Chapter 324 The God Realm Committee

The white light converged, and a red lotus light floated.Gently imprinted on Ji's forehead, the soul vortex returned to the body. The next moment, another soul has dissipated quietly in the air, with laughter and tears, with unwillingness and reluctance, so quietly quietlySmall in this quiet world.

The magma lake, constantly rising all the bubbles, broken one by one, as if it was sorrowful for everything that happened in front of the eyes.The red lotus halo wrapped his body for the last time with the familiar red light, and left the world without the owner.

I don't know how long, Ji Shi slowly woke up from the coma.The stabbing sunshine narrowed his eyes. When he felt the warmth in the air, he couldn't help feeling. It seemed that everything that happened before was just dreaming, the battle of Holy Island, the battle of flames and the god of Shura.It's just a dream, how good it is.

Turn over and sit up.He didn't feel half discomfort, and his body was very normal.This is a small forest, surrounded by tall trees, and he was lying in the grass in the woods before.

Am I dead or to another world?Ji Shi sat there in a dumbness, his memory was mad, and his strong sadness and anxiety caused him to fight the Cold War and suddenly stood up from the ground.

At this moment, suddenly, the faint golden red light attracted his attention. When he looked down, he saw that there were nine o'clock golden red light shining on the lawn around his body.Just, they seem to release light because of their soberness.

When he squatted down again, when Ji moved the nine o'clock light into his hand, his heart trembled violently.

It is not a dream. Everything that happened before was not a dream.These nine points of golden red light are clearly nine lotus seeds, and the lotus seeds on the red lotus of the flames!Suddenly, Ji Shi only felt that he turned his mind for a while, and fell on the ground, watching the nine lotus seeds in his hand, and tears down.

On the forehead, a faint red lotus brand emerged with a hint of glory, which seemed to be touched by his sober.The familiar voice sounded in the mind of Ji.

"Xiao Ji moved, did you wake up? When you wake up, you will touch the lotus seeds and this memory marking. How could I let you let you make you a little fool?What about sacrificing my soul to save me? These nine lotus seeds are the gifts I left you in the end. Protect them well, when you need it, they will help you.Go and sad. Don't you like this? I want to see you happy and see your smile. "
" "My lover, I know your personality too much, don't do stupid things, because youAlso promised me nothing. Although I am no longer in this world, my consciousness will definitely watch you in another world. If in ten years, you can use one famous wine record every yearThe peerless wine commemorates me. Then, after ten years, I allow you to come to me. This is my last wish. Can you help me complete it? I have no time, but I believe this will not endIt should be a new beginning. You still have too many things to do. You are the hope of Guangming Five Elements Continent. I don't want to see you give up these responsibilities because of me. In that case, it is not my favorite Ji.I'm leaving, I really want to leave, so I can't bear to you, I can't bear it, I can't bear it ... "

The sound of the flames gradually faded, in front of Ji Xing's vague tears, as if I saw the perfect againThe figure.

"No, don't ..., don't leave me, flame. Please, don't leave me ..." Ji moved forward, trying to catch the vague figure, but his bodyHowever, he could only fall to the ground. There was no flame in the air, and some were just nothing.

The pain brought by life and death, almost in the instant, crashed the strong heart of Ji Shidong in an instant. His hands have been deeply grasped into the soil, pain, which makes the magic in his body extremely extremely magical power.Unstable fluctuations, the extreme double fire of leaks quickly dried the plants around him.

At this time, Ji moved back to the words that he had left to him when he saw his God's opportunity at first, "In the virtual realm, I can't see that endless future, I just hope that the ending is not a tragedy. "

The spirit suddenly revives, and Ji moves the crying and rests.Murmured in my mouth repeated this words, but the blood and tears in my eyes did not stop at all, "Chaos awaken in the flames. Yeah, it was the flame to help me awaken the power of chaos."Just understand.However, he only understood the meaning of the next sentence at this time.

"God will bring endless sadness."

Isn't it just killing the gods of the gods, do the law enforcers kill the flames?God's opportunity has been fulfilled, endless sadness, it is really endless sad ..., Ji moved back to his mind to look at his compassion before his death, he finally understood why he was so sad that he would be so sad that he was so sadHe was sad for himself!

"At the time of the ultimate pain. It is also when the cocoon is reborn."

The cocoon is reborn?Can I really break the cocoon?Without the flames, what is meaningful?what else?With her, I have lost everything.

"Unreal, reality, the soul struggles in the flames, crushed in the flames and eternal life. When the flames are coming to the world, God will change, nothingness, illusions, and imagination.I only hope that the ending is not a tragedy. "

Others are not important for Ji Shi, when he read that phrase when the flames are coming to the world.The emotions of the whole person suddenly converged a little bit, reunited to the world, and to come to the world?Is the flame that God said is my flame?In other words, is my flames, and there is a chance to regain the world?

It seems like catching a life -saving straw, Ji moves suddenly, and grows up, "Lie -flame -flame -flames -flame ..."

All his strength came out in these three roar. The death of the flames was too big and too big.Ji Dong's body, falling heavily on the ground, the whole person has become unconscious again.Perhaps, for him, coma is the best choice. At least, at this time he can temporarily forget the pain.


