Chapter 323 The Flame of Flame

When I saw Ji move to him.Shuporus didn't care about it. No matter how weak he was, after all, he was also God. His consciousness was harmful to humans?However, when he saw the twin sword in the vulcan in Ji's hand, and the light vortex light shadow released by Ji Shenhuo's head of the saint king's head, his face changed.He couldn't think of it, a human spiritual cultivation was so powerful.What is even more terrible is that the weapon in his hands has the breath of the Lord God. How is this possible?

"Humans, what are you doing?" Shupori said deeply.The Vulcan sword in his hands has begun. At the same time, he releases his chaos without reservation.Move the whole body.He knew very well that he had to drive the Vulcan double sword with chaos and his soul.In order to harm the consciousness of Shuporus.

"Wait a minute." Shupu Ruus rushed.

Ji looked at him coldly, "What? Do you still plan to delay time? Do you think I will give you such an opportunity?"
"No, no, I am, I amThink, we can discuss it. "Shuparus's consciousness flashed violently, showing that he was nervous at this time.Even when God is facing life and death, he will also feel strong.

"Discuss? Yes, I have only one requirement, helping the flame recovery. In that case, I may be able to let you go." Ji moved to hold the fire god double sword, staring at Xiu Xiu firmly, staring at Xiu XiuPolis's eyes.

Shupori said angrily: "No, that's impossible. Don't say that I will not recover for an abyss demon, even if I am willing, I don't have that ability.Can't do it. Only the two great kings have such power. But how can Lord God be like a abyss demon? "

" Can't do it. Only the two great kings have such power. But how can Lord God be like a abyss demon? "

" Bastard, you shut me up. "He roared: "Shuparus, you open your mouth abyss demon, close the abyss devil. I ask you, why do you say that the flame is a demon? What bad things did she do affect your god realm? Still affecting humans?In the only time in the human world, it also prevented the creatures from applying charcoal. She was a demon? I think you are the demon compared with her. After the birth of the flames, the world is rectified, which makes everything here.. Everything she does has nothing to damage this world. Why do you want to arrest her? As far as you have a god in the world, do you not allow our human world?? What are you ? What are you shit gods? "

" You, you are not a big deal. She is not human. "Killing God Xiu Putis couldn't help but stay a little bit, let aloneIt is humans, and even God will never dare to speak like Ji.He is blaspheming the gods!And offended the entire divine realm.

The double sword in the hands of Ji had slowly lifted, and his eyes were full of crazy evil spirits. He heard that Shupori could not help the flame recovery. The resentment and anger in his heart had reached its peak.

"Wait, you listen to me. Although I can't help her recover, you are humans, but I can help you. As long as you do not destroy my consciousness, I will give up,Wait until I recover, I can let you have one -third of her power. It can directly become the most closest to God. This is the greatest extent that I can achieve in my permissions. "

Listen to listen to itIn the words of Shupeus, Ji Shi's double sword was paused slightly, and the cold voice seemed to have dropped the temperature of the Lake. "Do you know who she is?"

"She is the abyss of the abyssDemon, oh no, is the abyss god. "Facing life and death.Shuporus couldn't help but panic, and he could no longer care about the dignity of the law enforcement of his gods.

Ji nodded, "The abyss demon? Okay, even if she is an abyss demon? But she still has another identity."

"What?"Ruo Si looked at Ji Shi in amazement.

Ji moved his head and looked at the body that had become more illusory, but the double sword in his hands had swept out with unparalleled momentum and all his souls and chaos.Go straight to Xiu Polis.

At the moment before the consciousness was swallowed, Shuporus heard Ji Shi's voice, "She is my lover, and I am a person who fell in love with the demon."

BR> The consciousness of Xiu Portus is too weak. When Ji Xun's Vulcan dual sword came into contact with his consciousness, the two super heavy swords had escaped Ji Shi's hands and floated in the air.Among them, Shuparus's consciousness was imprisoned in the middle of the two heavy swords.

"No, no ..." Xiu Portus shouted madly, and his consciousness desperately supported two heavy swords, but his strength at this time was too weak.Without the ontology, how can he concludes the power of this Vulcan double sword?

Sword and flame sword slowly close together at a constant speed, and the body of Shuporus was slowly squeezed and deformed during the process of closing.His voice became weaker and weaker. When the Director of Vulcan finally closed into one, he could no longer make a little sound.It was firmly banned in this artifact.

The double sword fusion, the red light burst, but this time the sword of Vulcan did not have an outbreak of attack power.Instead, it is directly turned into a luminous light, re -entered into the motion of the Ji, and integrates with him.The double sword devoured a second -level god's consciousness, which is definitely a great thing for Ji Dai. The power of the Director of Vulcan to restore the artifact of artifacts can be expected.I feel excited.After anger and violent, it is endless sadness and fear.He was also afraid, but he was not as afraid of death as Shupheris, but was afraid that his beloved people really left him.

"Flame." Ji moved back, and the flames of the flames at this time had already fell on the heart rock platform in the center of the center of Di Xinhu.

Ji Shi quickly rushed forward, and the saint of God Fire re -integrated into the body. He opened his arms and wanted to hold the flame, but hugged it.Tears, uncontrollably rushed out, the panic in his heart had reached its peak.

"Ji Dong, don't do that, okay?" The flames looked at Ji Shi with a smile. Her voice was soft and could not hear weakness.But because of this, it was even more trembling."Can you say you love me again?"

