di si bai liu shi wu zhang dang mian tui hun

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"Impossible. I don't believe it." Lin Qianyu said angrily."Si Xuan, you are a princess, how can you go to chase this white -haired guy. What is he must use it to you? You say it, we are the master for you."
Chen Sixuan gently gentlyShake my head, "Sorry, Brother Qian Yu, I have already said it very clearly about you. Ji and I move together because I really love him and love him. I just want to be with him.It is my biggest wish in this life. I know you like me too, but I can only live up to your feelings. "

" Stay. "Chen Xiaofeng finally couldn't help it. ThisHis Majesty's filming of the case, glaring at his daughter, "Si Xuan, do you know what you are talking about? From small to large, you and Qianyu Qingmei bamboo horse.Nearly, you are going to withdraw from marriage. I definitely don't allow it. Children's marriage has always been the master of the parents. Besides, you are still the queen daughter. You don't need to say anything. The marriage is unchanged. You must marry Qianyu.People, wait for His Royal Highness of the Princess. Put this white hair out of the palace, oh, no, directly drive out of Dongmu City. "

Chen Xiaofeng can't let her daughter talk about it anymore.important.Lin Baichuan and Lin Yan's husband and wife obviously have reached the edge of the outbreak. Once they let them speak again, there is no room for this matter.At that time, I am afraid it was the disaster of the entire empire.For the country, even the happiness of sacrificing her daughter is at the expense.What's more, he will never think that Ji Shi can bring happiness to his daughter than Lin Qianyu.He has been thinking in his heart that this must be the impulse of his daughter, and he knows unknown people.After she and Lin Qianyu really got married, everything would naturally pass.

Lin Yan has to speak again, but Lin Baichuan holds his hand. Lin Baichuan also pressed the anger. Chen Xiaofeng's handling is the best situation that can be done at present.It is really necessary to make trouble. Not only is the Lin family's light, but the relationship with the royal family will inevitably rigid, which is also what he does not want to see.His thoughts are almost the same as Chen Xiaofeng. Time can dilute everything. As long as the marriage is unchanged, even today's matter is reluctant to solve it.

After listening to Chen Xiaofeng's words, Lin Qianyu's face finally relaxed a little, holding one hand of his mother, showing a pleasure on his face.He really likes Chen Sixuan.As long as you can marry Chen Sixuan.He didn't care about such an episode.

With the emperor Chen Xiaofeng's order, he immediately flashed from the outside to more than ten figures, four of which were women, and quickly surrounded Chen Sixuan.In order to go around Ji in a man above the six crowns.

"Father, you can't do it." Chen Sixuan said angrily, "I do n’t barely marry who I like, you can't force me."
Chen Xiaofeng was furious and waved fiercely."What are you waiting for, hurry up and bring your His Royal Highness."

"Yes, His Majesty." The four women stepped forward at the same time, close to Chen Sixuan, and respectfully: "His Royal Highness, please."

Chen Sixuan snorted coldly, "Just by you, do you want to take me away?" While saying, her clear eyes flowed, and a powerful unparalleled momentum suddenly broke out from herEssenceNot just the four female devils around her.Even the eight male magician surrounding Ji Shi changed at the same time.

"Huh?" The eyes of Lin Baichuan and Lin Yan's husbands and wives solidified at the same time, falling on Chen Sixuan, and his eyes were full of surprise.

Chen Sixuan did not release her yin and yang crown. What she released was her magic attribute: the ultimate Otsuki.The effect produced is also the attribute suppression produced by the ultimate magic.Under such a strong attribute suppression, the four female demon around her were just six crowns. Suddenly, her face changed color, and she took a few steps subconsciously and did not dare to do it.

Chen Xiaofeng was also startled by this change, the ultimate attribute?How could her daughter have the ultimate attribute?For a while, with the release of Chen Sixuan's ultimate Ogi Magic, the atmosphere in the Biyong suddenly became weird.

