Chapter 12: The joy of abuse

Meng Fan pointed to the table, "Go there, and juvenile
Meng Fan pointed to the table, "Go there, and juvenile ass."

Li Qiuyun suddenly clenched his fist, shivering with anger: "Shi can kill, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you.I have already been like this, why do you still torture me so abnormally? "

" Hum! What? Do you still want to resist me? "Meng Fan sneered and said.

Li Qiuyun suddenly punched it. She stayed in the United Front for a long time. In fact, the fighting was very powerful than ordinary soldiers.

But her ability is nothing in front of Meng Fan. Meng Fan reached out and pinched her pink fist. "I really want to play with me. Well, I will accompany you with youPractice.

Meng Fan quickly held Li Qiuyun, and made a hand to unlock the belt on his pants.Meng Fan took his belt on Li Qiuyun's waist and his buttocks with a dozen waist bands. Li Qiuyun finally began to ask for mercy. She was not the kind of unyielding woman.

"Do you dare to resist?"

"Don't dare, no longer dare."
"Hmm!" Li Qiuyun finally succumbed to Meng Fan's pioneering power.

Meng Fan hit a few waist bands on Li Qiuyun's buttocks, but the power was obviously much lighter than just now, purely intimidating Li Qiuyun.

After a few times, Meng Fan ordered Li Qiuyun to turn his body over and facing himself. He wanted to see the painful expression of Li Qiuyun when he was raped, so that he could vent his resentment in Meng Fan's heart.

Li Qiuyun did not dare to violate resistance, but could only be done according to Meng Fan's words."Separate your legs." Meng Fan said coldly.

Li Qiuyun's tears flowed down like the beads that broke the line. She separated her legs, and ** was completely exposed to Meng Fan's eyes.

Meng Fan laughed with satisfaction. He saw Li Qiuyun's wrist with a watch -like watch, so he said, "What is it?br> "I want to throw it? But there is no key to this thing that can't be removed."

Meng Fan knows what it is.Escape, give them a micro -electronic induction bomb in hand. Through this high -tech product, on the one hand, the position of the person can be determined within a certain range. On the other handThe bomb will explode. Although the power is not great, it can at least blur the flesh and blood.

Meng Fan's three, five, and two faded their clothes, lying on Li Qiuyun's body, and a tight waist, possessing Li Qiuyun.

"Ah! Light, hurt!" Li Qiuyun's face showed a painful expression, and at the same time, a bright red flowed down the roots of Li Qiuyun's thighs.

"You are still a virgin." Meng Fan was a little surprised.

"But it's no longer." Li Qiuyun closed his eyes in pain.

Meng Fan's movement became softer, but he quickly remembered Li Lu and Youzi. The anger and hatred again ignited, so the movement quickly accelerated and aggravated.

Of course, Li Qiuyun felt this change. She moaned painfully. She understood that although Meng Fan possessed herself, she did not reduce her anger and hatred for her.

Meng Fan finally panting and fell on Li Qiuyun's body. He withdrew Li Qiuyun's body, but "slammed" in Li Qiuyun's **, and then dressed, leisurely and proudly, he couldn't help himself.Lit a cigarette.Anyway, Meng Fan was venting very well this time.

Li Qiuyun silently endured all this. She stood up to deal with herself briefly, and said to Meng Fan, "Now I'm already your woman, you should always be better for me!"


“我说过了,There is no possible way for him and me. "

" Why? Isn't he a man anymore? "
" Because he is my father, even though I have never been willing to be willingRecognize him. "

Meng Fan had a little surprise, but soon his expression recovered naturally. He stood up and laughed:" I want me to be nice to you, hahahaha! I have a little daydream, tell you, tell youThis is just the beginning. From today, I will make you be better than death. "

If there is no accident, Meng Fan will be a consecutive" Iron Fist "Xu Zhiguo in the corner field.EssenceMeng Fan knew that Xu Zhiguo would be angry at him because he killed Zhang Ben. At that time, he would not be merciless, but Meng Fan never thought that he would go all out by his men, and he would go all out.

According to Cao Jiutian's introduction, although Xu Zhiguo is higher than the heavy rain, it is at most in the primary stage of the Warriors intermediate, so it should not be Meng Fan's opponent.

