Chapter 5 Fighting Weasel

Because there is a highlands in the south, Meng Fan can't see the scene of that side, and Meng Fan's position is about 1,000 meters away from the 101 highland.Only a small amount of zero zombies exist.

Therefore, Meng Fan decided to change the tactics. He wanted all three companies to stand in place and prepare to block the s1 that appeared in the south here.Essence

Long Saifei hurriedly said: "Meng team, you can't go, you are the company commander, the core of the whole company, if you are in danger, we will be over. Let me go for you!”

孟凡脸一板说:“赛飞,我知道你是好意,但这里只有我跑得最快,以我的速度就是我回来南方的丧尸也到达不了,而你就No. So I can only go. "

Dragon Saifei wants to say something, Meng Fan sang:" Execute the command, the task I give you now is to take Xu Wei and Deng Chao to advance to the wayFive hundred meters away from the 101st highlands to destroy the zombies of the obstructive road. "Xu Wei and Deng Chao are also soldiers of the three companies. Their marksmanship is only under Long Saifei and Meng Fan, so Meng Fan askedThe two of him followed Dragon Saifei's task for escorting himself, and also the exercise and test of the two of them.

Running all the way, Meng Fan's speed has reached within 70 seconds of kilometers. He quickly boarded the 101st highland and took off a small black leather box that was placed in advance.

When he was about to return, it suddenly happened. An animal similar to the weasel jumped out of the stone seam and rushed towards Meng Fan.

Meng Fan hurriedly waved the suitcase and smashed a box of small animals to the ground. "

Meng Fan hurriedly waved the suitcase and smashed a box of small animals to the ground. "Fuck, what happened to this year, just such a little guy dares to attack me."> The weasel turned to escape, escaped a few steps, but stopped again, screamed.

Meng Fan suddenly had an ominous premonition. He turned his head and looked at him. A group of weasels stared at himself not far away.Meng Fan feels that the scalp is a bit numb. Although the weasel is not big, the movement is agile. If they are placed in the previous world, they generally do not act in groups, let alone attack humans.Obviously, there was a mutation.

Meng Fanzhi chose to escape. Even if he can win these little guys now, time is urgent. Now they are in the outside world. Once they are entangled, there will be more carnivorous creatures.When he swarmed, even if Meng Fan's strength was super strong, he could get away, and his group of people would not be necessarily.

A helicopter hovers over them, it is the helicopter of Tianjiao, but it is just the supervisor. Don't expect them to rescue Meng Fan and the Sanlian soldiers.

Meng Fan sprints down from the 101st highlands. It has reached a hundred meters five seconds, but those weasel runs faster than Meng Fan.At the time of three hundred meters, Meng Fan felt a weasel was rushing to his back through a predictive illusion of illusions. He immediately turned around and waved his suitcase to fly out the jumping weasel.

But at the same time, there were two weasels chased, and the left and right were pinched at Meng Fan. Meng Fan waved his right hand and hidden his left hand to the weasel in front of his head to the left.

At this time, Meng Fancai realized that he had no bulletproof battle jacket now. When he had been fighting in the zombie world, Meng Fan had always wore the bulletproof jacket designed by Dr. Mei, so he fought with sensitive zombies.Shi Meng Fan didn't need to deliberately protect his arm, so Meng Fan just subconsciously used his left arm to block the weasel on the left.

At the moment of the moment, a bullet screamed, hitting the head of the weasel on the left.Saifei, no one can kill a weasel in a movement at a distance of 300 meters away.

In fact, it is the former Dragon Saifei, I am afraid that this can not be done, which shows that H energy liquid has played a role in promoting and improving combat effectiveness for him.

The shot was indeed flying away. When the dragon Sai Fei saw the weasel is about to threaten Meng Fan's safety, he chose to shoot without hesitation. Now he has his own marksmanship,More confident than before.

Dragon Saifei and others shot again and again, sweeping the weasel around Meng Fan, but Xu Wei and Deng Chao's gunfires were not a little bit worse than the dragon.You can choose some targets from Meng Fan to shoot, that is, you can hit one in three or four shots. After all, the weasel moves quickly. It is not easy to hit such a distance.

Meng Fan started again, Long Saifei and so on.

Meng Fan had to stop and waved the suitcase again, hitting the weasel behind him, but this time Meng Fanxue was smart.Fei saw the weasel behind him.

