Chapter 59 Evolution level

The periphery of the Pingtou Mountain Villa is the rich class in the former world. They have a lot of gold and food here. Now they can still use gold in Pingtou Mountain Villa District.The interior is mainly believers and members of Tianjiao, including military institutions established by Tianjiao.

The next day, the corner fight officially started.The venue of the horns is in the sports fitness club in Pingtou Mountain Villa.During the Horing Fighting, most of them were crowded, most of them were Tianjiao soldiers, and some children of the rich family also came to make fun, but they had to pay some golden beans to allow them to enter.

There are still people who have set up gambling, and many rich children are involved.

There are three companies in the recruits. Meng Fan is located in three companies, with a total of fifty people. The two companies are not the first time to participate in the corner fight. Only three companies have never participated in this.Class competition.

Meng Fan was the first appearance. His guy against him was the second company, and his nickname was Barnan. When he heard the name, he knew that his strength was not small.

Since Meng Fan's heart is mixed here, you have to mix out. No matter who the opponent is, you have to take advantage of the common sense to get the common sense of the superior officers.This has a chance to escape.

As soon as he heard the beginning, Meng Fan immediately punched his punch. Where the guy was Meng Fan's opponent and was punching and lying down by Meng Fan.The two Lianlian Niu Dawei immediately stood up when he saw it. He knew that his strength was not weak. He did not expect that the new three -company person punched it with a punch, and he couldn't help but anger: "Good boy, you have you, you have you, you have you, you have you, you have you, you have you, you have you.Well, find a chance to repair you well in the future. "

Meng Fan got a nickname, called" Lightning

After a day of fighting, Sanlian died of one person, which was killed by a guy named "heavy rain".Meng Fan asked Cao Jiutian's details.

Cao Jiutian is still the agent company of the three company. He frowned and said, "The heavy rain in the second company is a master who has undergone biochemical training.It ’s not easy to eat how much meals are eating outside, so most people will have a little love when they start when fighting. There are so a few things, and they will fight in the dead. HoweverThe long nephew, usually I do n’t listen to me, I do n’t use it if I say it! ”

The next day Meng Fan’ s three companies have one more person. He is Long Saifei.Slimming, Meng Fan was excited when he saw Long Saifei. He hugged Long Saifei and said, "Brothers, live well."

The third day of the horns competition started again, Meng Fan this timeIt was the heavy rain against the rain.In fact, this was deliberately arranged by Niu Dawei. Before coming to the field, he said to the rainstorm: "I taught me the kid who was fiercely taught me. I dared to knock me down as soon as I played. Isn't this my face?"

Cao Jiutian saw that he was fighting against Meng Fan, and he was also shocked. Who arranged for the person who distributed the game.The man whispered: "It was arranged by the two Lianlian Niu Dawei."

Cao Jiutian heard that it was arranged by Niu Dawei, and frowned and said, "Oh! I know. No matter you."

The speed of punches from the heavy rain is really fiercely like heavy rain, but the speed is also what Meng Fan is good at. Meng Fan does not compete with him, but with his own running speed, he is in the field.The fighting venue is as big as half the basketball court, which is enough for Meng Fan to perform.

When the game is difficult to solve, the people outside the field suddenly boiled, and it turned out that Wang Hongyi came to the scene of the corner.Crazy believers shouted Wang Hongyi's name and fell under his feet.

Wang Hongzhen saw Meng Fan dodge blindly, and a trace of disdain in his eyes.Meng Fan's heart suddenly seemed to be beaten with a dose of strong needle. He was humiliated in the cave. Do you want to continue to avoid it?

Meng Fan rushed up in the heavy rain fist, heCrazy attack with heavy rain, and the rainstorm was shocked. I don't know why the opponent became so brave.

Rainstorm is not an ordinary soldier. He is also a biochemical warrior, otherwise how can he have the ability to fight with Meng Fan.The two of them punch I punch, but the rainstorm, which is slightly higher than the fighting, obviously occupies the upper hand. The ten punch he played on Meng Fan's body, and Meng Fan's ten punch has at most.Five boxing can hit him.

Meng Fan finally fell, and the heavy rain said scornfully on his chest, "Just by you, also fight with me." Meng Fan clenched his fist angry angrily, and he shook it.Standing up, but soon the other party was knocked down again until Meng Fan fainted.

One day later, in the command hall of the Tianjiao Pingtou Mountain Base, Wang Hongxuan was sitting in a tiger leather chair.Due to being blocked by high zombies, all the slaves that our department caught from Guzhou was swallowed by zombies, and our soldiers also lost heavy losses- "

" Then why are you still back alive back alive back?? "Wang Hongyi interrupted his words coldly.