Chen Sixuan said high: "Father, you don't let me and Ji move together, aren't you afraid to offend the Lin family? I am not a good daughter. In this matter, I can't obey your instructions.It. If you insist on getting me to marry Qian Yu, then I can only go high with Ji Shiyuan. "

Ji Shi stood next to Chen Sixuan, listening to her words, I do n’t know why, I do n’t know why, I do n’t know why, I do n’t know why, I do n’t know why, I do n’t know why, I do n’t know why, I do n’t know why, I do n’t know why, I do n’t know why.Uncomfortable.Of course, Chen Sixuan's feelings about his feelings know that she is so gentle and pleasant, and never speaks so loudly.At this moment, in order to fight for this love that is likely to be unable to complete, she did not hesitate to make trouble with her father.This friendship made Ji Dong's heart heavy.

"You ..., opposite, opposite. Take it down. Take me both of them." Chen Xiaofeng was also angry.As an emperor, the authority has repeatedly been challenged by his daughter, especially those who are in front of the Lin family, and the younger brother who is obviously gloating. His anger has burned.

Twelve demon masters around Ji Shi and Chen Sixuan moved at the same time. Although Chen Sixuan's attributes were suppressed, they could not violate the order of the emperor.

Chen Sixuan's mood at this time was not good. When she was about to do it, her little hand fell into Ji Shi again.Ji Dong said, "I said to you just now, everything has me. Since I come back with you, then this matter will definitely deal with you properly."

Ji Tong gently pulled it, and under the gaze of Lin Qianyu's mockery, Chen Sixuan was taken into his arms.At this time, the twelve magicians had already rushed up at the same time, Chen Sixuan was hugged, and Ji Shi naturally became their only goal.

This is within the Palace of the Palace. These demon masters dare not destroy the things here. Therefore, although they have released their own yin and yang crowns, they are all magical power, but they are all magical power.Inner container.No one dare to use the magic power to attack.

Ji moved to hold Chen Sixuan with one hand, and then gently dumped her out of ten meters. At this time, only he came to face the ten in front of him.The two were attacked.

One to twelve, or the twelve six -crowned strong, this boy must be crazy.In the people present, almost every one appeared in this idea.However, their eyes have solidified the next moment.

At the same time, Ji Shi was thrown to Chen Sixuan, and he was already in front of him, and at the same time, he took a light and fluttering palm.Falling on a fist on the front of him to attack himself.

A weird scene appeared, and no one saw any magic light appearing on Ji Shi's body, but the next moment, the magician who fist collided with his palm was not even humming out.With one sound, he fell softly to the ground.

Ji moved out, his body did not stop, the snake flashes have been used in a small area, and the body is wrong. Although the distance is only one meter, it has made him easy to liftDooring the siege of the other eleven people.Immediately afterwards, everyone only felt a flower in front of them.Ji Shi's hands have already shot eleven palms in total, and each palm is touched with a six -crowned magician. His movements are too fast.Attacking, with their cultivation, even if they want to dodge, it is impossible to flash.

Eleven people, all of them followed the first demon of the first magician, and the body softened to the ground one by one. In a blink of an eye, his face was pale.What is even more surprising is that they just fell to the ground softly, and they seemed to have not been harmed.The present is the wooden magician. They naturally feel that the twelve demon masters who attacked Ji Shi have not changed their respective life characteristics, which is exactly the same as before.

Why is this?Everything that happened in front of them was extremely weird for them, even the Lin Baichuan husband and wife.

Lin Baichuan recognized himself that he could do it in one fell swoop to defeat the twelve scarchers, and he could do it himself.But to defeat the opponent like Ji Shi, and that the opponent lost his ability to fight back, he did not hurt them. He was absolutely impossible to do.what on earth is it?

"Demon method?" The queen's cultivation was the lowest among everyone, and almost exclaimed the first time.But her exclaim was obviously recognized by everyone, except for the demon method.They really can't think of why Ji Shi can do this at the age.

