Chapter 60 I want to get stronger

The two of them came to the scientific research building of Tianjiao and blocked the soldiers of the door. Cao Jiutian scolded: "
The two of them came to the scientific research building of Tianjiao and blocked the soldiers of the door. Cao Jiutian scolded: "Bastard, don't know who I am?"The soldiers said with a smile: "Of course, Cao Ying, we met, but just said it, no one has not allowed the scientific research center without the order of the king.Zheng He made a quarrel with the door, and a girl in a white coat heard noise and came over.

"Uncle Cao, why are you here?" The girl asked Cao Jiutian in surprise.

When Cao Jiutian came to the acquaintance, he laughed and said, "Swallow, you come just, you said that I just take my little brother to test the level. This door is like a dog.Let me go in, Let me go in, fucking, do you still wear open crotch pants when you follow Wang Hongye with Wang Hongye? Now I play with Lao Tzu. "

The name is Cao Yan. He graduated from the Famous Medical College. After graduation, he was introduced by Cao Jiutian to the pharmaceutical factory invested by Wang Hongyi. After the outbreak of the S virus, he was transferred to the scientific research center as Professor Lu's start.

Cao Yan knows the temper of his uncle's uncle. He usually smells very badly.Often faster than anyone else, because he trusted him for his righteousness, Wang Hongyi trusted him, but because he was timid, he had never been reused by Wang Hongyi.

Cao Yan smiled bitterly and said, "Uncle, no one can get in the scientific research center, you can not go here to stroll here."

Cao Jiutian's stinky temper came up:"Swallow, why do you say that you are so uncle and me? How can I call it strolling? My little brother wants to measure his level. Is there anything wrong? I will not go to the underground laboratory体检中心,平时给士兵体检时所有的兵都能来,今天咋就不让进了呢?”

曹燕只好笑着对那个门卫说:“小刘,要不这样吧,Someone asked you if you let them come in, do you do it? "

Cao Yan was born with a clear eyebrow, her lips and white teeth, and her body was graceful.There is no chance to dedicate diligence. Moreover, this is not the core area. Another person in the core area of the scientific research center holds it, so it is not a big deal to put a few people in, so he immediately laughed and said, "Sister Swallow speaks, all of them speak, and all of them speak.Don't say this little thing, I won't say anything about the big things! Sorry, Cao Ying, just now I don't know that you are the uncle of Sister Swallow, what are the offense, please forgive me. "

Cao Jiutian "hummed" and entered his head.Meng Fan smiled slightly, "Thank you, Brother Liu, and Sister Yanzi."

Cao Yan smiled subtlely: "Don't thank you, it's not a big deal. Come with me! I'll help you test."

When I came to the medical examination room, I found that there were still two people in the medical examination room.Essence

After a while, the instrument makes a systematic sound: explosive power, 100, endurance, 40, blood H peak, 50, comprehensive combat effectiveness, 190, potential value, 90, belongs to the low level of Warriors.

Niu Dawei laughed: "Not bad, the combat effectiveness is enhanced, heavy rain, you are the strongest soldiers under my hand, don't let me down!"
"" This is not yet possibleThank you Brother Niu's cultivation! I will definitely work harder to train, and I will not let Niu Brother disappoint. "Rain rain patted Niu Dawei's fart, but he was thinking," What! I injected so many H energy liquid,Until now, even a warrior -level hair will not be stained. If it isn't for Niu Yunqiang's nephew, which round of the length will get you! "

It turns out that this H energy liquid will not be upgraded if it is not injected.It is also due to the physical fitness of the person, and the more the energy liquid is not injected, the better it is. If the human constitution is too poor, there will be too much injection and even give away life.If you play too much, it will explode.

Niu Dawei saw Meng Fan and Cao Jiutian came over, and he laughed and said, "Who am I came? It turned out to be Cao Yingchang, yo! Isn't this three -company lightning?I did n’t expect that your kid is quite durable, but it ’s not dead yet? I just do n’t know if there is such a good luck next time." The heavy rain even waved his fist towards Meng Fan.

Cao Jiutian heard his face change, Meng Fan had sneered and said, "Xie Niu Lian's care, I am still alive, and I will continue to live. The last time I was not careful, but the next timeBack, it is not necessarily who you lose. "

Niu Dawei saw Cao Yan behind them again.Harazi came out quickly: "Isn't this Miss Cao? Miss Cao, are you free tonight? I ask you to have dinner in Manxiang Pavilion." Manxiang Pavilion is a high -end hotel in Pingtou Mountain Villa.To eat there, you must settle in gold, but the military officers of Tianjiao can be owed.

Cao Yan didn't like this Niu Dawei at all, so she said coldly, "I'm sorry, Niu Lianzhang, I have an appointment at night, I don't have time to accompany you."
Niu Dawei's face changed as a change of changes: "Who is there, who is the appointment?"

