's heart, and the tears were unprepared out of control. Ji Shi stood in the red lotus sky fire gently.

Song Ruilong, Ferry, and Miao Miao all stopped. They dare not continue to approach. There are thousands of meters from the red lotus sky fire. They can clearly feel that all their magic power has been suppressed.At this time, they are like ordinary people.In the face of the ultimate nirvana belonging to God.Their strength looks so small.

Miao Miao murmured: "It seems that our concerns are superfluous. Ji Shi is the ultimate double fire magician, and it controls the chaos fire. This red lotus sky fire cannot hurt him."

" No, it's not the reason. I think it should be because the red lotus skyfire comes from the flames, so I did not hurt him. "Frey was breathing slightly.Hong Lian's sky fire really frightened the Thunder Di.If something happened, he couldn't explain.

Until this moment, Chen Sixuan walked to them, and their eyes fell on Ji Shi, who was bathing on the red lotus sky fire. Although he was not injured by the Red Lotus Sky Fire now, they were still full of worries.Essence

But at this time, Ji Shi came out of the red lotus sky fire, stepped out of the red lotus sky fire step by step, and walked in the direction of everyone.When he left the red lotus sky fire for more than thirty meters, the red mask around his body disappeared, and the nine flames of the flames were income to disappear in the motion.

Frey was relieved, and the younger brother finally came out, just fine.

But, the next moment.However, their hearts tightened again. When Ji moved out of the red lotus sky fire a hundred meters, he suddenly stopped and turned to the direction of the red lotus sky fire again.Standing there without moving again.

"What happened to him?" Song Ruilong asked unknown.

Frey sighed, "Big brother, the owner of the red lotus fire is Ji Shi's lover. It is precisely because of the Holy Evil Island robbery that his lover died. So he would be so painfulHis hair is also because of this. Seeing the red lotus fire, how can he not be excited when his lover stays in this world? "

Song Ruilong opened his mouth in surprise, heAlthough it is vaguely known that this Red Lotus Fire is related to Ji Shi and Ferry, it is not clear that the releaseer of this Red Lotus Tianshu is actually Ji Shi's lover. So what extent does his lover be so strong?

At this moment, Ji Shi, who was only a hundred meters away from Honglian Tianhuo, slowly spoke. He spoke to the Red Lotus Skyfire.

Ji Shi's eyes are straight. At this moment, there is no half of the pain in his eyes. Only the endless affection, the voice full of emotions, talked to the red lotus sky fire, "Flame, I am here. I know, you must hear me, right? At the moment, I was bathing in the red lotus sky fire, and I seemed to feel that you were with me again, I hugged you.Your tenderness and warmth. Do you know how painful you are, how painful you to leave me like this. How do I hope that at this moment, I can see you from this red lotus sky fire.Life has no meaning to me, and your departure also makes me never see the color of the world. I just want to find you, no matter where you are, no matter what the price you pay, I only only have to pay.I want to find you. But you give me a decade of appointment. Each year you use a famous wine on a famous wine to commemorate you. Is this really your last wish? "

Speaking of itHere, Ji moved down, his eyes became blurred again, and his body trembled even more.

Although Ji Shi's voice is not loud, Frey and others are all generations of strong people, and they can still clearly hear every word he said. Chen Sixuan's eyes have been filled with tears, subconsciouslyIt is about to rush over.But was stopped by Frey.

"Don't disturb him. At this time, no one should disturb him. You will not understand his pain. Brother Song, go to me with me. I also want to sacrifice a person. You and you and you and you.I go, the provincial defense army misunderstood. Miao Miao, you and Sixuan are waiting for us here. "Then, Frey once again went to Zi Lei Yao Tianlong, and his huge dragon body rose in the air, and went in one direction.Song Ruilong obviously felt Fer's mood was wrong and hurriedly followed.

Chen Sixuan bit his lower lip, his face was pale. Looking at the direction of Ferry's departure, she wanted to follow, but eventually gave up.He is going to sacrifice her.At this time, don't bother him.

In the face of the red lotus sky fire, Ji moved again, but his first sentence caused Chen Sixuan to rise in the heights.

