Chapter IV is equivalent to practical training

"Sister Yanzi's face is very big. I remember the last time Niu Lian asked Sister Yanzi to eat, and the sister suddenly rejected, so if Sister Yanzi accompanies me to dinner, it gave me a big day.For face, I also felt that there was light on my face! "

Cao Yan laughed by Meng Fan:" So, you spend money to invite me to dinner and become your honor.You will be envied by others, can I really have so good? "

" Of course it is true. "

" That good, I will give you this face, and it seems to seemI have the sincerity of apologizing. "

After the two were separated, Meng Fan walked back and looked back at Cao Yan. He saw that Cao Yan was still standing there to see himself." It seems that there is a door. "Meng Fan said to himself so.

Looking at the back of Meng Fan's gradually away, Cao Yan also smiled and thought: "This guy is very interesting, the upgrade strength is so horrible, but people look very kind, oh! Just now!That kind of feeling is strange! Fortunately, it is daytime, and on the road, if you are in a room alone, I don’t know what will happen? How can there be that kind of feeling that feeling?What about I like him! "

Cao Yan was startled by his own thoughts:" I have only seen him a few times with him, how can it be so fast?Well, even if there is, it is just a good idea. "

Meng Fan hummed the song and returned to his residence. Since Meng Fan is now the three -linked head, the Tianjiao organization arranged a separate housing for him, so he does not need to use it.Squeeze with the soldiers.

"I was obviously held around my neck by iron armor zombies, but how could I defeat it later?" Meng Fan who returned to the residence carefully recalled the scene at the time.He felt that his body at that time seemed not to be controlled by himself. A powerful force broke out from his body. Finally, he gathered a powerful current to generate a strong current, which hit the iron armor zombie out.

Meng Fan recalled the scene at the time and tried to copy the condition of the body at that time. He slowly cleared his brain, relaxed himself, and then held his breath, concentrated all his consciousness, and suddenly the illusion came again., The universe, the starry sky, the fireball, the earth, the collision, when the hallucination disappears, Meng Fan feels that he is full of strength. He converges his strength and hears the sound of "popping".The iron armor zombie was much smaller at that time, probably because at the time of life and death, so the energy that could be condensed was greater!

Meng Fan couldn't help but be ecstatic. He actually had a new superpowers. He immediately practiced repeatedly, and soon he could release the current within ten seconds.Meng Fan calls this skill "shock".

Meng Fan laughed and thought: "There is a fast punch in heavy rain. Xu Zhiguo can make a heavy punch, and I have electric shocks, and my level is above them. If I fight again, I will definitely not be sureLosing with them. "

In the afternoon, although Thomasky had accurately Meng Fan's one -day leave, Meng Fan returned to the training team. Now it is not a time to rest and lazy.

After several things, Meng Fan feels that only actual combat exercises can make himself fly qualitatively, so he requires himself more strictly, whether it is physical training, fighting training or shooting training, Meng Fan Meng FanThe practice is even more hard.

In the afternoon, the real -bomb shooting training conducted by the three -game loses. Their shooting goal was not an ordinary target, but a zombie that could move.

They were brought outside the Pingtou Mountain base by Thomasky through a underground passage. This is an observation tower built by Tianshito at 500 meters away from Pingtou Mountain Base. There is no door of the tower. You must pass through the underground passage.There are multiple observation points. Meng Fan observed through observation points that there are a large number of zombies wandering outside the Pingtou Mountain Base. They are probably attracted because they have human activities in the Pingtou Mountain Villa area.

There are a lot of zombies lying on the wide land. Because Wang Hongyi has collected a large number of weapons and ammunition with its super strength after the outbreak of the S virus, the ammunition in the Pingtou Mountain Base is very sufficientAll zombies near the Pingtou Mountain Base cannot escape the fate of being destroyed.

But this is just temporary. Zombies are constantly evolving. With the continuous emergence of higher zombies, the future of Pingtou Mountain Base is also full of uncertainty.

The goal of the Sanlian Soldiers shooting is the zombies outside the tower. After the injection of the H energy liquid of Long Saifei and Luo Hongyun, the physical strength also increased by a step.The goal of shooting and moving is his long item. I saw him one shot and one, and became the first person with no controversial shooting in the three companies.

Thomasky also had to look at Long Saifei. Don't look at the fighting skills. The level of shooting is still very powerful. It seems that this new three company is really the place where the Tibetan dragon and tiger!

