Chapter 57

The zombies roaring outside the museum scared her back again.It's been a long time since Yuko is even more anxious. Yuko does not believe that Meng Fan will abandon her. If you do n’t come back for so long, you can only show that he has an accident. Yuko can only silently pray for Meng Fan in his heart.bless.

Suddenly she heard a strange loud noise, like a roar from the helicopter, after a while she heard the name of her name outside, "Miss Matsuda is here?Is Miss Zi there? "

Come actually knew her name, but Meng Fan had explained before leaving, unless he returned, he must not believe anyone easily.

The coming person continued to shout: "Miss Matsuda, we are the Raptors mercenary, and at the commission of your father, Mr. Matsuda Masako, come to take you to a safe place. If you are there, please come back."

" Father! "As soon as Matsuda Yuko heard his father's name, he finally couldn't wait any longer. She hurriedly opened the door and ran out.

The person is fully armed, and the photos can be brought up on the advanced intercom on the wrist. The person compared the photos and recognized that the woman in front of him was Matsuda Yuko.

"Where is my father?" Matsuya asked anxiously.

"You can rest assured, your father is now in the Pingtou Mountain Villa District in the south of Guzhou. He asked us to help him find you and take you back."
"How do you find meYes.

"You are not with ordinary watches on your wrist. It built into the positioning system of the most advanced connected planet company's special communication satellite created by the planet company. We are through it.I found your position. Miss Matsuda, it's not safe here, let's leave quickly! "

Matsuda Yoko shook his head and said," Thank you for picking me up, but can you wait for a while?I have a good friend who hasn't come back. I want to wait for him to come back and go together. "

There are five people in the Raptors mercenaries.When the virus broke out, they were performing their tasks in the peripherals of Guzhou. Later, he lost contact with several soldiers under his men. In order to survive, they organized them to work for the rich group of rich people in the villa area.It is called "Raptors Mercenary".

Matsuda Masako got the news before the planet hit the earth. He fled to China. Before the disaster, he had hoarded a lot of materials.After the disaster, with his industries and wealth in many places in China, he collected more supplies for a few weeks and placed in several cities to prepare from time to time.

Su Zhenghao saw Matsuda Yoko refused to go back with herself, so he said, "Miss Matsuda, your father only entrusted us to take you back.
"Nothing to think about, this person is very important to me, I have to wait for him to come back." Matsuda Yoko's attitude was firm.

"Are you waiting for the person over there?" Su Zhenghao pointed at him.Yuzi hurriedly turned to see, Su Zhenghao suddenly shot behind Yuko, and fainted Yuko.

"Hurry up, carry her back to the helicopter, we must go back immediately." Su Zhenghao got the order, and a man of insignificant man immediately came over to carry the Youzi.Living on Yuko's waist and twisted, he smiled and said, "Captain, this girl is really good, or let the brothers happy."

Su Zhenghao stared at: "Shao Living on Yuko's waist and twisted, he smiled and said, "Captain, this girl is really good, or let the brothers happy."

Su Zhenghao stared at: "Shao fuckingAffected, can this woman worth 30 gold bars, can you and I play? When you return to the safe zone, take gold and let you play enough, Affected, can this woman worth 30 gold bars, can you and I play? When you return to the safe zone, take gold and let you play enough, fucking is not tired of your kid. "

The other hand smiled again and said, "Captain Su, this is a museum, or let's take a few antiques back, maybe you can sell some money?"

Su Zhenghao also laughed:"It makes sense, although it is said that the Shengshi antique and buying gold in troubled times, maybe you can also change some food and guns?"

Ten days later, place: Guzhou Nanpingtou Mountain Villa District.

"Oh, 咚!" There were heavy iron pupa on his feet, and his hand waved with iron pick. At this time, Meng Fan was no longer the leader of the whirlwind group, nor the eyes of everyone in the museum.The savior inside, he is just a slave of the Tianjiao organization.

Just in the Star Company of the United Front Organization, when Meng Fan was woken up with water, he had been brought with handcuffs on his hands and feet.The passage brought out the United Front organization, put a prison car, and brought it here.

There are constant zombies on the road, but the firepower of the team is very fierce, and sporadic zombies cannot stop the team's progress.

After reaching the mountain of the villa area, he and Long Saifei were separated. He was assigned to this cave and began a slave -like life.