Cao Yan sneered and said, "That's my business, you don't need to control it." She turned to Meng Fan and said, "I listen to Uncle CaoSaying your name, you seem to be called Meng Fan! Come, I will help you test the level. "

Niu Dawei sees Cao Yan who ignores himself, but laughed at Meng FanThe jealousy was burned, but in front of Cao Yan's face was not easy to attack, so secretly thought: Okay, your stinky boy, you will definitely let the heavy rain kill you in the next time, and this Cao Yan.This little Nizi, when she got out of her clothes, This little Nizi, when she got out of her clothes, fucking her fiercely.

Cao Yan took out the instrument used in the test level. Meng Fan saw the instrument really small and exquisite. Like an electronic watch, Cao Yan asked Meng Fan to lie on the bed and say that the results of the test were more accurate.

Meng Fan heard the words, and then felt that the watch -like tester emitted a vibration. There was an electric shock -like pleasure, and the whole body was numb.

Niu Dawei and heavy rain did not leave, but wanted to wait to see Meng Fan's results. They said, "This kid's combat effectiveness can reach one hundred."

The sound of the test instrument also sounded quickly: explosive power, 99, endurance, 50, blood H peak, 80, comprehensive combat effectiveness, 199, hearing this, Niu Dawei and heavy rain were surprised. They did not expect Meng Fan's combat effectiveness indexIt will be higher than heavy rain.

"Potential value, 嘀

"What?" Niu Dawei and heavy rain opened their mouths in surprise. They never saw that someone's potential index could exceed one hundred, but this Meng Fan actually had the potential value of 800, which was too too much.Don't think differently!

Meng Fan also feels a little strange. Why does their own battle value higher than heavy rain, and why have such high potential indexes?

"Is the test instrument something wrong? It must be something wrong." Niu Dawei said affirmatively.

In fact, even Cao Jiutian, Cao Yan and even Meng Fan himself felt that there may be a problem with the instrument. Didn't you still sound a few times just now?

"But this instrument has never made a mistake! You must not measure it again." Cao Yan looked at Meng Fan.

Meng Fan nodded, so she tested it again. This time Cao Yan checked the tester. She checked it carefully, but the results were exactly the same as just now, and there was no "嘀" in the middle.The sound.

"I think I should report to Professor Lu today. After all, no ordinary soldiers can reach the low -level warrior at once, let alone exceed the potential value of more than one hundred."After going out, after a while, an old gentleman wearing eyes followed. He was Professor Lu and Lu Shijie, which they called in their mouths.

Lu Shijie was surprised to hear Cao Yan's report. He immediately put down the research on hand and followed him. He helped the glasses and looked at the results displayed on the instrument, and then said to them, "Cao YanYou take these unrelated people out. Mr. Meng, I want to talk to you. "

Lu Shijie's voice is very low and thick, with an unspeakable authority.Although Niu Dawei wanted to hear how Professor Lu explained this result, he also heard his uncle Niu Yunqiang said that anyone in this base can provoke it, but this Professor Lu is unable to mess with it, because he is too important for Wang Hongxuan to Wang Hongxuan.That is, ten Niu Yunqiang can not reach a Lu Shijie.



“Are you not? "Professor Lu felt a little surprised.

"Yes, Professor Lu, I was just arrested by the United Front organization, and the United Front organization was captured by Tianjiao, and I was brought here."

What did I did before? Have you accepted any experiments? "Professor Lu asked.

Meng Fan lowered his head. He did not know if he should have told Professor Lu that he had received biochemical transformation in Academician Liao's scientific research center.

"Professor Lu, what does the potential index 800 mean?" Meng Fan did not answer the question of Professor Lu, but asked.

"The potential index represents the degree of integration of human body and radioma H substances. In short, the effect that you can achieve the injection of an H energy solution will be a person with a potential index of 80 80Ten times the injection. "Professor Lu smiled and helped the glasses." Lady, you can answer my question now! "

" This --- "Meng Fan still hesitated.

"Lady, I can guarantee it with personality, I will never tell the third person if you say." Professor Lu's smile seemed kind.

Meng Fan nodded, and finally decided to tell the truth: "This is how Professor Lu. I used to delay at Academician Liao's scientific research center for a while and became the object of the genetic transformation experiment of Academician Liao.">
Professor Lu's eyes showed a strange look: "I didn't expect, Xiao Liao was really successful, I really did not read him wrong."
"Do you know Academician Liao?">
"I know?" Professor Lu habitually supported his glasses with his hands and said, "He was my most proud student."
"You are the most famous biological scientist Lu Shijie in China. "Meng Fan was very surprised:" No, didn't Lu Shijie die in a car accident two years ago? "

" Yes, the world thinks so. "

MengFan Liao said, "So you have not died at all, but have been abducted by Wang Hongxuan to help him perform biochemical experiments."

"You are right, it is two years, it is two years, it is two years, it is two years, it is two years.If in the past, Wang Hongyi would not allow me to go out of the laboratory. Now I heard that the world outside has been chaotic. I am afraid it is the good opportunity for Wang Hongxuan to show his skills.Whether you are willing to let me study your body. Of course, you will not suffer. I will inject an H energy liquid for you. Your body will be stronger.> As soon as Meng Fan's eyes lighted, he had lost hope for the future. He only planned to eat and wait for death. After learning that he had such a high potential, he had a majestic idea.It is like a powerful human beings like Wang Hongzheng.