di liu bai wu shi er zhang bin si si sheng tu

It is time to endure the most painful time when the fusion of the fate of the red lotus plus the vulcan sword.Ji Shi did not give up halfway. The belief in his mind was too strong and could not die. Now I can't die.I haven't completed my final task yet. If you die at this time, what face will you see the flame?My heart cannot be calm at all.

Undertake the pain that beyond the limit, the outside partners are constantly being founded in the battle with the dark guards. The continuous fall of a Warcraft partner.The moment broke out.

The outbreak is his power of his soul. At that moment, the soul of the holy -level mid -level soul broke through to the Holy High -level high -level.The powerful control ability of instant sublimation, helping him to curb the magic power in the body. Although it has not been able to integrate these magic, at that moment, with the repairs of this holy -level high -level soul, his hard restrictions' restraintsI lived in these magic power and forcibly completed the process of fusion with the Vulcan sword, and I had to return to my body's control.

This is only Ji Kimong rushed into the air at the most critical moment of the saints tomorrow, blocking the last five dark dead guards for the partners.

But.His physical condition is really bad. Every pore is flowing with blood on the whole body.In this case, even his body has to bear greater pain even if he moves half a point, and he will face the crisis of collapse again.Therefore, Ji Dong looked so rigid in the air before. During the whole battle, he just took three steps.Fortunately, with the Holy -level high -level soul repair, the horrible sacred magic in the body, after all, he killed the five dark guards.However, while completing these, his body collapsed twice after all. In addition to the skin, the meridians in the body were broken, and the blood fog erupted, which came.The whole person has entered a state of dying.

The Eclipse Phoenix Fire fell on the ground lightly, but whether it was or Danan Fire Dragon, but dare not inject a trace of magic into the motion of the Ji, they can clearly feel that at this timeJi Dong's vitality is passing at an amazing speed. Even if his body has reached the level of holy grade, his vitality is extremely large, but according to this loss, he will completely leave the world.

Chen Sixuan almost rushed out of the back of Da Yan Shenghuo Dragon with a flutter, and flickered to Ji Shi in front of Ji Shi, pulling away his blood -red placket.The core of life is tightly fitted in the position of Ji Dong's heart.At the same time, the ultimate Otsuki magic blooms, shrouded Ji's body.

Although Tianji is anxious, at this time he can still stay calm and go to others: "Go find Akin them, they must not die yet."When Yao Qianshu fell from the air, Tianji had already swept the eye of that day. Although the three were hit hard, at least they were still alive.

Chen Sixuan could not hear everything from the outside world at this time, and her mind was all on Ji Shi.She really felt the situation of Ji Shi at this time, so she fully understood what kind of pain the previous Ji Shi had endured.

Ji Shi at this time, because he was completely trapped, his holy -level high -level soul cultivation can no longer support his body.It was not the last vitality in the body and the magic of that Peng Yue barely supporting the broken bones of the skeleton and still supporting his body. I am afraid that he would turn into a mud.The only place in his body is the skin of the body.Even the internal organs are damaged in many places.

If this kind of injury is in ordinary people, even if ten times are dead.That is, Ji Shi was barely hanging because he was infiltrated by the ancestor dragon's blood, but he was likely to die at any time.

Chen Sixuan's approach is undoubtedly the most correct. She used the nucleus of her life to protect Ji's heart pulse at the same time.With the core of life as the source, helping Ji Qi Su Suju has the vitality that has been continuously dispersed, at least temporarily hanging his life.The treasure of the artifact is almost impossible to damage Ji Dai to such a degree of physical repair.

Even Chen Sixuan, who once had a god -level cultivation, was helpless at this time. The tears flowed down from control. Those who were blank could only constantly inject their ultimate alturium magic into the core of life.Keep Ji Kimong's life, so as not to die directly.

After a while, the saints will bring back Akin, Wolf Sky and Yao Qianshu tomorrow.The situation of these three people is also extremely bad.

After checking the physical condition for them, Lambaoer, who was good at treatment, couldn't help but take a breath.The wolf's sternum was broken, and the five internal organs were left. If it wasn't for the thick soil beads to protect him, I am afraid that his body would not exist at this time.But even so, he was caught in a deep coma, and Qi Qiao continued to flow blood, and the injury was enough to threaten life.However, among the three of them, the wolf is still the lightest injury.At least, he still has the hope of healing.

The situation of Akin and Yao Qianshu is even worse. Akin has changed his life twice. It can be said that it is injured and injured.EssenceThe ribs of her left shoulder ribs were completely crushed, and her internal organs broke through in many places. The most tragic thing was that there were several darkness in her body in her body.Moreover, she has been traumatized for the longest time.A fall from the air to the ground also made her more serious. Although it was better than Ji, it was a sigh of breath.

The condition of Yao Qianshu is the most difficult to judge by Lan Baoer, because at this time, Yao Qianshu is already full of vitality and cold whole body. Although there is no such thing as Akin and the wolf heavenly body, his situationObviously worse.If it wasn't for the heart position, there was still a heartbeat.Lan Baoer really thought he was dead.

All of the saints will be done tomorrow, and they are the strongest Ji Shi, Akin, Wolf Tian, and Yao Qianshu. The four were severely damaged to the degree of dying.It can be said that although the saints are still alive tomorrow, they have completely lost the fighting power of the saints tomorrow.Even if there is only a strong man like a dark guard now, you can kill all of them.