Every day in a dark cave, I do work for more than eighteen hours with my feet, but I eat food that I do n’t even eat pigs.

"Pop!" The whip of the supervisor is always like a shadow. Sometimes beating people is not to make the workers work faster, but a like authority.Being eliminating others seems to be the best way to show authority.Little people sometimes make the smallest rights play the greatest power.

Once upon a time, Meng Fan, who had super power, took the dream of becoming a hero, accepted the transformation of Academician Liao, and came to the 72nd Treasure Group to prepare to make a great cause.

After the outbreak of the v virus, with the ability to predict the danger and the power of the ultra -ordinary people, Meng Fan has a dangerous danger. There are no 1,000 zombies and 800.indivual.

However, the most dangerous life in this world is not zombies, but humans themselves.

When all dreams, pursuits, careers, love, **, women are all turned into bubbles, and finally condensed into a large "living" word written in blood, when a person lives just because it is just because it is only because it is because it is just because it is just because it is because it is because it is because it is because it is because it is just because it is because it is because it is because it is alive because it is alive.Instinct, is his life meaningful when he lives for alive?

Meng Fan is not a person who believes in destiny, but now he seems to believe it. When a person was born, his life was certain.No matter how they struggle, they will die one day.

But what we don't know is, which day will this day come.It is because we don't know what day we will die that our lives will be more fun because of this, because as long as there is hope, we may not die.

In order to continue to survive, Meng Fan endured humiliation. With Meng Fan's current strength, the supervisor who lashing him, as long as Meng Fan reached out, can result in his life, but the only one to do soThe consequences are that Meng Fan will be beaten into a honeycomb.

Meng Fanxian couldn't bear it because he was waiting for the opportunity. He would take the lead and he would also suffer his mind and work hard. This is the only thing that Meng Fan can comfort himself.He did not believe that heaven would give himself the ability to surpass ordinary people, and then let himself die here.

Meng Fan once arrived outside the cave when he moved the stone. There was no one guarding the open space, but it did not mean that there could be safely to escape there.In danger, Meng Fan saw that a labor attempted to escape from there, but the thighs were blown up, so they had a few more pieces of meat on their lunch.

Even if you know that it is human flesh, Meng Fan is chewing the same big mouth. Living is the most important. As long as you live, there is hope, but the dead can no longer live.

Although the work is hard, Meng Fan does not seem to be weak because of this. On the contrary, his body is getting stronger and stronger, which is completely out of Meng Fan's unexpected.what exactly is it.

The change finally appeared. The action of a worker was getting slower and slower. Even the whip of the supervisor could not make him speed up.The worker had a fever, and the other worker finally couldn't stand it. "Are you human? He can't do it, can you not do it for a while?"

Supervisor’s supervisor’sThe whip immediately greeted him: "He rests, then you do you do!"

The fever workers finally fell, and other workers called his name in the past. No one knows the next one.Is it yourself?

"All flashed and flashed away, hurry up and work for me." The supervisor dispersed the workers, and the whip in his hand was viciously beaten on the enthusiasts who had lost consciousness.Pretend to be dead, hurry up and give me. "

The worker really stood up. His eyes were red, and Meng Fan's vision was very good. At a glance, he saw that the worker had changed.

The corpse became a worker that he fought to the supervisor who beaten him. The supervisor screamed and wanted to push away the worker who became a zombie with his hand, but where can you push it.

Suddenly a stone flew into the corpse's head and smashed him with a brain.The supervisor was scolding with wounds, and a stone flew again, which destroyed him.

"Have you killed them?" Gongtou took the soldier at Meng Fan, who was thrown on the stone.

"You see clearly, they are already zombies." Meng Fan said coldly.

The captain of the soldier came over, and he saw the blood flowed out of the labor became lilac, which was the symbol of the corpse.His face changed his face, and he said to the soldiers behind him: "Go to the head of the regiment and say that Zombies have been found in Houshan. The other people blocked the mountain, and everyone must not leave the cave. Fast, the movements should be fast."

After that, the soldier captain came to Meng Fan's follow, "Did you kill them?"


"Those two small stones? "The captain of the soldier was very surprised.

"Yes, this is not difficult for me." Meng Fanlang replied.

"Well, good." The captain of the soldier was calculating. In the Tianjiao organization, a highly combat person can get a reward after entering the organization.