Chapter 58 Meet Cao Jiu Tian again

Soon a team of soldiers in the isolation service replaced the soldiers of the team. The soldier captain whispered a few words by the new chief's ears, and Meng Fan was quickly brought out.

Then I heard a dense gunner, and dozens of workers were wiped out together.They actually solved the problem of corpse change.

Meng Fan couldn't help but sweat on his head. If he hadn't been taken out of himself, he would be determined just like them.Why did he leave him alone?Meng Fan could only think that the captain of the soldier saved him just now.

Meng Fan and the former soldiers of the soldiers were taken to the isolation observation room. Meng Fan made a gratitude to the soldier captain and said, "Thank you for the help of the elder brother." There was a sentence in the Book of Sutra's gossip.Calling "Lisa Lord" means "adultsMeng Fan's "adult".

The captain of the Soldier laughed: "You don't have to be polite, your skills are good, so I recommend you to join Tianjiao.If you are developed in the future, don't forget your buddy and me. "

Meng Fan did not say that he was a government soldier and could not join the cults or the like. After this period of time, for Meng Fan, for Meng Fan, for Meng Fan,As long as you can eat meals, it doesn't matter what organization is added to him.So he smiled slightly: "I don't know what the elder brother is called?"

"My name is Wang Yan, it should be a few years older than you, you call me Wang brother. What about you?" What is your name? "

None of the people in the last days did not repair the border. Meng Fan did so many days in the cave and looked much older than the actual age.Meng Fan is just a few years older.

"It turned out to be Wang," Meng Fan laughed: "My name is Li Lu." Meng Fan didn't say his real name. He always felt guilty about Li Lu's death, so he said himname.

One day later, they were released, and Wang Yan continued to be his captain, and Meng Fan was brought to a recruit training camp by a soldier.

The first day is some religious content, such as the son of Wang Hongyi, who is loyal to the bright god, if there is any violation, what will happen.Some people explain their teachings, just like the best publicity on the street at the time.

The chief of the recruits trained the next day came, and what Meng Fan was completely unexpected was that the chief was Cao Jiutian.

It turned out that Cao Jiutian was the battalion of their recruit training camp.

Cao Jiutian was surprised when he saw Meng Fan first, and then very happy, "I know your little boy is very hard and will not be so easy to die."See how did you change the name when you just named Li Lu? "

Meng Fan smiled lightly:" It's already the last days, is the name important? "

Cao Jiutian is a bold person,Wen Yan smiled again: "Well, what's the matter, what is the name of the name, Brother Meng Fan, now you are my soldier, what uses me where I have words. After the training is over, I will take you to drink."

The training of the first three days was very difficult. They had to climb the rocks in their hands every morning, and then carried more than 300 pounds of wood to run. In the afternoon, they would fight with the veterans.Some people are even killed, but all this is not too difficult for Meng Fan.

Compared with the life in the cave, you can eat at least two meals a day.

Three days later, all the people who could not persist were rushed back to the cave to build work. Of course, Meng Fan stayed.

Cao Jiutian took Meng Fan to the cafeteria of the Tianjiao organization to open a small stove. Although the meals are very ordinary, at this time, you can eat a few side dishes, which is definitely the noble treatment.Cao Jiutian took out a bottle of wine like a magic, haha laughed and said, "What I have brought by my brother, there are not many people who enjoy the wine at this time."

"Brother Cao, maybe you didn't tell me the truth with me? "Meng Fan tasted the spicy liquor like life, and squinted at Cao Jiutian asks.

"Brother, I did hide some things. Since we are now a family, let me tell the truth! Actually, Wang Hongyi and I are not ordinary soldiers of the United Front Leader. Of course, Wang Hongyi levelIt is much tall. He was originally the person in charge of the United Front Organization in China. I am just his assistant. I helped him conceal a lot of things to his superiors. Including he established Tianjiao privately, but there is no windy wall in the world. The headquarters still knows that the headquarters still knowsAfter Wang Hongxuan's affairs, he excuses to adjust him to the headquarters of the United States, but how smart Wang Hongyi was, he found that the signs of the matter were wrong, so he delayed the time.The matter was revealed, so we fled the United Front organization with a few of our confidants. The united front group derived killer came to chase us, but Wang Hongyi was not so easy to deal with, but we killed the killer.I think Wang Hongxuan is definitely not an opponent of the United Front organization. Following him, he must have no good results, so he stole away. "

