Chapter 11 Hate and Desire

The crazy mutant wildee saw another person jumping into the field, and immediately roared and rushed to the person.

Wang Hongye smiled coldly, his body stood tall, Meng Fan saw it, and the mutant bull's impact was extremely strong. Wang Hongxuan actually came over by the mutant bison.Bulls' impact.

When the mutant bison rushed to Wang Hongye a foot in front of Wang Hongzheng, Wang Hongyi drank a loudly and met with a palm on the head of the mutant bison.Seeing that there was a clear palm print on the bull's head, and the bull's brain flowed.

Wang Hongyi stretched out a finger and pointed at all the members of the heavenly religion and shouted: "I am a god, is the god who leads you to light, it is impossible to defeat!"

TianjiaoThe believers immediately screamed: "Light God, Light God, Great Lord of Light King."

Meng Fan was also shocked. If he didn't know the biochemical transformation, he would also beWang Hongyi is regarded as a god rather than humans.

"The only way to survive today is constantly becoming stronger. One day, I have to be stronger than Wang Hongyi." In Meng Fan's heart, we have established a longer -term goal.

Cao Jiutian's expression is very natural. He whispered to Meng Fan: "Where is this! I have told you a long time ago, Wang Hongxuan is not a human."

"Small soldiers, do you have to say anything?" Wang Hongye said coldly.

"I'm sorry, Wang Jiao, I don't deliberately disrespect to you." After seeing Wang Hongye's so terrifying strength, Zhang Ben said nervously.

"Bing soldiers, the wrong thing to say is to pay the price, come to the person, drag him down."
"Ah!"Once, he hurried down and begged for mercy: "Wang Jiao, please give me another chance! I must show it well, ask the master of the king!"

Wang Hongxuan laughed with a long smile: "Okay, I'll be again againGive you a chance, Meng Fan, you come here. "

Meng Fan didn't expect that Wang Hongxuan would call him over, and surprised that he could only go away immediately.

"Meng Fan, you killed me. You soldiers, if you can defeat Meng Fan, I will spare you to die."

Meng Fan and Zhang Ben are all stunned, Zhang Zhang, ZhangAfter seeing Meng Fan's strength, he knew that he was not an opponent, and immediately argued: "The great king, you know that I am not Meng Fan's opponent, what's the difference between doing this and killing me."

"Tianjiao only believes that the strong is survived. If you don't want to fight against Meng Fan, you can also choose to have me." Wang Hongye retired a few steps after leaving enough room for dueling.

Meng Fan secretly: "With Zhang Ben's strength, it is not my opponent, but Wang Hongzheng just said that as long as Zhang Benzheng defeated me, you can survive. If I do my best, Zhang Ben will die, and I will be ableThe soldiers hate, but if I retain my strength and deliberately defeat Zhang Ben, Wang Hongyi will definitely see it, so I have to kill Zhang Ben, but I must let the soldiers determine that I am just executing Wang Hongyi's order. "

So Meng Fan said loudly: "Wang Jiao, do we fight each other?"

"Yes." Wang Hongye smiled slightly, and Meng Fan was so hearty: "I modify what I said just now, the soldier, you must kill Meng Fan, not just defeating Meng Fan, otherwise you can't live. "

Zhang Ben's cold in his heart, now in his heart, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, rightMeng Fan is full of hatred. If you don't ask this sentence, you can pretend to be defeated to me, let me go, and let me live.

But Meng Fan now is not Meng Fan that year. In order to become strong, he will move off the obstacles to prevent him from moving forward.So Meng Fan sneered and said, "Zhang Ben, don't blame me, blame you just not brave enough, but dare to disrespect to the leader. When I do it, I will try to be less torment."

"I want to kill you." Zhang Ben yelled and came to Meng Fan.Suddenly the shadow flashed, and Meng Fan in front of him had turned around Zhang Ben.

Although Zhang Ben is also a low -level warrior, the combat effectiveness is far worse than the heavy rain close to the Warriors intermediate, not to mention that at this time Meng Fan holds the psychology of killing a blow at this time.

Zhang Ben immediately turned around and waved his knife, but he was already slowly shot. The alloy war knife in Meng Fan opened Zhang Ben's carotid artery accurately and lying down slowly.At this time, Xu Zhiguo, who was standing on the audience, held his fist tightly.

"Do you do well, Meng Fan." Wang Hongyi smiled slightly: "To recognize your loyalty, I will give you a special gift, you can see when you return to your residence.">
"Xie Wang teaches the Lord to reward!" Meng Fan thanked him while saluting.

"What gifts would be?

"Who are you? How can you be in my room." When I opened the bedroom door, Meng Fan found a woman sitting beside her bed.