"Master Lord, Lord Lord!"? Huh! "Wang Hongyi smiled coldly:" I have given you a lot of opportunities, but every time you can always find an excuse for failure, do you think you can have a chance to this time? "

Soldier soldiersThe chief knew that as long as Wang Hongxuan said that, he was going to kill. He stood up and ran away, but hit a person's body, looking up at Wang Hongye's figure like a ghostly figure.

Wang Hongyi waved his hand, and a knife was inserted on the head of the soldier chief: "The useless thing, save some food."

Wang Hongyi turned to drink: "Go to Cao Jiutian to me."

Cao Jiutian trot all the way to the command hall."Brother Wang, what's the matter if you call me?"

"Don't call me Wang brother, here, I am the leader of the heavenly religion."
"Oh! I'm sorry I forget itIt is a great leader, do you have any instructions? "Cao Jiutian felt his mouth.

"Is this the soldiers you trained? It is just a group of waste. Cao Jiutian, your heart is too soft, I have told you a long time that the weak does not fit the world in this world. Today I am me.To send you an assistant, he will help you train this group of recruits. Thomasky, you come out! "

This assistant who was sent to Cao Jiutian was a tall Russian."Captain Cao Ying, if you want to train soldiers with combat effectiveness, you must have to come down hard to let them understand the principle of weak meat and strong food and survival of the fittest." Thomaski with a big nose said with a smile.Cao Jiutian was cold in his heart: Those recruits were miserable.

Meng Fan was hurt very seriously, and the ribs were interrupted. If Cao Jiutian used his rights to find the doctor for treatment for him, and moved him to a separate room.Go down.

There are many recruits who have been taught by Tianjiao. No one takes care after the injury, and died tragicly.For Tianjiao, it is better to use precious drugs to treat an insignificant soldier, and it is better to recruit a recruit to recruit a recruits outside, because there are people who are willing to join Tianjiao because of hunger everywhere.

Meng Fan hid in the bed and tastes the bitterness of his heart alone. He thought that it would not be a problem to mix it in Tianjiao with his ability.A little pride was crushed. Meng Fan did not expect that he couldn't even beat a ordinary biochemical soldier in Tianjiao.Did you say that he couldn't return to Academician Liao to continue injection, so the ability decreased?

The human crisis, the zombie world, can only survive if a strong man can survive. Meng Fan always thought he was a strong man, but now he discovered that he turned out to be more powerful than himself.

"Well!" Someone sounded Meng Fan's door: "Brother Meng, how is it?"

"Is it Brother Cao?" Meng Fan stood up and stood up.He came to open the door for Cao Jiutian. He was very grateful to Cao Jiutian from his heart. If it wasn't for him, his current encounter would be even more miserable.

"Haha, are you recovering well? You can stand up so soon." Meng Fan felt that his arms and legs were no longer painful, and his body still had super fast recovery ability.

"Brother Cao, what kind of biochemical training did that heavy rain, why did it be so fast and the strength would be so great."

"That heavy rain also surrendered from the United Front organization surrenderedIn fact, you also know that the United Front Organization and Tianjiao are originally a family. There is no qualitative difference. The biochemical experiments carried out by the United Front organization are the same.The weak can only be eliminated. I heard that in Tianjiao, Professor Lu studied a substance called golden liquid. It can allow ordinary people to evolve quickly. Gold liquid is very rare. Ordinary soldiers cannot be obtained, but professorsIt also developed a kind of thing called H energy liquid, which is a low -level version of the golden liquid. If ordinary soldiers show the strength of ultra -ordinary people, they can get the opportunity to inject this H energy liquid., Super Warriors are divided into three levels: Warriors, Warriors, and Fighters. Each level is divided into three levels of high, high, and low. It is said that the physical value of heavy rain has reached 180, which is the low level of the Warriors. "

"What? The low -level warrior is so powerful, how many levels you have Cao, Cao,

" Haha, I'm sorry, I have been for so long, and at most it is the mid -level warrior.The potential has a lot to do. "

" What about Wang Hongyi? What are he? "

" He? "But I think, I am afraid he has surpassed the fighter senior. "

Meng Fan was surprised again, the fighter senior, what kind of state would be!

"Brother Cao, how can you test the level? Would you like to test me? Can you see if I can reach the low -level warrior?"

"It is very simple, Professor Lu designed the designA test watch, wait for you to hurt, I will take you to test. "Cao Jiutian said with a smile.

Three days later, Meng Fan's body completely recovered. I have to say that his body recovery speed is very amazing. Meng Fan moved to his body. He even felt that he had strength than before injury.Does the more he is beaten?

Meng Fan couldn't wait to find Cao Jiutian and asked him to take himself to test. Cao Jiutian agreed with a smile.