Chapter 651 The mystery of the Lotus Seed

From Ji Shi to the end of the battle.In fact, the whole process only took less than two minutes, and Ji Shi only took three steps in the air, and everything had been settled.Anonymous Dark Dead Guard!And the dark guards with the support of the five dark sky and dried beasts continued to be magical, but it seemed so vulnerable in front of him.Although these dark guards have been cut a lot of magic in the previous battle, they have the support of the Dark Sky Dry Beast, and their magic has always been abundant.Ji Shi was able to appear from one to the end of the battle. It only took such a short time, and in the process of this battle, every time he attacked.That is not just what can be done by virtue of the Vulcan sword.Even if the Vulcan sword itself has been evolved, no matter how powerful it is, it is a weapon after all. Although it is accompanied by the bright atmosphere of the dark dead guards and the dark sky beasts, if there is not enough magic support, there is no no magic support, it will not have enough magic support, there is no no magical support, it will not have enough magic support, and there is no no magic support.Function.The strength shown by Ji Shi is no longer what he was originally eight crowns, or even what the nine -crowned magician could achieve.Lightning kills five dark guards. Only behind the Holy Grade. Behind the bright artifact full of bright atmosphere, the sacred level must be supported to do it!

The Danan Shenghuo Dragon suspended in the air not far behind Ji Shi, and a lot of the saints seemed to see Ji Shi's eyes tomorrow, and Chen Sixuan was out of Chen Sixuan.Even the eyes of Tianji have become enthusiastic at this time.Holy grade, they couldn't think of it. In such a short period of time, Ji Shi actually improved to the Holy Grade, and annihilated these dark dead guards in one fell swoop. With this strength, even in the face of the dark sky, there should be a fighting force.Ah!

The only thing that has not revealed such excitement and eagerness is Chen Sixuan. At this time, Chen Sixuan, which shows a strong concern in the beautiful eyes.Because only she can guess some of Ji Shi's physical condition at this time.Is the Holy level so easy to improve?What's more, in such a short time.Of course, she knew what Ji Shi was promoted to the Holy level, but it should never be such a short time. But Ji Shi did, but what did he pay?

Lan Baoer, who rarely speaks, said to Ji: "Ji Shi, now that these enemies have been solved, let's rescue Akin, Wolf Sky and Yao Qianshu. They are afraid ..." <"br>
The light in the ecstasy will react tomorrow. Although they did not see the three people in the Akin, the three people were heavily created.And the Dark Sky Dry Beast is finally resolved, and naturally, he should quickly rescue their partners.

But when Lan Bao'er's words fell, the situation that they couldn't think of, but in the sky, Ji moved in the air like war god, and the golden light disappeared suddenly.The fire god sword did not see him again in his body. At the same time, the Saint Fire King of the Fire Fire, which bloomed in the artifact, disappeared at the same time, revealing Ji's body inside.What they saw was that Ji Shi was already dyed with blood -red clothes, and then, a fog suddenly burst out from Ji Shi, and it was three meters.Ji Xun's whole person seemed to have completely lost consciousness, so he fell towards the back, and it was planted from the high altitude.

The clear phoenix sounded, the fire accelerated, and the flashing body had already picked up the falling Ji.None of the saints just tomorrow did not understand why they suddenly became like this. The situation of Ji Xun looked more serious than Akin and Yao Qianshu.For a while, the light of the saints who had just stabilized the saints tomorrow, and their faces suddenly changed. Without their instructions, the Dan Yan Fire Dragon had chased the eclipse Phoenix fire and fell towards the ground below.

In fact.Ji Dong's serious injury at this time can be said to be caused by himself.When he used the dark Suzaku's body and crystal nucleus to assist the Vulcan sword, he just thought that after the evolution of the Vulcan sword was completed, he would definitely increase power.We fight.At that time, the Dark Dead Guard had been dropped by two dark sky beasts and a dark guards. The overall strength must be greatly weakened, and the magic power was consumed.As long as the scheduling is proper, there is no chance.

Later battles also proved Ji Shi's judgment. If he joined the battle directly, with the strength of his and Akin, and the support of his partners, he joined forces with these dark dead guards.Power.However, Ji Shi did not expect that the Vulcan sword that merged with himself for so long had another twice to recognize the Lord.Ji Shi did not judge that this situation could not blame him, because no one has heard of any magic weapon that needs to be recognized twice.

When Ji Tong found that the Vulcan sword recognized the Lord twice, and to re -integrate with his body, he realized that it was not good.The magic is too powerful, and the dark dead guards and the dark sky are the brain.At this time, it was impossible to end his fusion with the Vulcan sword, and it was unrealistic.The magic in the Vulcan sword has completely surpassed him.You know, the evolution of the Vulcan sword is caused by the consciousness of a second -level god.Even the consciousness of killing the gods of Proggage was swallowed up by the sword of the Vulcan, and it can be imagined how amazing it has the magic.In this situation.There is only one that Ji Shi can do, that is, as soon as possible to end the process of integrating herself with the Vulcan sword as much as possible, and join the battle earlier.

He did do this, he put himself in the extreme danger that he might die at any time.The huge magic shock caused his meridians to collapse in an instant. If it wasn't for the guardian of the nine earth -hearted red lotus, he had already died under the violent magic shock.