"Who I am not important, what is important is that I am your prisoner now." The woman said, slowly turned her head over.

Meng Fan saw her face clearly, and then found that the woman's appearance was excellent, her body was convex, and she felt a little familiar.He organized Lu Tianhua's assistant Akiko, and he also understood that this woman was the reward Wang Hongyi gave him.

"Hahahaha!" Meng Fan laughed: "There is an old saying for thirty years of Hedong and thirty years of Hexi. However, in just a few days, such a big change occurred., Miss Qiuzi, my prisoner in my order before, but now you have become my **. "It can be said that Meng Fan is full of hatred against Qiuzi. If it is not them, Meng Fan will not leave.Yuko, Li Lu will not die in front of him.

Qiuzi looked at Meng Fan's face and said, "Actually my name is not called Qiuzi, my full name is Li Qiuyun."
"I just want to know one thing, you joinDid you also participate in the death game when the United Front is organized? "

" This ---- "Qiuzi stunned, but I did not expect Meng Fan to ask such a question:" That's not. "> Meng Fan said coldly: "Hum! So what did you become Lu Tianhua's assistant? With such a beautiful face, can you make men happy?"

"You are wrong, I am withIt is impossible for Lu Tianhua to have that kind of thing. The reason why I can become his assistant is because I have a special skill: read mentality. "

" You can also hypnotize? "MengFan asked in surprise, and at the same time, he was busy leaving his eyes from Li Qiuyun's body. To be honest, the woman was really flavorful, so Meng Fan couldn't help but look at it.Then again, how could the ugly woman Wang Hongxuan specifically rewarded these soldiers?

Li Qiuyun shook his head: "It's not hypnosis, but reading mental skills. The two are not the same thing."

In fact, this is not difficult to understand. Hypnosis is to control others' minds. ReadingHeart technique is what I think in the hearts of others. Meng Fan smiled coldly: "You can read the mental skills, so do you know what I am thinking now?"

Li Qiuyun looked at Meng Fan's eyes and said, "Your nameCalled Meng Fan! "

" Hum! I am afraid that the person who sent you has already told you! "

" You are full of hostility to the United Front Organization. "

"You already know this when you first saw me in the United Front organization, He Qizhi, can you say why I hate you so much?"

"ThatOkay, this requires your cooperation. You try to think about the reason. Well, by the way, you hate the death game, etc., you have a comrade in the game of death, and you die in front of you.His name is Li Lu. You blame him very much about his death. You blame yourself for being greedy for life and fear of death. He blame himself without the courage to sacrifice himself- "

" "He yelled: "Don't talk about it anymore, Li Qiuyun, are you ready to accept my torture to you?"
"No, Meng Fan, I can see that your nature is not bad, please don't want to do not wantBecause the hatred is lost in the real self. "Li Qiuyun obviously knew what she was going to face, and she screamed exhaustedly, hoping to wake Meng Fan's kindness in her heart.

"Nature is not bad, what is nature, what is my nature, even I don't know what I am doing, what do you think, how can you know, say, say, do you take off yourself orI can take it away for you. "

" No, you won't be like this, right? You just scare me and scare me. In fact, sometimes people can't recognize themselves.I am more difficult to know the whole world than the right, but I can help you -"Li Qiuyun still holds a hint of fantasies and persuades.

"A little

"A little fucking nonsense, Lao Tzu is a man, how can he recognize himself." Meng Fan suddenly opened his hands on his hands and hit Li Qiuyun's face. On the face of Li Qiuyun's face, a deep five finger appeared on the face.Printing.

"Don't, don't hit me, I take off myself." Li Qiuyun was full of tears. Since being caught by the Tianjiao Base, she saw that many women were taken away as military prostitutes, and she knew that she could not escapeThis kind of doom, but at the beginning, only someone gave her food, but no one forced her to do that kind of thing. She thought that perhaps her fate would have changed, but she should always come.

Meng Fan watched Li Qiuyun who took off his clothes with satisfaction, just like an rabbit under his claws."If it wasn't for the united front organization, he would not leave Youzi, and Li Lu would not die in front of himself. They would be a group of lunatics. Today, it is your turn to taste the taste of life." Meng Fan thought so in his heart.Words.

Meng Fan seemed to be afraid of insulting her when she saw Li Qiuyun, so he would do so. If Li Qiuyun was not afraid, he would torture her in other methods.

"Get up and give me up from the bed. When did I say that you were lying on the bed!" Seeing Li Qiuyun lying on the bed, he was ready to dedicate himself to himself. Meng Fan immediately drank.

"You, what are you doing, don't you want me? Where do I lie in bed?" Li Qiuyun had succumbed to fate, and accompanied by a man every day than those who served dozens every day.A man is much stronger for them to vent.

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