Chapter 164 Black Dragon White, the final weapon

After listening to Ferry's story, in the face of this huge horror Warcraft, Ji Shi suddenly understood.The jade of heaven was swallowed by the magic wolf, because the demon wolf did not touch it, so he had always been silent in the belly of the Mingyin wolf.It was not liberated until he killed the magic wolf.

The thorns thunderbolt in front of me did not know what it was devouring, and it fused with its own attributes, which increased its strength geometry.It can be seen that the more mutated Warcraft on this holy island, the greater the benefits.

If you want to understand this, Ji Shi knows why Frey refuses to give up this Warcraft. If the thorns are really a thunderbolt artifact in this thorns, then, for Ferry, for FerryThe meaning is too great.As a mutant attributes other than ten departments, he wants to get a powerful magic weapon, and he can only be created by Zhu Rong, but the raw materials of thunder attributes are too rare.It can be seen from this set of armor than Ji.That was not Zhu Rong refused to build it for him, it was because he couldn't find the right material.Facing the temptation of thunderbar artifacts, will Lei Di let it go easily?

Ji moved: Take advantage. With the thunder's flight ability, it can't do it if it wants to chase. However, it is very difficult for me to really hurt it.Killing skills cannot be severely damaged. The huge movement here has also attracted those guys in the Dark Five Elements Continent. I can see that they can naturally see it.I exist, I can't let go of Shi Wei. After all, I have to consider the magician of our Tiangan Legion. Once there is no deterrence, the other party is likely to come to the nest. At this time, it is the dilemma, so I say the situation is not good.Brother, do you have any good suggestions?"Ji moved his brows slightly, and from the contest of his scorpion and cold rain, it can be seen that the overall strength of the Dark Five Elements Continental Mainland is also very powerful.Not inferior to this side. In this balanced situation, once the brother's magic loss is too large, the other party will not let go of such an opportunity. If the casualties are heavy, will the battle of holy evil be lost? Thunder attributes?The artifact is important, and the overall situation is equally important. No wonder Fry is so difficult. What's more, now his brother has not mastered the thorns.

"Brother, if you add me, we at least at least70 % of them can kill this guy.However, we must be unrequited.Now the strength of the enemy and us is too balanced.

You can't break easily.I suggest that we also return, neither the thorns, thunderbolt, escape, nor did it easily.It was better to leave the Holy Evil Battlefield for 49 days, and it must not let the enemy succeed.We can even gradually eat the magician of the Dark Five Elements Continent, and the victory of the battle of the Holy Evil is the most important.This thorns Lei Huolong waited for us to come and clean up after five years, the same."Frey's eyes showed a little bit unwilling, but he nodded,"Ji Shi patted Frey's generous shoulderMaybe in the next month's practice, will there be special circumstances?For example, there are powerful Warcraft or Warcraft group impacting this basin, or "Ji Shimen said here, his eyes suddenly brightenedYou see ... "As he said, he raised his hand to point some places on the left side of the basin, and saw that there were eight figures over there, like a star pill jumping towards the basin.Thorns of thorns.

From the magic atmosphere scattered by these eight people, Ji Shi saw their origin, but it was not the eight lights that he had dismissed him in the forest to do it tomorrow.The saints?

The appearance of these eight people suddenly caused the riots of many of the Dark Five Elements Continental Mainland.. People in the Dark Five Elements Mainland cannot know that these saints and saints tomorrow are not integrated with the Tiangan Legion. Eight ultimate magic is released at the same time, which is quite terrible.BR>
Frey looked back suddenly and looked at Ji Shi. Both saw the determination of each other's eyes. The Thunder Tomahawk lifted his head over, and Frey sang "The Tiangan belongs, the target of the dark magician, the attack."As he said, he didn't go to control the thorns on the ground, thunderous dragons, stepped down the purple thunderbolt and the sky dragon, and rushed straight to the dark magician on the peak on the opposite side.

The hearts are connected. When the eight people appeared tomorrow, they knew that these people came to pick up cheap. Although they were surprisingly courageous, with the ultimate magic of eight people, thorns thunderous dragon may not be able to be able to be able to be able to be able toIt is not easy to deal with them. But it is not easy for them to completely kill thorns.Draw to seize the stuff of thorns and thunderbolt and crystal nucleus. The eight lights of the saints will fully play a role of a Draw to seize the stuff of thorns and thunderbolt and crystal nucleus. The eight lights of the saints will fully play a role of a shit, break the balance, and bring opportunities.
After the Eight Lights of the Legion appeared tomorrow, they all thought that they were their comrades in their own arms. Ferri ordered it, and all the Tiangan Legion belonged to it.From the beginning, I rushed out of the mount Warcraft across my own, followed by the disciples and the rest of the gap Yang school.Looking at it, the Dark Magic is more than the existence of the Dark Sky Saints. However, in terms of comprehensive quality, the Lightbrick has occupied the upper hand.There are more than a dozen magicians of the 10th level.

And whether they are in various aspects such as actual combat X magic control, they are far from that of ordinary models.It is enough to pull the gap between the number of strong men on both sides. What's more, there is still a counter -sky existence on the side of the Guangming Five Elements Continent.The Thunderboy Blurium in the hand of Rui, only listening to his ** Zi Lei Yaotianlong roar, and the lightning light of the thunderstorm burst instantly.