"Flame, in fact, I know, the appointment between you and my ten years is just to do not want me to feel for you. I know, I know all." Ji moved murmured, "You areAfraid of my death, do you want me to live well. But what is the difference between I live and die without you? Do you think you can dilute my love for you for ten years?You are wrong, my love for you will never change, I will only miss you more. Is it ten years? Maybe this is also a test of you.If it is out, whether it is right or wrong, I will definitely complete it. After ten years, I will still go with you when I complete it for you, no matter where you are, I will go to you. "

"It's been a year, you have left me for a year, and I miss 365 days and nights. I really miss you. Whenever I think of you, I can't heartBreathing, and I still have to bear ten years of suffering. The flames, the top ten famous wines you want, I have found six types. I will prepare the first wine for you.The source of it. If time can be reversed, how much I want to live with you with the Mori Mountains with the Mori Mountains! "

A crystal jams appear in the hands of Ji. He took it outThe source of a bottle of life, when the bottle cap is opened.His hands were unprepared.However, after all, he poured the bottle of life into the hits.Light red, then changed from light red to red.

The source of life is pale blue, belongs to a green type, red and green, which was originally a very irregular color, but at this time in the crystal bottle, it looks so so thatBright.That touch of red, as ink, blooms in the source of life full of life, is under the contrast of the red lotus sky fire.

― ——As, just sprayed out of the junction, just at the moment when both Miao Miao and Chen Sixuan were exclaimed, Ji Shi had already covered the lid of the pot of the crystal mixing pot.superior.

He suddenly jumped into the air, and the hits tuning into his palm instantly turned into infinite glory.Flying in the jug.

No, no, no, Chen Sixuan shouted madly. At this moment, she thought that she could bear the insistence that she could finally break. She rushed out and went straight to the air.After going out, she wanted to tell him that she wanted to tell him that she was the flame, she was his flame!She has always been by his side.She no longer wants to see him so painful.

But at this time, suddenly, from heaven to the earth, including the red lotus sky fire, everything suddenly fixed, Ji Shi still kept a bartending posture, the circles of light circles, and the circles of the circle, the circle circlesRed red, moved to tears, Chen Sixuan kept the posture in front of him, and even two lines of tear beads floated in the air.Everything seems to stagnate at this moment.

God Realm.

The evil god slowly retracts his big hand. If someone can see his face, then you will definitely find that the look of the god king at this time is extremely ugly.

Black and white, the two huge light columns are still supporting the entire divine realm like a Tianzhu, but everything here also seems to be solidified.

"Did I really lose? This so -called love has such power? Or is this boy a normal person at all?" The voice of the evil god is full of unwillingness.

The elegant voice of the kindness of the kind sound sounds, "Your losing is inevitable, but it is not yet. This test of them should not end."

> The evil god said in surprise: "Kind, I suddenly found that you are sometimes more heartbroken than me. Even I have to let them go, do you still insist on this gambling contract?"

The god of kindness smiled indifferently, "Evil, do you know what kind of request would you ask you if I won this gambling contract?"

The evil god shocks, "Kind, you ...… "

The god of kindness sighed lightly," There is an extremely longing for God on the world, but how do humans know, the loneliness and loneliness of our god world? In our god worldFind the inheritor to restore freedom, even if they become ordinary humans, they are willing to live a wonderful life. Evil, we have ruled this world for too long.Will ask, you unload the position of the king with me. Do you understand? "

The evil god was surprised," You mean, they ... "

The faint way: "So I will tell you that the test of them is far from over. After all, this test is too great. But just after a year, the ten -year appointment of the flames and Jimong, alsoIt is their ten -year test. What we have to do is to promote this test to continue. With suffering, it is the best person in exchange for eternal love.Is it the most beautiful? "

The evil god laughed," It looks like you are really sure. Do you trust this kid so much? Human heart is really so firm that the heart of human beings is really so firm?

The God of Kind smiled slightly, "Don't you know it? For us, the remaining nine years are just nine days in the God of God. If you have no confidence in yourself, you have no confidence in yourself.Then you really lose now. "

" Losing or losing is not too early. "

Holy Evil Island, Red Lotus, Red Lotus, Red Lotus, Red Lotus, Red Lotus, Red LotusBefore the fire.

Everything has returned to normal. Ji Shi's bartending continues, and the tears continue to flow. They can't find any previous changes. Only Chen Sixuan's body stopped and quietly solidified there.You can't move when you move.

"The flame, the gambling contract has not been completed. Do you want him to destroy his gods and fall in reincarnation, and endure endless suffering?" The cold and evil voice of the evil god echoed in Chen Sixuan's soul.

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