"I love you, I love you, I will always love you forever, love you for a lifetime, live a life. Flame, I love -move almost almost almost almost almost almost almost almost almost almost almost almost nearCrying and saying this. He couldn't hold the flames. His hands grasped his hair, and the whole person fell into the flames with pain."Ji Dong, I love you too."Six words gently. Wake up Ji Dong from sadness. He suddenly raised his head, and his dull eyes looked at her, although it was gradually blurred, but still so perfect. Once upon a time, how much he wanted to listen toWhen the flames say this to him! This can be said to be his biggest wish in this life. However, although the flames said this at this time, she ...
"" Sorry, Ji moved, Ji movedEssenceI once told you that if one day I tell you that I love you, it is when I am ready to wedding dresses.However, I can no longer be your bride anymore.I will leave this world and promise me. If you really love me, then complete the only regret for me.I hope that in the next ten years, you can use a famous wine on famous wine to prepare a cup of cocktail for me.Okay?"

" No, no, no, flame, you are my bride, I will never let you leave me.The flame ... "The tears left by Ji's face gradually changed, no longer transparent, but with a touch of red. His body was spasm because of pain.Want to hold the body of the flames and want to keep her, but he can't do it.

"Ji Dong, don't do this, how can you let me go with peace of mind?"The smile on the Yan Yan's face finally couldn't keep it anymore. She looked at Ji Shi obsessively, but her eyes were still so soft, but she was unwilling to be unwilling." Ji Dong, know? "I do not regret.Really, know you, I don't regret it.You let me feel the emotions owned by humans, and also make me feel the beauty of love.I don't regret it.If there is a life, I must wear a wedding dress and wait for you to marry me."

" No, don't come to life."Ji Dong shouted almost, and his face, his body, was covered with blood and tears left. Suddenly, he seemed to think of something, and suddenly stood up.The gaze became crazy.

"Yes, I have a way, the flame, you insist on, I have a way.Only in this way can we never separate."Under the stare of the flames, suddenly, Ji Shi suddenly raised his right hand, and his stabbing Bai Guang lit up in his palm.>
No half of hesitation, nor the slightest hesitation. His right hand was already on the top of his head in the flame exclaiming.

It was forcibly shocked by his own palm with the power of the chaos bead. Then, his soul vortex was almost crazy to sweep the soul of the flames and forcibly pull it into his body.

BR> Ji Shi's thoughts are very simple. The flames have no body, so he gives her body, her consciousness is integrated with her body, can they be together forever?What? As long as the flames can be kept, he will never regret it even if the shape and spirit are destroyed.

The flame was stunned by the crazy action of Ji Ji.After all, it is just the power of the human level! Once you leave the body, you will dissipate yourself in a short period of time and never surpass it. In order to allow the flames to live, Ji moves that palm, without reservation without reservation all of him, all of him himselfThe soul hit out of the body without half a point reserved, even if a trace of soul was connected with the body. Because he was afraid that his soul would affect the flames of the flame. At this moment, he was really crazy because the flames were crazy and crazy.. This is the only way he can think of, so that the flames live with his body. With her ability to consciousness, as long as you have the body, there is always hope.Save the flames, but he knows that this is the only opportunity and the only possibility. If he does not do so, the flame will die.

Ji Shi's soul vortex is not a sense of consciousness, thenIt was the soul of human beings. When he forcibly used the power of the palm to cut off the connection between his soul and the body, he could no longer return to his body with his own strength, and no more consciousness.But even so, the flames can still feel how much love, how much reluctance and madness are contained in the soul that is rapidly spreading.

Ji Xi's body's eyes lit up, shining faintlyPink, yes, that is the pink that belongs to the flame. Ji Shi's practice is reasonable. As he guessed, as long as there is a body, the flame is likely to restore the consciousness.His body is completely controlled by the flames. The flame is really familiar with him. For the flames, there is no better body than this, coupled with the chaotic beads that Ji moves in the body,She almost has more than 50 % of the grasp to recover. And with the human body, she no longer afraid of people in the gods to come to the door. She can hide her breath with the human body, and even the real real god of God..

But will the flames do that? Ji Shi will be crazy because of her death, and she will also be crazy because of Ji's death.At this moment, when the flames' consciousness entered Ji Shi's body, she paused and dissipated, her consciousness was full of love, only the love of Ji Shi.

"Fool, Xiao Ji, you fool." The voice of the flames made from Ji Jing's body, tears, and flowing uncontrollably.

Raise your hands to your chest, the remaining consciousness and the chaotic bead of Ji Shi are instantly merged into one, and the soft milky white halo emanates from Ji Dong's body, forming a halo instantly, which will be a halo.Ji Dong's upcoming souls were shrouded in.

"Fool, Xiao Ji, you forgot, I am God! Regardless of whether God recognizes, but I have the power of God. How can I let you dominate my destiny?? Fool, little fool. Do you know? I have lived for thousands of years, but I can only bring me the greatest happiness in the past ten years. Goodbye, my lover, if there is a life, again, againBe your wife ... "

Not much to say, today is June 1st.A new month.If our monthly ticket is rushed to the top three today.Tomorrow I will resurrect the flame, otherwise everyone will cut me tomorrow.Third, it's not difficult.Rush a hand.Fight.bring it on.For the resurrection of flames, unexpected resurrection methods.