Long Saifei once fought side by side with Meng Fan, and he moved his heart for Meng Fan's move. He immediately raised his gun and shot two fastest weasels.

Meng Fan began to condense the energy in the body while moving the body. This time, it only took five seconds to condense the power. It seems that when the danger occursEssence

The weasel seems to be smart. They seem to find that as long as it is not in the west of Meng Fan, they will be headshot, so they also learn to move with Meng Fan's movement. Meng Fan follows them.On the left, Long Saifei could not hit them.

The weasel gathered in a sufficient number, launched a total attack on Meng Fan, and Meng Fan also gathered enough energy to use his electric shock.

"Come on! Little hybrids." Meng Fan roared down the suitcase.The weasel jumped up and rushed to Meng Fan.

"Papa PapaThere is a smell of burnt weasel fur.

The remaining weasel seems to finally understand that the humans in front of them are not affordable, so they escape along the original road.

Time is urgent. Meng Fan, who repelled the weasel, immediately lifted the suitcase and was ready to retreat. At this time, he suddenly saw a zombie fell on the side of the road.The reason why it is determined that this is the corpse of the zombie is because its eyes are open. Meng Fan can clearly see that its eyes are purple and black, which is very different from human eyes.

To talk about the zombie corpse near this, of course, there are more, there are more more than the zombies that can be moved, but strangely, the zombie corpse that Meng Fan seesA little wound.

The zombie corpse that Meng Fan had seen before was either a head, or the gun was hit by a gun on the head, but this zombie did not see any wounds on the head except for the dry band.The zombie corpse rolled over and found that there was no wound in the back of its head.

“没有伤口,它是怎么死的呢?难道是自然死亡?”孟凡像是发现了一个天大的秘密,因为如果丧尸会自然死亡的话,那对于全人类而言,But it is really a great news.

Time is urgent. The zombies in the south have appeared in the vision of the three companies, and the Sanlian soldiers have also begun to shoot and prepare to retreat.

The speed of the first -class zombie can reach about five meters per second. The zombies evolved in individual S2 can even reach seven meters per second when sprinting, faster than ordinary humans.

Luo Hongyun and several scouts have returned to the three -line team. Meng Fanzhao, they took the gesture and expressed their tasks to complete, ordered them to retreat from the direction of Pingtou Mountain.

The three -company soldiers immediately retreated after receiving Meng Fan's message. Not everyone escaped together, but the retreat of the poor foot was first retreated.

More than 300 first -level zombies are not difficult to deal with. Even if the three -company soldiers cannot hit their heads every shot, as long as they hit their bodies, especially their legs, their action speed will be the speed of action.Big discount.

But behind this group of zombies, another group of zombies appeared. Meng Fan's vision was very good. He saw at least a dozen second -level stone zombies in the new zombies.

After the zombies evolved to the second level, they began to develop in multiple directions. This stone zombie was one of the direction of development. When they evolved to level 4, it became the iron armor zombie that Meng Fan was destroyed that day.

The three -company soldiers were evacuated throughout the board after blocking for a while. The soldiers who evacuated after Meng Fan and the Sanlian pad finally converged in front of the tower. At this time, the zombies chased behind were only 300 meters away from them.The number has been reduced to about 200.

Meng Fan ordered: "All soldiers handed me a grenade to me and retreated to the Pingtou Mountain Base at the fastest speed. After I was alone."

Worried that some soldiers ran too slowly and could not run to the Pingtou Mountain Base before the zombie arrived, while Meng Fan stayed to restrain the zombies to fight for the retracement of the soldiers.However, he was very fast. In the zombies that appeared, Meng Fan did not see agile zombies, so Meng Fan could not catch up with him without a zombie.

Luo Hongyun and Long Saifei want to say, Meng Fan sang: "Execute the command!"

Luo Hongyun and Long Saifei had to bring a dozen three three three three three three three three three three three three three three three.Lien soldiers quickly retreated to Pingtou Mountain Base.In fact, as a good commander, the first soldiers can encourage morale, but most of the time, it is unwise to do so. After all, the commander died, and the entire team was scattered, but Meng Fan is now available without strong soldiers.It is the most secure approach.

When the zombies were more than 100 meters from Meng Fan, Meng Fan opened the grenade. Meng Fan's arm was very strong, enough to throw the grenade to a hundred meters away.