Chapter 464

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Chen Sixuan shook his head gently."No more, Brother Qian Yu, I am really voluntary. After I saw Ji Shi, I discovered that before, we were just a brotherhood. I can't violate my heart.It's loved at first sight. This relationship will never change. I know that this will hurt you, but I don't want to lie to you. The person I love is Ji Shi, Qian Yu, you are a good person, but you, butI really can't be with you. "

Lin Qianyu's eyes are gradually changing, and the original elegance suddenly becomes cold.Elemental effect.You know, he has not yet released his own yin and yang crown, and in this case, he can show the ability of element body. It can be seen how powerful his strength is.

One step across, Lin Qianyu has embarked on the lake heart corridor.The whole lake corridor trembled slightly because of his steps, making a low sullen sound.It's like buckling on people's hearts.The slaves not far away were lost one by one.Of course, they recognized who Lin Qianyu was, and naturally did not dare to come over, but on the other side, the His Royal Highness of their princess!

Chen Sixuan shook her head helplessly. In fact, in her heart, she didn't want to hurt the Lin Qianyu, and even had a little guilty heart to him.Because if it wasn't for the previous Chen Sixuan and died of drowning, then they would really form a continuous reason.Unfortunately, Chen Sixuan is already a flame now. How could she marry others except Ji Dong?

Loose to hold Ji Shi's hand, Chen Sixuan stepped forward, and he was about to block Ji in front of Ji. Seeing Lin Qianyu's current appearance, this incident was obviously not good.

At this moment, Chen Sixuan's shoulder had a big hand. Ji Shi's voice sounded in her ear. "Si Xuan, let me deal with it, this is a matter of men."As soon as the words fell, Chen Sixuan's body had been transferred to him by this big hand.

Lin Qianyu walked towards this side step by step. Each step ahead, the momentum of his whole person would increase a few points, but what made Ji move secretly.With the improvement of momentum, the anger in Lin Qianyu's eyes is gradually decreased.Facing the love rivals and hate the hatred of his wife, you can calm down when you are about to enter the actual combat.This is not what ordinary genius can do.

Ji Shi is still standing there, and he has continued to increase by Lin Qianyu's momentum, and the distance between the two has become closer and closer.If Lin Qianyu's momentum is a stormy wave, then Ji Shi is like a hill like blocking this giant*mountain.No matter how turbulent the wind is, it will disappear in the five elements before and after him, and it will not affect Chen Sixuan behind him.

"Why want to snatch my Si Xuan." Lin Qianyu's eyes stared at Ji Shi's eyes firmly, and his spiritual atmosphere was perfectly combined with the momentum he released.Ji Shi shot.

Ji moves faintly: "The two loves are happy. Love cannot be reluctant."

Lin Qianyu has come to the place five meters away from Ji.Stopped, this distance is the best attack distance for the magician. "Si Xuan grew up with me from an early age. We are really happy.Can this kind of demon white hair plunder Si Xuan's feelings for me? "

Ji stared at him," Love is not determined by time. Those who have fate. Even the first time it is for the first time.When you meet, you can also fall in love at first sight. Those who missed it. Even if they have lived together for decades, they can only be ordinary friends. Si Xuan has already said very clearly. She treats you as a brother. "

Br> Lin Qianyu took a deep breath. At this moment, the surrounding plants seemed to feel his breathing rhythm, and it was accompanied by his breathing at the same time.The life atmosphere released by these plants was inhaled into the body like a long whale absorbing water.Obviously, this is a special wooden method.In an instant, the magic fluctuation released by Lin Qianyu's body suddenly increased.

"Brother Lin, and slowly do it." At this moment, a drink came.A figure came to Lin Qianyu, and grabbed his shoulders.

It is not others who come, it is the His Royal Highness of the Dongmu Empire today, Chen Sixuan's elder brother, Chen Sheng.

Lin Qianyu didn't go to see him, "His Royal Highness, don't stop me. I must duel with this person. He snatched my Si Xuan."