" Then why did you return to Wang Hongxuan? "
" I amAlthough they escaped, the people of the United Front organization did not let me go. They still chased me like this, and Wang Hongyi had been in China for many years and had quite powerful strength. At that time, China was still an iron barrel -like rivers and mountains.Under the strong rule, the battle between the United Front Organization and the Tianjiao was just secretly proceeded. No one dared to be too bold. Later, the impact happened. People were caught in panic. At this timeAs a result, Tianjiao developed rapidly, and the momentum even stamped through the united front organization. After the out outbreak of the S virus, Wang Hongxuan could no longer be called the super strength of human beings.Multiple bases, one of his old subordinates, and my former colleagues found me, called me back again. Although Wang Hongxuan was annoyed by my organization, after all, I was his old department, so in his hand, he was in his hand.It is not a problem to eat meals underneath. "

" Are your body mutated? "
" Oh! Yes, Wang Hongzhang abducted scientists to engage in biochemical experiments and will be will be engaged in biochemical experiments, and will and will be will and will and will be will have biochemical experiments, and will and will be will be engaged in biochemical experiments, and will and will be will and will be biochemical experiments and will be will and will be.The results act on ourselves. You have not seen Wang Hongxuan. He is not a human.I don't know him anymore. "

" Brother Cao, there is one thing, you can't tell me the truth, is the outbreak of the S virus related to the united front organization or the heavenly religion organization. "

br> Cao Jiutian shook his head and said, "I don't know, you should know that when the S virus broke out, I was neither in the United Front Organization nor Tianjiao."

Meng Fan asked another question: "Then hereIs it a base of Tianjiao? "

" Yes, this is the Pingtou Mountain Villa District, built on the mountain, and the periphery has now built a large wall of more than five meters high.The industry developed by the company, and the Guanye Real Estate Corporation is actually an economic entity invested by Wang Hongyi. At this time, there is a complete power supply and water supply system. Ordinary real estate companies have no such hand."

The two talked about the righteousness. A man wearing a military uniform came over. Cao Jiutian stood up and greeted:" Good night."

The man nodded proudly, and said hello.

Seeing the man left, Meng Fan asked," Who is that guy? "It looks proud!"

" Huh!A guy who is good at shooting horses, but he is now a A guy who is good at shooting horses, but he is now a red man in front of Wang Hongzhang, and he is the head of the military in this Pingtou Mountain Villa area. Lao Tzu has many places to use him, and he has to be polite to him!"

Meng Fanyan:" I didn't expect that the disaster had changed so long, such a big change in China."

" Brother Meng, you will start to participate in the corner competition tomorrow. Do you want me to help you arrange a good opponent?"

" Corner competition?This is how the same thing?"

" This is the rules set by Wang Hongye. No matter the recruits and veterans, they must often participate in the horns. Select the strong ones from them. Some people may also enter the high -level and receive biochemical training."

Meng Fan was shocked. There are still many same places in the heart of the religion and the United Front organization! So he asked," Isn't it life and death?"

" Generally not, but there is also a time that happens from time to time. In Wang Hongyi's eyes, the weak people exist in this world without matching."

Meng Fan secretly thought:" Now here, you can only take a step and look at it, and then find the opportunity to escape here."

" No, Brother Cao, I want to be so easy to be knocked down by my ability!It ’s just that the brother has one thing. I have a brother named Long Saifei and was caught here. Please help him find him?"

" No problem."Cao Jiutian promised to be very refreshing.

Other recruits in the same dormitory are already asleep, but Meng Fan has thousands of thoughts." I don't know how Youzi is now, is it still alive? ""Now Meng Fan's most concerned woman has changed from the Pearl to Yuko. After all, Yuko's belly has his flesh.

Pingtou Mountain Villa District, two high walls are divided into two.In the area, when the S virus broke out, not all places broke out together, but centered on Guzhou People's Hospital and several other places.People have obtained information, and the person who is about to change the corpse will be isolated and eliminated in time. In addition, Wang Hongyi was here at the time, with his horrible strength, enough to kill those zombies.The district has increased the peripheral wall, but as long as people in the district are sworn in loyalty to Tianjiao, the original property and materials are still protected accordingly. Wang Hongyi did not turn them all into their own slaves.