Chapter 165

Furu's changes in Li Yonghao did not show any surprise. Obviously, this scene was not the first time he saw it, but when he saw the golden crown seven crowns on the top of Li Yonghao's head shiningAt that time, the pupil could not help but shrink fiercely.

Seven crowns, he even reached the Seven Crown Division.Ferry was slightly sinking. Five years ago, his magic was going to Li Yonghao's five levels, and finally defeated the front line.The strongest opponent was defeated, thus led the Tiangan Legion to win the victory of the Holy Evil.However, in the face of Li Yonghao this time, the magic level of the other party was only a higher level than him, and it was the seven crowns.

Seventy -two levels of seventy -one level, the other party is the ultimate Gengjin.Even if Frey has a mutant thunder attribute, this battle will definitely be extremely difficult.

The momentum of both sides is improving violently. The advantage of Ferry is that his magic is integrated with the purple Lei Yao Tianlong under the seat, and the advantage of the ultimate weapon Li Yonghao lies in his extreme Kangjinmagic.Crossing the Black Dragon is also the same as a heterogeneous species. In this battle, no one can predict the victory and defeat.

The eight -tier dragon roar almost at the same time, with a momentum of imposing, straight into the opponent.The sky was dim instantly, in addition to thunder and lightning, it was dark clouds.The collision of the two great masters, the fighting of the strongest people under the age of 50 in the light of Guangming X Dark and Darkness finally started.

The eight lights of the saints who siege towards thorns thunderous dragons will not help but change when they see this scene tomorrow. Although they are very high, they also feel clearly.Power is not comparable to them now.

On the other side, Ji moved down his arms, Suzaku's double wings opened, and the bloody eyes exposed by Jun Demon Yin and Yang armor were scattered with cold colors. He just started to fall, and at least five lights went straight to his body.Come.In the air, the enemy had regarded him as a target.

The confrontation of the two major master -level strong masters in the air seemed to attract Ji Xi's inner pride. Although his strength is still far enough to get in that level of battle, he believes that one day there is always one day.You can also stand on the highest battlefield representing the Guangming continent.

The dark blue Qin Cai quietly emerged on Suzaku's inner armor, and his body flashed. Ji Shi's body was shifted by ten meters in the air. The next moment, his people had no injuries.Losses on the opposite mountain, above the peak.It was Teng Snake Flash.

As the skill of the Sky Snake Teng Snake, the biggest feature of this Snake Flash is to make the opponent unable to lock. At this time, Ji Shi also completely waved this point.The crowns are displayed and turned into brilliant golden.The suppression of the ultimate sunfire attributes is released directly.

The magic fluctuations came from the side of the body, a metal sound of the destruction, and the five -meter -long white giant sword was cut out of thin air. It was when Ji Dong was not stable.The giant sword, broken air, harsh metal friction sound.This is a nirvana of Gengjin.Banmeng Text

Ji Shi won't look at the direction of the giant sword. The foot of the feet is wrong, the toes are lighter on the ground.It seemed like falling towards the mountain.

The giant sword blocked all the routes that Ji Shi could dodge, but he didn't expect that he would jump down at the cliff like suicide.The giant sword stopped slightly, and then chased the body towards Ji.

The body is in the air again, Suzaku's left wing shot, and even brought Ji Shi's body to roll out instantly. Under the influence of the sunfire soaring the law, his degree was displayed to the limit, and he also clearly saw thatThe five -year -old five -crowned magician who attacked him.His hands were raised in front of him, and he was controlling the giant sword that was definitely the level of nirvana.

The sound of Li Xiao rang from the mouth of Ji. In the air, he paused suddenly, and then the snake flashed.This time, his body just moved three feet.Roll up three feet up.But this short three -foot, not only let him escape the opponent's attack, but also came to the chopped giant sword.

The right fist turned into golden in an instant, and the Tai Chi Yin and Yang fish quietly appeared behind him.Ji moved this punch, just bombarding on the spine of the white giant sword.

The moment when the ultimate yang fire and the two sides collided the moment, the white giant sword was a nirvana, but it was just an ordinary nirvana. With the pursuit, its momentum was weakened.Although the single attack is strong, the attack power is above the blade. Ji moved this punch, like seven inches of snakes.

Five elements of fire gold, the ultimate Yanghuo's suppression of Gengjin's attributes can be imagined.Although Ji moved to the ground, although the nirvana had already been released, the five -crowns of its five -crowns had been influenced by the magic power of Ji Kimong, which weakened his attack power significantly.At this time, Ji Shi punching on the spine, Ji Shi's body rebounded.In terms of nirvana that is completely condensed by energy, the center of the white giant sword has merged a large hole.The next moment, it was broken and turned into the surging Gengjin.

With a punch in Lieyang, Ji moved his body to play, and with the irregular rhythm of Suzaku's wings, he changed his shape in the air and rushed straight to the five -crowns who attacked him.

"Be careful" a Jiao drink from not far away. This sound is extremely familiar to Ji's ears. It is the Dark Otsuki saints who had played against the enemy twice and played with the enemy twice.Scorpion.She was obviously reminding the five -crowns.In the Dark camp, no one knew more about Ji Qi's powerful than her.

Being able to enter the Holy Evil Battlefield, the five -crowned Tang Golden Lord is undoubtedly the elite on the Dark Five Elements Continent.Make him feel unable to breathe.In my heart, he retreated in the direction of the scorpion, and released Geng Jin magic without hesitation, turned into countless white light, and moved towards Ji.He did not want to hurt Ji Shi, but to win the time for his back.