Chen Sheng smiled bitterly:"Qian Yu, this is the palace after all. Don't do it first. Father Emperor already knows the back of Sixuan. It is asking me to take her to see it. Hey, this matter is still determined by the elders. Qian Yu, let's go together together.. Rest assured, we will definitely give you an explanation. "

Lin Qianyu glanced at Ji Shi coldly, and the next moment, the huge pressure he released before was gone,With no trace, humming, turned away.

Seeing that Lin Qianyu finally did not do it, Chen Sheng was relieved.He beckoned to Chen Sixuan, "Little sister, hurry up with me. Hey, this time you have caused ** annoyance. Oh, you can follow it together." The last sentence was said to Ji Shi.However, His Royal Highness was obviously conflicting to the brother -in -law brought back from the sister.

Chen Sixuan held Ji's hand and shook it gently.

Ji Shi said to her through the soul integration: "Rest assured, since I promised you, it will help you handle it."

Under the leadership of Chen Sheng, Chen Sixuan has already come to the Gong Palace in the center of the palace.This Palace is obviously named after the Eastern Ayati.Among them, the Agong Palace is the place where the Emperor Dongmu Empire today, and the Palace is the place of discussion, which is also equivalent to the emperor's study.

Chen Sheng brought Ji Shi and Chen Sixuan to it, it was the Palace.

For the luxurious palace, Ji Shi didn't have much appreciation. When the crowd entered the Palace of the B Palace, he found that there were already many people here.

Chen Sixuan wants to let go of Ji's hand. After all, she will see her father and emperor, and always converge.Ke Ji held her tightly and did not let her release.At the same time, he passed to her all my information.

Although the palace is not as big as the Kugong.But it is enough to accommodate the emperor and dozens of ministers.At this time, at the right place of the Palace, a sixty -year -old man was sitting there in a dragon robe and embroidered with Qinglong.It was Emperor Dongmu Empire, Chen Xiaofeng.In his hand, there is a middle -aged couple who is about a fifteenth year on the left, and Lin Qianyu, who has just seen Ji, and the other side.She loves Chen Xiaofeng sitting, and she can see from the costume.This is the nation's mother -in -law of Dongmu Empire.If it is a major issue of the army, the maternal mother -in -law is obviously not suitable for appearing here, but at this time, it is her daughter's marriage, and her participation is very reasonable.

Chen Sixuan and Prince Chen Sheng were born of this maternal maiden. Chen Xiaofeng invited the queen to come to the queen.

Sitting on the queen, sitting on one person, from the age of age, the fifth outside, the appearance is a bit similar to that of the emperor.

Seeing this person, Ji Shi couldn't help but think of a person.At the beginning, when he and the flames saved the entire Mori family, they faced with it.Is this the Prince Tianlu of the Golden Eagle Business Association of the Mainland Third Commercial Association of the Controller?For this person, Ji Shi did not have a half good impression.

"See the father and mother." Chen Sheng and Chen Sixuan fell to the ground together and saluted.Only Ji Shi still stood there, but just let go of Chen Sixuan's hand, but did not want to kneel down to see the consciousness at all.

The eyes of the emperor's husband and wife fell on the daughter, and his eyes seemed a little bit move. He didn't see his daughter in the past two years. How could they not miss it?This is the pearl on their palms!It can be said that, in terms of petting, no one can compare the entire Dongmu Empire with the Virgin Chen Sixuan.

"Get up." Although he felt his daughter's mood, Chen Xiaofeng had to control his emotions, and this trouble in front of him had to be solved first.

As he said, his eyes had shifted to Ji Shi, watching Ji Dong's white hair, his eyes changed slightly, "Who will you do.Why not kneel? "

The emperor has the majesty and oppression of the royal family. In changed the average person, although Chen Xiaofeng was just a seemingly peaceful question, he could not dare to face it.But Ji Dong was okay, bowed slightly, "I have seen His Majesty and Queen Mother." It was a gift.