Lin Qianyu even shouted directly: "Si Xuan must be fascinated by his demon law."

Ji Gong snorted disdainful, "Just this knowledge of youAnd want to be with Sixuan? "From beginning to end, he did not release his yin and yang crown.Some of the gods that were taught by the flames to the yin and yang, he didn't want others to see his own level, he would not be seen.Based on his current practice, even if the supreme strong is coming, it is no exception.

The twelve magicians were only six -championship. Compared with Ji Shi, they were too much worse.The reason why Ji Dong was able to achieve such a situation was because when he shot, he contained the assimilation in the five elements in the palm.Each palm was taken up, assimilated the magic of the other party.Make them temporarily lose their magic, and naturally they have no ability to attack.Of course, this approach can only be used to cultivate far inferior to its opponent.Otherwise, it is impossible to assimilate each other's magic.

Lin Qianyu snorted angrily, and his body flashed, and he had already come to Ji Shi.For the strength of up to seven crowns, seven crowns and two stars, seventy -four.

At the same time, due to the strong strength shown by Ji Shi's shot, Prince Tianlu has also got up and quickly came to his own emperor.Ji moved around a water.For a while, the surging magic fluctuations were filled with the entire palace, and various attributes raged at the same time.

As the so -called love rivals meet, it is jealous. Lin Qianyu is not as taboos like the court magician. With his hands in front of him, a bright dragon yin has sounded, and the strong fluctuations of the magic of Jiamu explosion instantly burst out and came out of the outbreak., Gathering into a leading shape went straight to Ji's chest.

The blue light is extremely condensed, and the treasure flowing flows is like a real entity.The fluctuations of the explosive magic is even more like the characteristics of the magic.

What surprised everyone was that in the face of Lin Qianyu's hands launched by the nirvana attack, Ji Shi even had behind his hands, and he didn't seem to see it at all.

"Ji Dong, be careful." Chen Sixuan couldn't help exclaiming.But the next moment, the faucet -shaped blue light had been severely printed on Ji Shi's chest.

The dazzling glaucoma spread to every corner of Ji Shi's body almost in an instant.Ji Shi was standing there so much, and his body was raging like lightning, but he was not moving.Not even half a step back.

Lin Qianyu saw that Ji Shi even blocked his attack with his body, and suddenly he was gallbladder. The magic in his body instantly increased to the limit. He punch two punching, and he bombarded it on the chest of Ji.

A humble groan, moved slightly, moved two steps back to stand up to stand up.At the same time, he shouted: "Si Xuan, don't come here."

Chen Sixuan, who was about to rush over, stopped, only listened to Ji Shi, "Lin Qianyu, these three hits are considered to be Si Xuan.You apologize for you to regret marriage. If you shoot again, don't blame me to be polite. "

He only suffered these three attacks for me.For a moment, Chen Sixuan was already hazy in front of her eyes.At this moment, she seemed to return to those days when she was with Ji moved together and lived a happy life every day.Drinking the wine he prepared, silently watching him cultivation, feeling his deep love for himself.Thinking about it, she is already infatuated.

"Who uses you." Lin Qianyu was furious.When his attack fell on Ji's body before, he clearly felt that the magic of Ji's body was like a water wave. It was clearly the magic of fire attribute, but it was like the softering power of the water attribute magic.His attack seemed to be bombarded on him, but less than 30 % could actually be injected into his body.What exactly is this person?He must be a demon law, otherwise, why wouldn't he release the yin and yang crown?If he is really as young as superficial, how can he have a stronger magic than himself?The more I thought, the more Lin Qianyu felt that Ji Shi was not a normal person.

The blue flames of the stabbing eye burst out from Lin Qianyu's body. He gently shakes the whole person, bringing a series of residual shadows, and his face becomes dignified.His hands alternated in front of him, but he was not patting Xiang Ji, but in the air in front of him.

What kind of storm will be caused by retirement?What difficulties will Ji Shi face?At the end of this episode, please read the next episode.