If Ji Shi was calm at that time, he would not make a stupid decision to open up all his meridians.Not to mention anything else, as long as you think about how many days of the magic of the sacrifice of the Vulcan sword in the evolution, you can guess its horror power after evolution.Fortunately, there was the protection of the nine ordered red lotus lotus seeds to pull Ji Kimong back from the Ghost Gate, and instantly, the magic broke through the nine crowns.

At that time, the two sides had already begun to fight. Although Ji Shi could not participate in this war, with the soul of the Holy Middle Soul, he could clearly feel the war of this war.Every detail in.Seeing every time the partners were founded, watching Akin changed his life again and again, Ji Shi was like a knife cut!

At the beginning, when the Sanhe Mountains of the Five Elements of the Elements of Guangming, he promised to protect the ancestor of Dilong to protect Akin. If Akin encountered danger.Then he will definitely die in front of Akin.However, he can't fulfill his promise at all because he can't do anything.

If according to the absorption speed in front of him, although he has completely opened his meridians, it is also a shocking in the guardian of nine nine ornamental red lotus lotus seeds, but he wants to complete the Vulcan sword of the Vulcan sword.Fusion also takes at least twelve hours.Twelve hours were a whole day. If it really took so long, the battle in front of me had already ended.

When Akin was used to kill a dark guard for the first time, Ji Dong was determined not to go on like this.he knows.Although Akin could kill one or even a few dark guards, in the end, the result would still be that they were completely destroyed by the saints tomorrow.

Therefore, at that time, Ji Shi made another decision that ordinary people dare not imagine. He not only opened his meridians, but also forcibly quoted those soul -level soul cultivation with his own holy and mid -level soul cultivation.The magic of entering the body accelerates the impact.In other words, he has become the magic accomplices that can destroy his body.Help these huge magic from the Vulcan sword to test their own ability to bear.It's a process of self -destruction.

The only benefit of doing this is that he can inhale all the magic released during the integration of the fire sword with his body in a short period of time.Complete this integration process.Ji was gambling, either, he died of explosion, or he could bear the impact of these magic with the help of nine nine nine nine nine ornamental red lotus seeds.If he exploded and died, then he wouldn't need to say anything. If he did nothing, those dark guards solved other saints tomorrow, and the ultimate goal was still him.There are no differences in the results, but as long as he can gamble to win, there will be a front -line vitality and investing in the battle, which will likely help his partners to reverse the world.

When the huge magic in the Vulcan sword began to impact himself, the pain that Ji Dong was unable to imagine was unimaginable.Each of each of the smallest meridians in the body may expand at any time.His body almost doubled.The painful pain in the arrow is not expressed in language at all.Fortunately, Ji Shi's body could not move at this time, otherwise, I am afraid that his teeth would be broken by himself.However, in this case, he still persisted. No matter how much pain he suffered, he went all out to guide the magic to initiate the charge to his body again and again.

At this time, Ji Shi found that the nine lotus seeds that the flame left to him changed.Originally, the nine lotus seeds that guarded his meridians suddenly bloomed with a strong golden red light.In fact, they did not bloom such light when Ji Shi guided the magic into the body.It is when Ji Xiuxiu is to break through the nine crowns.Starting changes.

These golden lights first protect the meridians, muscles, bone grids, and internal organs.Then, they even began to emit extremely huge magic, mixed with the power of the foreign Vulcan sword, and rammed in the motion of Ji.However, fortunately, there are the protection of the protection of them, so that Ji Xun's body reluctantly supports it.

At that moment, Ji Shi suddenly understood. He understood the meaning of the flames to leave him nine nine red lotus lotus seeds, which was by no means just as simple as commemorative.Before his cultivation has not reached the Supreme Strong, the nine nine ordered red lotus lotus seeds will always guard him. It is the last line of defense of his life. It turns out that whenever Ji's life is about to collapse, thisNine lotus seeds will appear, keeping his life.Now, when Ji Xun's Xiuwei finally broke through the nine crowns, these destined red lotus lotus seeds melted, melting in his body, and merging with him.It's like the artifact Shenmu puppet left by chrysanthemum pig to Yao Qianshu.The nine ordered red lotus lotus seeds also need nine crowns to be attracted.Ji moved to guess, this is the shortcut from the flame to himself, from the nine crowns to the holy level!With the huge magic contained in her nine lotus seeds, it is enough to help herself directly break through the 90th level to the 99th level and enter the Holy level.The flame's heart was good, and until this moment, Ji Dong was completely understood.

However, the flames couldn't think of it. Ji Shi would break through the nine crowns under such circumstances. Although the energy contained in the nine ordered red lotus seeds is much softer, it is compared to the Vulcan sword.The magic of release is better than that of the impact of the two magic mixing mixing together.If it wasn't for the energy released by the flames of the red lotus lotus seeds, he would subconsciously guarded Ji Shi, and he collapsed at the moment of the two magic power.But even so, Ji Dong felt that his body was completely broken.The magic power released by simply relying on the destiny Red Lotus seeds can only resist the magic released by the fate red lotus seeds itself. In addition, the fusion magic transmitted by the Vulcan sword cannot be carried at all.What's more, Ji Tong is completely open to the meridians and sucks these magic to enter his body. Under such circumstances, his body has begun to have problems.

First of all, the hardest skeleton is the hardest bone, a root bone, destroyed by these huge strength, broken inch, and then muscles.However, they are still torn by this horrible magic.

If it wasn't for Ji Tong itself or the holy body, he was infiltrated by the ancestor dragon's blood, I am afraid he would have collapsed.The most tough meridian and skin of his body became the last defense, holding a wave of fierce shocks after the fusion.

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