God Realm.

The unreal space, everything around is full of blurred colors.And just in the middle of this blurred color, one black and one white, the two colors are floating quietly, they are the center of this blurred color.

In this black and white color, each floating figures float, the figure that cannot be seen clearly can vaguely judge their human figure, but no one says it is not good.It is 100 meters high, a kilometer high or 10,000 meters high.Just like the black and white light that shrouded their bodies, they are the core here.

"Kind, can you tell me, why is this? What kind of power can make a second -level god dedicate to his own life for a human. And that human beings are also willing to form a spirit.You also have to save this god. Don't you think it looks very ridiculous? "The voice.From the black light, the strange sound was a bit of evil.

The soft and quiet voice came from the white light column. "Evil, this is love, the power of love gives them the courage.They have all realized the true meaning of love. It is precisely because of this that they can defeat the little guy of Putis. "

" Love? "With a sound, "What is love? Goodness, you like to say that you use these nihilic things to make mystery. I don’t believe this love you say. Humans have seven loves and six desires.It is completely different. This so -called love is nothing at all in a certain desire. Humans, especially men, are originally fraternity in terms of emotion. Their physiological structure determines that men cannot have any dedication at all.Physiological, men's desire is ten times that of women, you should be clearer than me. "

The sound in the white light lake sighed gently," Evil, you know why you have been unable to surpass meIs it because of everything you know too much. In my opinion, in this world, there is only one force that is invincible. That is love. The power of love is endless.You and me can not change the direction of true love. "

" Fart, kind, you are less alarmist in front of me. Do you believe it, if the human named Ji Shi encounters a more beautiful woman than flames,It will change your heart. Love is nothing in the face of desire. "The sound in the black light seemed a bit angry.

"That's good, evil, how about we gamble? In the world of God, our life is too bland, just add some fun."It was not affected by the sound of black light.

"Okay! Gambling is gambling. What is the color head?" The sound in the black light column faintly brought a bit of excitement, just like the sound in the white light cylinder said, the days they spent here is reallyToo boring and depressed.

The sound in the white light column said: "Wait a minute, let's talk about it. Shura is here, finish this matter."

In the world of brilliant and blurredA gray, three lights came, stopped at the same time when they came in front of the black and white pillar.It is also transformed into three light cities, but it is smaller than that of the black and white lights.

Three different voices, two men and one woman, at the same time, "see the two masters of God."

The voice of the black light column said: "Okay, they are so familiar, they are so familiar, they are so familiar, they are so familiar, they are so familiar, they are so familiar, they are so familiar, they are so familiar, they are so familiar, they are so familiar, they are so familiar, they are so familiar, they are so familiar.Don't move the human ceremonies in human beings. Shi Luo, Death, Life Goddess. You should already know things. Let's talk about your views. "

It is the three gods, the god of Shura, the god of death, and the goddess of life.In the realm of God, they are not just the powerful gods, but they are also law enforcement gods.In front of them, the figures in the black and white pillars that were previously talked about were the two great kings of the gods, the gods of kindness and the evil god.The two great kings and the three law enforcement gods formed the God of God.All the affairs in the gods are determined by them.

When the differences are encountered, the Gods Commission will vote by voting. Each of the three law enforcement gods is qualified for one vote, while the two god kings have two votes each.However, if the opinions of the three law enforcement gods are unified, they have the power to reject the decisions of the two gods.Of course, this situation has never happened in the god world.It is not that the three law enforcement gods dare not fight against the two great kings.It is because the two gods who represent goodness and evil respectively, almost no unification of opinions.Once their opinions are unified, how can the three law enforcement gods oppose the accuracy and importance of the matter?

The Shura god in the red light said: "The two gods of gods, the goddess of death, the goddess of life. I am not strict, which leads to the killing of the gods of the gods without the approval of the god of the gods.Ask the committee to punish. "His voice was cold, but compared with the killing Shen Polis, he was too calm.In the realm of God, the status of Shura God is definitely surpassed, and it is also the first of the three major law enforcement gods.

The kind god said faintly: "Shura, you should have investigated Shupori before you came, let's talk about the results."

, One year of the human world. At least thousands of years have not appeared in the second level of the secondary gods. The divine below the second level, and the divine law law enforcement has the power to directly law enforcement, and only needs to return to the committee after the law enforcement.The law enforcement has been strict for many years and is used to direct law enforcement. Although the other party is a second -level god, he still claims himself and the evidence is conclusive. As a commander of his law enforcement, I also have a responsibility. I choose to avoid this."

The evil Shimeli:" The kid of Shupori has always been arrogant. A few main gods once came to us. This time it was a punishment for him.The consciousness will not be completely destroyed, and there are always imprints. Let him be punished for thousands of days in the sword of Vulcan. "The God of Evil said is the thousand days of the god world, that is, the thousand years of the world.

Yesterday, Primary Three asked for a vote. For the top three, Tangmen's brothers and sisters really gave Primary Three the first three, and even rushed to the second place.Nothing, Primary Three's promise will definitely do it.Let's continue to read the next chapter.