Chen Xiaofeng's slap table case, "Bold. Seeing me, are you just like this?"

Ji moved his hands behind his back, smiling indifferently, "So enough.Because you are the parents of Sixuan. "In the meaning, if the emperor and queen in front of him are not because of Chen Sixuan's relationship, he will not even do this simple salute.

What a proud boy.Chen Xiaofeng's slap on the table was by no means to move for the sake of doubt, but to see it for the people next to him.At this time, seeing Ji Shi standing there so proudly, he couldn't help but have some drums in his heart.In the eyes of her daughter, Chen Xiaofeng still believed in. Such a strange white -haired young man, and seemed to be even more proud than herself, what exactly is it?It seems that this incident really cannot be dealt with hasty, otherwise it is easy to cause trouble to the empire.

Chen Sixuan has stood up at this time, standing beside Ji Shi, and said without waiting for Chen Xiaofeng to speak again. He has hurriedly said: "Father Emperor, he is called Ji Shi, is my teacher at the Fire College, and also a child minister.Lover. "

" Teacher? How old is he? Can he be a teacher? "Sitting next to him, the prince's fifteen veteran spoke.Chen Sixuan quickly introduced to Ji Shi through the soul. As Ji Shi guessed, this person was Prince Tianlu.

Chen Sixuan's little mouth is slightly beeping, "I have no intention to be in the year of the year. Ji Shi is the best teacher at the Binghuo Academy."

"Enough, His Majesty. I don't think I need to be in these things.Trinked. What do you say about Qian Yu and Sixuan's marriage? "Sitting in Chen Xiaofeng's left hand, the man in the middle -aged husband and wife spoke.His voice was not loud, but he was clearly introduced into everyone's ears, and he glanced at Ji Shi blandly, without any momentum, but his opening, naturally became the focus of the audience.

Emperor Dongmu Emperor Chen Xiaofeng frowned slightly, "The virtuous brother is a little safe, this incident will definitely give you an explanation. Si Xuan, you say. You and this young man named Ji ShiWhat is going on? "As he said, he quietly made a wink to his daughter.

However, Chen Sixuan seemed to not see his father's eyes, and saluted him slightly towards the couple.> The woman who was called by Chen Sixuan snorted coldly, "We can't stand it. His Royal Highness, let's tell the matter clearly first."

Ji moved his mind, and immediately sounded Chen Sixuan's voice again.Through Chen Sixuan's introduction, he knew that the couple was Lin Qianyu's parents. The middle -aged man was named Lin Baichuan, and her wife was named Lin Yan.The reason why his wife is also surnamed Lin is the rules of the Lin family. The woman who married to the neighbor must change her surname to Lin.If she really married Lin Qianyu.

From Lin Yan, he touched Chen Sixuan without hesitation, and you can see how powerful the Lin family's strength in the Dongmu Empire is.This is not facing the princess in front of the Emperor Dongmu Empire.In change, it is the disaster of copying the door.

Chen Sixuan's response to Lin Yan didn't care about it. He looked at his father's emperor again, saying: "Father emperor, mother, after I arrived at the Red Fire Academy, I worshiped Ji Shi's door.When I met with Teacher Ji Tong for the first time, we fell in love at first sight. So, I started the pursuit of Teacher Ji. Finally, I finally got the first willingness to get Teacher Ji Shi.Explain this to the father and mother. I have always been the relationship between Brother Qian Yu. It is not suitable to become husbands and wives. Uncle Lin, uncle, really sorry. "

Chen Sixuan's words were stunned in shock.Although they all faintly knew the private feelings of Chen Sixuan and Ji Shi, they could think of it that Chen Sixuan took the initiative to post it, and pursued people for more than a year to agree.For a while, whether it was emperor Chen Xiaofeng or Lin Baichuan's face, it was hard to see the extreme.

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