There is no doubt that on the Holy Evil Island with Wan Lei Robbery Prison, Fer's strength itself has a great increase. Here, there is no lack of lack of lack of lack ofSupplement of the thunder element.

The blue -purple lightning between the blue -purple and purple instantly shrouded all X Ji and the purple thunderbolt Tianlong, which turned into a huge thunderbolt, followed by the Thunder Tomahawk.Former fingers, the huge thunder ball exploded suddenly, turning into a huge thunderbolt dragon with nine teeth and five -claws, in nine directions, and went straight to the opposite mountain peak. The front attack showed the powerful true nature of the thunder emperor.>
Kowloon Qi Fei, this is the powerful increase in the unity of human dragons. Even if Frey's strength has reached seven crowns, but only when he was herself, the exhibition was exhibited just the seven dragons shake the heavens.

But with a purple thunderbolt, these seven dragons have become Kowloon. This is not just a change in quantity.A dragon is enough to exist in a thunder attribute high -level nirvana.

Lei Di is powerful X domineering, but there is no shortage of wisdom. He has come out in this Kowloon, but the direction is extremely scattered. There is only one goal.

Sure enough, although hundreds of light on the opposite mountains, although hundreds of light lit up, was completely disrupted by Frey's trick.The magician with less than five crowns, even the strength of resistance, was scared by the powerful coercion of the air.The Dark Saints gathered together. At this time, it was obviously impossible to disperse the nine directions of rescue.Although they reacted for the first time, they just blocked six Thunder Dragons, and there were three. Under the control of Frey, they exploded among the densely personnel dark devils.

This is the one who has been fried in thirty dark magicians.The fierce roar, the breath of thunder, echoed in the air, and the roar of the Dark Lord was furious.

Sitting behind Frey, Ji moved his eyes and was surprised. He was not surprised because of Frey's strength, but because of his body.He is now that his brother has released extremely powerful thunderic magic, but he did not feel half compression.Although he has the extreme double fire, this situation has never been born in the past.Could it be said that after the improvement of the fire of chaos, it was impossible to suppress the external attributes?

On the opposite mountain peak, a long howling sounded In the air, the bright golden glory lit under him, as if tearing the void, and then, a black light flashed, a black dragon appeared silently under him, taking over his body.

At this person, Ji Shi obviously felt that the momentum spread on his brother was like a blowout, and the Thunder Tomahawk in his hand pointed out, "Li Yonghao."The man who became Li Yonghao quietly stood on the dragon. This person has a long figure, with a short black head, looks heroic, full of metal -like texture.The appearance is very ordinary and has no characteristics, but he has a pair of extremely deep eyes.The most strange thing is that he is obviously a magician of Gengjin, but it is a powerful black dragon with a dark atmosphere that is constantly scattered.From the perspective of this black dragon, it will never be weaker than Frey's Zi Lei Yao Yao Tianlong.Between breathing, the black airflow surrounds, and it cannot see all its appearance.

Li Yonghao smiled slightly. Except for a white clothes, he didn't even wear armor, and the whole person seemed to be calm and calm. "Brother. The powerful nature has not changed! "Frey sneered." The final weapon is still the final weapon. Come on, let me see the ultimate Geng Jin who knows you again. "The final weapon Li Yonghao, this simple seven words are given to the seven words, but the seven words are given to the seven words.Ji moved a feeling of thunderous ears. He once heard Frey mentioned this person more than once.Not only has the ultimate Gengjin magic, but the strength is quite powerful. It has always been that it is just a line that is worse than Berry.At this point, I don't know why, this person moves Ji a very dangerous feeling.Is he the holy king among the Dark Saints in this generation?It can be called the final weapon. Obviously, the Dark Geng Jin Shengpan, like Brother Ferry, is looking for a long time.

"The final weapon on the opposite side Li Yonghao stared at this side lightly, and did not act lightly.

"Leave four simple words, Ji moved up, and Suzaku's double wings opened instantly and rushed directly to the opposite mountain peak. At this time, the demon masters on the Guangming Five Elements Continent have also rushed over, and the two sides touched the melee.

Li Yonghao stared at the direction of Ji Shi's flying, smiled slightly, calmly said: "Brother Fry, you have a good brother.I listened to her sister and said that she was almost killed by her brother.It seems that although the younger brother is younger, this generation of light will be done tomorrow!"Frey's head shines on the yin and yang crown," Li Yonghao, five years later, my younger brother will replace my position.He is less than 17 years old this year, and he is more than ten years younger than you and me.

When he really grows up, I am going to see what you have to resist."Li Yonghao said indifferently:" This is not to worry about you. Ferry, you are still the same, you have never changed, and it is still so strong.Do you think you can win me this time?

Don't forget, I'm a saints of Heaven, and you are not."As he said, the faint white airflow was quiet, and the glorious glory filled with metal texture was shrouded in the whole body. Suddenly, this white airflow expanded instantly, completely transformed into a bright golden color, a close and close -fitting golden armor, and Li Yonghao will be Li Yonghao.The body is shrouded in it, a seven -meter long, and the golden spear as thick as the arm is also presented in his control. It seems that his armor and weapon are like his own magic.