After seeing Long Saifei, the shooting level did not retreat after having so many things, but it was improved. Meng Fan's heart was also very pleased. In the future battleThen, the rampant zombie industry will increase a few safety assurance.

Although Meng Fan's shooting level is a little different from the Dragon Sai Fei, it is slightly higher than him.There was only one head that was partial, and only the ears of the zombie were knocked off.

Luo Hongyun has always performed very heroically during fighting training, but it is not very good in shooting training, but with the mental and physical strength of the rise after the H energy liquid is injected, he is also in Sanlian.Calculated at medium level.

Most of the soldiers of the New Three Losives were also police or soldiers in the previous world. Some of them joined Tianjiao because of hunger, and were later selected into the newly -built army of Tianjiao. Some were introduced by Tianjiao believers.Come in, and there are, like Meng Fan and Long Saifei, they were arrested and found that they were forced to join. Most of them were no stranger to guns, and the shooting level was good.

But Thomasky is obviously not satisfied with the method of practicing shooting. He took out a few ropes to throw it down from the top of the tower, and then said to the three companies: "The soldiers, I ordered you to go below belowGo to shoot. "

Cao Jiutian immediately opposed:" Big nose, are you crazy? There are so many zombies outside, if you want to destroy me, you can say, why use such a yin meteor."

Thomasky revealed:" What is the best exercise, the best exercise is to maximize the actual combat. "

" Are you close to actual combat? Are you this?Obviously it is a actual combat! Will those damn zombies rush over, will you stop eating people? "Cao Jiutian roared.

"Huh!" Thomasky said disdain: "I understand why you can't train the qualified Tianjiao Warriors. It is only a few hundred meters away from Pingtou Mountain Base.The master of the king was eliminated. If this group of soldiers live here, there is no ability to survive here. I also talk about what to find materials in Guzhou, let alone occupy Guzhou City. "

Wang Hongzheng continued to trainThe purpose of the recruits is to seize the land from the zombies in the future and become a hegemon.If this is the case, then it will fight against government troops in the future.

Cao Jiutian quarreled with Thomasky for a while. Thomasky moved out of Wang Hongxuan's order and said that everything in training was taken by him.Go down the tower and enter the dangerous zombie world.

After the last three companies went down, Thomasky immediately pulled back the rope and shouted to the three companies downstairs: "Did you see the small mountain in front of the hilltop?There is a box on the highland. Your task is to capture the box of 101 highland, and then walk back to the Pingtou Mountain base.. "

Wang Hongxuan all charged all the prostitutes who were captured from the United Front Organization or the young women caught from Guzhou City.The establishment of a comforting army to play women is more colorful, and it is used to serve the officers who have war.

Wang Hongxuan also retained a group of women with excellent appearance. If there is a strong combat effectiveness in the future, the talents who have great potential to develop potential in the future, Wang Hongyi will appreciate these women to them and become them.Special woman.This is one of the reasons why Wang Hongyi is so irritable, but there are still many people who are willing to live for him.In terms of rewards and penalties, Wang Hongyi can still achieve clear rewards and punishments.Therefore, as long as it is a strong person, it is not a problem to get food, status and women with Wang Hongzhang.

The second reason is that Wang Hongxuan has strong strength, and has biochemical drugs that can help ordinary people to improve their strength.Therefore, in the eyes of many Tianjiao believers, Wang Hongmao is a true god of omnipotent.

"Keep the formation, Luo Hongyun, you bring three physical fighters to visit the road ahead.All the two rows are divided into two rows, two rows of twenty rows in the first row, and the length of the rows are Long Saifei and Luo Hongyun. The remaining nine are the guard classes of Meng Fan.

In fact, from the perspective of military strength, the three companies are at most a row, and Feng Mengfan is just a nice statement.

There are dozens of zombies wandering in front of the 101st Highland. They are surrounded when they see fresh flesh and blood. From the speed of their walking, they also belong to low -level zombies.They are considered zero.

And their current equipment, except Meng Fan has a large firepower mobile phone, the remaining soldiers are all clear nine -five rifles. The range of the rifle is far., The effect is still significant.In addition to the Ninth Five -Year Rifle, each of them also has a grenade, which can be used when the zombies are approaching.

Luo Hongyun, who was in charge of visiting the road, was holding gestures to Meng Fan. They twisted the south bodies and indicated that there was a zombie in the south.S1, the fingers stretched out one by one three times to indicate that the number of zombies was quite a lot. It is estimated that there were no less than 300, and the four fingers stretched out four fingers to indicate that the zombies were about 800 meters away from them.