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What do you think?

What the Di Jia thinks is that the fairy is not easy. If you can help solve it yourself!

"Hate can not contribute to the fairy."

"The general is polite, I have a lot of my feet, let's continue sending the general." Liu Green Road.

The gate of the Geng Han Palace was gone, and the willow green stayed in the door: "Not far away, the generals go all the way!
After the hymen bid fareThe road returns.

Closing the door, willow turning around, startled, busy: "Lord, why are you here?"

Chang'e Fairy held the previous jade box and said, "It feels a bit stuffy inside. Come and walk. How do you feel about the general? "

" The generals are extraordinary, strong, and infinitely future. "Liu Green Road.

"I'm not talking about this." Chang'e Fairy frowned.

"The protagonist forgives, that is, the general is extraordinary." Liu Lu was bent over.

"British and martial arts are extraordinary, so good and martial arts!" Chang'e Fairy left to himself.

Chang'e Fairy felt strange. When he was a soldier in the art, he just felt that the heavenly soldier was very real. How did you see this time completely different?

Although Dida has become a general of Tianhe, it has nothing to do with himself.

Before I was practicing the cold and cold heart skills, I suddenly felt that the merit was not smooth. After the merit, I heard the report of the willow-green visits.

Listening to Liu Lu said that the general of Tianhe's general came to appointment, only to meet the curiosity of what was met.

I never thought that as I approached the art, I felt that my hot and cold changes were soothing a lot.In order to verify whether the influence of the art and the impact, Chang'e Fairy invited the Diolon to eat some immortal fruit and fairy tea.

Sure enough, the closer to the armor, the smaller the immortal power consumed when it runs the cold and cold lock heart exercises, and it feels more comfortable.

In fact, the Chang'e fairy can affect the surrounding environment, but she has more affected itself.There are two changes in hot and cold on the body.The difference between her during the day and night is, which change is more violent.

During the day, the heat changes are even more violent, and the cold changes are even more violent during the night.

Cold and cold lock -locking heart skills are not only as small as possible on the external impact, but also more importantly to make the cold and cold changes you feel.

As for the things that do not invite Di La to eat in person, as the master of Guanghan Palace, the famous Chang'e fairy in the fairy world, she feels that she still does not hesitate to eat better.

The way of the launch is not easy to hear the situation of the Chang'e fairy.

Following the road at the time of coming, and when he was about to be drank by a female soldier, the art was just leaving Taiyin Star, and suddenly he heard that there was a sound in front.

"General, please stay, my owner has the public."

The mansion looked up and found that General Su'e was beckoning to herself, standing next to the female heavenly soldier Xiaohong.

After the general of Su'e left the Guanghan Palace, he went directly to Taiyin Xingjun.

Taiyin Xingjun looked at Su'e's unhappy look, and said, "What's wrong with Su'e?"

"Back to the protagonist, it's okay." Su'e hurriedly replied.

"It's okay to keep your hair there, so you should be busy." Taiyin Xingjun said.

"No, something is something."

General Su'e will go to find the trouble of Di La again.

"Now knowing that there are immortals in the fairy, is there a god in God?" Taiyin Xingjun laughed.

"Well, you know."
"If General Tianhe goes to the original road, go by the way, invite to see it." Taiyin Xingjun said.

So General Su'e waited at the place where he first encountered the area, and he saw him from a distance. It seemed that he would go away like that, and he quickly spoke to call the water.

Since you call yourself, there is no need to leave immediately.See the protagonist? "General Sui came over while talking.

Looking at the sky, the man said: "I'm sorry, the sky is not too early, I have to rush back, come to visit Xingjun when I have a chance, please help me apologize."

In this way, the sub -cloud surgery returned to Nantianmen step by step.

When I entered the South Tianmen, I was ready to find a restaurant to pass one night when I entered the night. As a result, I saw a restaurant. There were two lanterns hanging in front of the gate.The book "Ruyi Restaurant".

Can you meet Ruyi Restaurant here?

The mansion walked to the door, raised his hand to knock on the door, and the door squeaked.

A guy showed in it, saying: "Isn't this General Tianhe, do you come to the shop?"
"Ah? Do you know me?"It also keeps knocking on the door.

"How can you be qualified to know the general you? It's a general, you are a legend of our Ruyi Restaurant. In recent hundreds of years, there have been so many in Ruyi Restaurant to eat alcohol.Don't go to the third one like the general, you will rise step by step? "The guy said busy.

"The guy is attentive, and there are places to stay in?"

"Look at your general asking, even if you are full, the general you come, and naturally there will be a place to live in, the general, please." The guy enthusiastically said.

This Ruyi restaurant, the front building in front is a place to eat wine, the back courtyard is where the accommodation is, and the land is invited to a separate courtyard.

The next day, the mansion did not wake up, and he heard the knock on the door of "咚 咚".When you listen carefully, you are knocking on the courtyard of the hospital.

After washing, the man came to open the door. There was an old man outside the door, followed by the guy yesterday.

"Lao Lao Chi Chi Han Tianyu, for the shopkeeper of Ruyi Restaurant, came to visit the generals and asked the general's front hall to eat." The old man Shi Li said.

"Chi Han Tian? I don't know if it has something to do with Marshal Chong Chong Chi Jiu?" The mansion asked.

"Marshal is the second owner of all Ruyi restaurants in the immortal world. You are also the top of the Tianhe Water Army with the general. We are not an outsider.

The impression of Chi Jiu is not good, but this Chi Han Tian is not Chijiu after all, and there is a way to reach out without laughing.Followed to the front hall.

Chi Hantian prepared an independent private room for the mansion. There was a variety of food on the dining table, and a pot of wine was placed next to it.

Chi Han Tian picked up the pot of wine, and said, "This is the treasure of the Ruyi Restaurant's town shop, Yaochi Ganlin, it is said that the fairy wine with the Peach Campaign is generally the same.General General, these are all the young generals who respect the Great. At that time, "You must pay the equivalent fairy Dan."

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