Just when Meng Fan rubbed his palm to prepare to and Xu Zhiguo, the situation changed, and Wang Hongyi suddenly announced that the corner fighting competition was canceled.Listening to Cao Jiutian said that the head of the PLA with a regiment and weapons and equipment joined the heavenly religion, so Wang Hongyi rushed over to appease them.

But Meng Fan felt that the situation seemed a little bit right, because there was a lot of new weapons and equipment under the recruits that afternoon.The weight machine guns were all released, and they asked them to increase from eight people to twelve when they patrolled at night, and they were ready to welcome the war.

Meng Fan was taken to Professor Lu for inspection on this afternoon. Cao Yan quietly told Meng Fan that this was actually testing Meng Fan's loyalty to Wang Hongye.

Meng Fan can't help but be nervous, because the reason why he stays in Tianjiao is just for personal interests.He won't stay as a victim?

But Cao Yan smiled and said to Meng Fan again: "You don't have to be nervous. This stuff is a nature with the phenomenon. We ask the question to answer.If your answer is true, there is still a lot of errors. You just say that you can just say it. In the end, I look at you a little higher. You don’t have to worry about the results. "

Test testingThe process is to answer questions. There are hundreds of questions. Most of them are about common sense in life. For example, what your name is, what do you like to eat most, and a question about Tianjiao will suddenly emerge. For exampleIf heavenly religion is dedicated, and if you can't answer all at once, it will naturally be loyal to Tianjiao.

With Cao Yan's care, Meng Fan naturally relaxed when he answered. In fact, although Meng Fan couldn't talk about loyalty to Tianjiao, he couldn't talk about it.The most important thing for him is to find a place where you can settle down. As for the future, he can only take a step and take a step.

"All the three companies, you have heard it for me." After coming out of the scientific research center, Meng Fan immediately called all three company soldiers to meet: "These two days are calm on the surface, but in fact, the inside is turbulent.The zombies are constantly evolving, animals are constantly mutated, and the United Front organizations are jealous of Tianda tiger. The master of the king is likely to go.When the military office is playing with a woman, everything waits for the wind. Who dares to disobey my orders, military law is engaged in. "

In the two days after Wang Hongzheng's departure, everything seemed very calm, Meng Fan even even evenSuspecting whether I have too much heart.However, he still felt that the United Front organization had suffered so much in Guzhou, and he would never do so well.

"Come, Saifei, smoke and solution lack." Meng Fan smiled and threw a cigarette in the past. In the middle of the night, Meng Fan was unhappy with the Western District of the three consecutive patrols, so he came over in person.have a look.

"Meng team, you can rest assured, we are not lazy, everyone is highly vigilant!" Long Saifei held a new sniper rifle with a smile.

"I am still at ease, but I can't sleep anyway, so I come out and stroll and chat with you."
"Oh, the Meng team added a beautiful new team to a beautiful oneXunzi, why can't I sleep? "Long Saifei dared to joke with Meng Fan.

"Haha!" When it comes to Li Qiuyun, Meng Fan could not help showing a smile on the corner of his mouth. He abused her in the past two days, and he was addicted to it. He touched her on her ** every day, and then took it.The belt was beaten twice at any time. Meng Fan felt that he had a high feeling of being an emperor, but he couldn't think of any other good way to abuse Li Qiuyun. There were some cruel ways Meng Fan still couldn't handle it.I started to doubt whether Li Qiuyun was right like this. After all, the fault of the United Front organization all made no sense on a woman.

In fact, compared with the United Front organization, Tianjiao is not a good bird. Can you say that everyone in Tianjiao, including himself, is very sinful?Obviously, most people are actually to survive.Therefore, Meng Fan also wanted to comfort Li Qiuyun a few words when she was soft -hearted. After all, she had handed herself to Meng Fan completely.

But Meng Fan seems to have a bit of pervertedly like the feeling of abuse Li Qiuyun. In particular, I saw Li Qiuyun crying with pear blossoms and rain, but let herself stab a pair of big white rabbits on her chest, beatWhen she was rolling in white butt, Meng Fan could feel the perverted coolness!It's so cool!

"Isn't it a woman? Go to me all day, let the brothers taste the taste too." Meng Fan said with a smile.

"What do Meng team say? How can we touch the woman of the Meng team?" Long Saifei is actually a real soldier. Although you can play women in Tianjiao, Long Saifei has always beenI have never played with the comfort army.