I just performed a nirvana. The magic of the five -crowned Gengjin Grand Master could not return to the best. The skill name he released was Wan Jian through the heart.Group attack.

But what makes him barely cold is that in the face of his best skills that he is best at attacking, Ji Shi seemed to have not seen it at all.Essence

The long arrow shining with white light shot on him, and one after another.Essence

The Dark Five Crown Gengjin Grand Master is already a little dull. For the first time, he saw someone in a hard gear to deal with magic skills,


In any case, his magic skills are also exhibited by five crowns, and it is seen thatThe golden mask enlarged in front of the eyes, watching the shining demon with the bloody eyes.He roared almost crazy, with double fists, colliding with each other, a loud noise, a strong metal flavor flowing in the air, holding each other with both hands, condensing a two -meter -long white knife straight straight straightBen Ji moved down.Rich practical experience told him that at this time, he continued to retreat, only the ending of defeat.Only by going to block Ji Shi, can the reinforcements arrive.

But how could Ji Shi give him a chance?Facing the big knife from the head, Ji Shi still didn't have any dodge, but just raised his left hand and directly grabbed it.

"You look for death." The five -crowned magician roared, and he refused to believe that his opponent was just a four -crowned magician.I believe that Ji Shi can block his attack only by one hand.

But the fact is often cruel.A light sound of Banmengwen Ding, when the two -meter long knife fell on Ji's left hand, it paused that, like copper -casting iron casting, let this five -crowned dark magician urged.Can't cut half a point.

Ji Shi's eyes shining with cold glory, and the left hand was backwards. His body that was moisturized by the blood of the dragon blood X Suzaku X Teng Snake was so great.The five -crowned magician's body suddenly fell in his direction.At this moment, his destiny is doomed.The dark Aki scorpion that was flying over was obviously sinking.

The golden figure flashed, and Ji Shi passed with the five -crowned magician. The scorpion just saw that there seemed to be gold and black light alternately shining.The body of the five -crowned magician has been solidified there. When Ji moved over five meters, the loud noise, the gold and black pillars rose empty, the Geng Jin system of the Geng Jin systemThere is no corpse.

I did not use the six -fledged curse, just a simple closet.Can you block the second god -level monarchy yin and yang armor?

Gold and Blackzhi flickered alternately. That was the instantly converting his magic in an instant.

The ultimate double fire is injected directly from the chest. What is the result?

The scorpion's eyes are a little red. Although she appreciates Ji Shi, the existence of this man has a huge threat to the entire Dark Five Elements Continent.


"Bastard. Barbarians, you go to death." In the sound of Li, the Umu Totem ** has already lit behind the scorpion, and the strong life of life rises.Although she asked himself that he was not Ji Kou opponent, she believed that with her ultimate Otsuki magic, there was no problem with Ji Kimong.

However, Ji Shi faced the scorpion who rushed over, but just glanced at her lightly. The next moment, he had already stood up, Suzaku's wings moved, his body added instantly, rushing towards the side, rushing towards the side, rushing towards the side.go.

At this time, the battlefield was already in a chaos, and the two sides added, and nearly 400 magicians fell into a melee.The deafening roar in the air constantly sounded.Ray Difer's fighting with the final weapon Li Yonghao has also passed the heated degree of library.However, they are similar to their repairs, and they are not about to win the victory and defeat.

The most unwilling to see the scorpion appeared. Ji Shi did not fight with her, and her body flickered, and she had rushed towards the chaotic battlefield.The scorpion's heart is already cold, so how will such a person like a tyrant x like a devil rushing into the melee.In order to speed up the rhythm, Ji Shi did not even pick up the dark crowns left by the previous five -crowned master.

Because the task of being arranged by Ji Shi had a battle with Ji Shi, it was to block Ji Shi and fight him as much as possible.Not on Ji.You can only pat the metal wing all the time and chase the golden figure.What she needs now is the time for her own dark magician to fight for life.

A flash of body shape, Ji Shi has drilled into the melee team. At a glance, he saw the location of Lan Baoer. At this timeThe magician battle is in one place.

Ji Shi looked at it at a glance, and was surprised that Lan Baoer had occupied an absolute upper hand.

You know, in the five elements, when the water is overwhelmed, both sides are four -crowned magicians. Lan Baoer can suppress the opponent of the attribute.What a good use.

A smile appeared slightly at the corner of the mouth behind the mask. This girl is indeed a disciple of Yinyang Academy!

The scorpion chased from behind. Of course, Ji Shi knew, but he didn't care. With the sunfire soaring the French array, his degree is faster than the scorpion.

In a shape, he did not control the first opponent who was closer. While flying forward, he waved his hands backwards. Suddenly, dozens of golden light shone.The chased scorpion left, and all the other attacks were like growing eyes, attacking the seven x eight dark magicians, which were closer to the distance.Hitting skills, dragon scales flash.

The power of the dragon scale flash itself is not strong. After all, this is one, group attack skills.

However, the dragon scales also have its own characteristics. When moving, each Cuping Dragon Dragon scales are compressed and have a strong explosion. Once touchedEssenceIts power will never be worse than the grenades of Ji Shi's previous life.What's more, the dragon scales condensed by Ji Dong are the ultimate sun fire.In a common battle, a dragon -scale attack from the outside world suddenly came from the outside world. There is no doubt that it will affect the entire battle.

The roar sounded from behind, accompanied by a scream.Under the action of the dragon scales of Ji Shi, it not only blocked the scorpion, but also caused the three dark magicians to be destroyed.

The magicians of the Tiangan Legion are also elite. Who will let go of such a good opportunity?When you catch it, you can get a crown.

The scorpion was almost vomiting blood under this round of attack.