After listening to the report of Lan Baoer, and then look at Chen Sixuan's tears in Ji Shi, and he couldn't help but be confused for a while.They were even too late to be sad for the dead Warcraft partners.In this battle, their record is undoubtedly extremely powerful.The Dark Dead Guard and Dark Sky Dry Beast can be said to have removed the left and right arms of Dark Sky.But this result is also painful.The four people may die at any time, and others are also almost upset.And most people can no longer have Warcraft mounts.

Lan Baoer has no time to rest, she has been with Du Ming.With the magic of the water system, he began to treat Akin, Wolf Sky and Yao Qianshu.

Akin and Wolf Tenya are fortunate to say a little, at least they can stabilize their injuries first, but the situation in Yao Qianshu is nothing at all.The magic of water attribute is healed, and the magic of wood attribute can be rejuvenated.Only Chen Sixuan can help Yao Qianshu's injuries, but now Chen Sixuan is trying to keep Ji's life. What else can they say?

Tianji kept calming his heart through deep breath. He knew that all partners are now chaotic, and Ji Shi, who is the psycho, has suffered the most serious trauma. At this time, at this time, at this time, at this time, at this timeEssenceIf his heart is messy, everyone's situation will be even more dangerous.

After I barely stabilized my mind, Tianji came to Chen Sixuan and asked in a low voice: "Si Xuan, how about Ji Shi's situation? Also, there is a way ..." Asked about this last,It was so difficult in a word, but he had to ask.

Chen Sixuan wiped off the tears on her face. Although she was like a knife at this time, who was calm and stable, who could compare with the goddess she had survived for tens of millions of years?

"I can only keep my life for the time being, can I treat it, I can say it is not good now. Among the Suzaku bracelets, there should be a source of life.It's bigger. But his Suzaku bracelet can only be used by himself. "

A low -hearted Fengming sounded, Fengming Zhonghai was a little excited, Huaer opened his wings, and he rose to the air in the air.In the middle, it turned into a flowing light and incorporated into the Suzaku bracelet.

Chen Sixuan smiled bitterly and patted his forehead.Even where Huaer usually cultivates, others cannot get things inside, but Huaer can do it.

When the red light flashed, when the fire appeared again, there were two small bottles on the beak.It is the source of thousands of years of life.

Chen Sixuan opened a bottle and poured into her mouth without hesitation. When she was surprised, she had lowered her head and crossed the source of life in her mouth into the mouth of Ji Mao, and then used her magic.Forced it into the motion of the Ji.At this time, Ji moved the bone grid and the veins of the veins, and there was no ability to swallow at all. This method could only be used.

At the same time, Chen Sixuan handed the source of another bottle of life to heaven. "If a bottle cannot work, it is useless to use it. You used it for this bottle.The fire of life. What consumes vitality, the source of life of thousands of years can be used for the right medicine. With the help of the source of this thousand -year life, he should be able to recover quickly. "Some of them have great benefits for everyone. You must know that Yao Qianshu was known for his medical ability.Strong.

However, when Tianji came to Yao Qianshu, he couldn't help but embarrass.Yao Qianshu is also deeply coma now, and obviously can't swallow. Who will let him feed him?Several girls are obviously not willing.Tianji knew that at this time, he didn't have time to hesitate. If Yao Qianshu's vitality could not be effectively supplemented, I am afraid that the first one who died was him.

At the moment, Tianji learned the appearance of Chen Sixuan before, and also came to the source of life.Moer looked at his eyes not far away, and wondered in his heart. Fortunately, Yun's first kiss had been snatched by me.

The source of a bottle of life was all crossed into Yao Qianshu's body. Tiandi was relieved, and some of the sources of life in the mouth also inspired him a bit.At least at present, partners are not in danger of life.His hanging heart was finally put back into his stomach.

"Miao Miao, Xin'er, you can't rest yet. Please trouble you to find the crowns and crystal nucleus dropped by the Dark Dead Guard and the Dark Sky Dry Beast. With these things, everyone is expected to be expected toBreaking through the nine crowns. Our battle is not over yet, and there are more difficult dark opportunities to deal with. "

Seeing that Chen Sixuan and Tianji took the source of life for Ji Shi and Yao Qianshu, Miao Miao and Du Xin'erLike Tianji, I was relieved, and agreed at the moment, and went immediately.Although those dark dead guards and dark sky beasts died in different positions before, they were also in this area.It is not difficult to find the crystal nucleus and crowns they dropped.After paying such a price, the Dark Dead Guard was defeated. These dark crowns and crystal nuclei can be said to be their biggest gain.It is necessary to get back these things first without the danger of life for the time being.

Miao Miao and Du Xin'er went, and Tianji returned to Chen Sixuan again and asked in a low voice: "It is not a long time to stay here, the dark dead guards and the dark sky beasts are overwhelmed, and the dark army will definitely grow because they grow.I have noticed the time without returning. Moreover, I am afraid that the dark air opportunity and these dark dead guards will also be induced. If he comes in person or sending the Dark Sky Saints, our situation is not good. Still transfer to as soon as possible. "

Chen Sixuan nodded, saying:" There should be a problem with my body that protects Ji Shi. Yao Qianshu has the support of the source of life, and it will wake up at most ten days. Baoer and Du MingContinuously treating Akin and Wolf Emperor's will, as long as it is not too bumpy, it should be possible. Waiting for the back and Xin'er back, we will leave here immediately. "Of course, she knew that what heaven said was correct, and there was such a huge magic here before.Fluctuations will definitely leave a lot of traces. Only by leaving as soon as possible will it be more conducive to Ji Kim to treat them.

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