Chapter 1

Preface: Jiang Ziya Fengshen, stands up to heaven, and controls the world.

The development of the world, the gods are unwilling to do things, and the selection of heavenly soldiers is attached to the small characters below the Fengshen list.I do not know that the anniversary is over.

Chapter 1 The Establishment of Heaven

The endless Tianhe water flows above the nine days. I do n’t know where to flow, I do n’t know where to flow.The residents of the sky only knew that there was a twilight camp next to Tianhe, but he didn't know what the recruits here was.

Tianhe's water potential is unpredictable every day. Except for the high Tianhe Sailor, it is said that there is nothing to survive in Tianhe. As for those four heavenly kings, the twenty -eight places, the nine stars, the twelve yuan Chen, and the five parties expose the unveils., Four Value Gong Cao, East and West Star Dou, the two gods in the north and the south, the four south of the north and the south, the Four Deandard, and the Putian Stars are equal. It is all the legendary fairy, which is not something that ordinary residents can imagine.

At the beginning of the gods, the gods and small fairy started from the Jade Emperor, but it was only over 10,000, but the immortals were immortal. After many years, the descendants did not know the best.The heavenly court where life lives in heaven has also become a proprietary proprietary.Where other residents live and live, they have become ordinary fairy.Because it is not a descendant of each initial fairy, it can be contributed for the sisters, especially after the second generation and three generations. Except for a long life, it is not much different from the mortal.

On this day, the water of the Tianhe River was particularly restless.Wang Yingfu, deputy Wang Yingfu of the recruit camp, sat on the chair as usual and looked at Tianhe calmly.Don't look at Wang Yingfu as the deputy camp, but also the highest chief of the recruits.Because the camp management was also the chief of the Tianguli camp, he also rarely came to this dull place for a hundred years.After having a long life, dullness is one of the most painful things.As the highest officer of the recruits, Wang Yingfu did not have many people. Except for several military training officers and copywriting and camps, he wanted to take care of a few more people to wait for himself to transfer to the current Tianbing camp.As a descendant of Wang Lingguan, it is not so difficult to raise high rise in theory, but it is also necessary to recruit another recruit here, and it is necessary to qualify the recruits and send it to the stream of heaven camps to work.

This recruit camp is becoming more and more difficult to recruit recruits, that is, Gui is Wang Yingfu.According to the document records, the recruits did not know how to make it every year, and then there was one years in the past few years. Now, it is almost two hundred years, and no recruits have appeared.Who asked the "Selection of the Sky Soldiers" in the appendix of "Feng Shen Bang" so high? The ninth generation good people can be greatly created, and the Tianhe is reborn.No recruits appeared yet.However, the wisdom of the Si is endless, and Tianhe is not enough. Then select a part of the Xianjie residents to be a heavenly soldier. In addition to the "Fengshen BangSo there is a statement of natural soldiers and earth -raising soldiers. The residents of the fairyland are born with heavenly soldiers, and they are from the earth to support the heavenly soldiers.

I really don't understand, what's the point of the existence of this recruited camp, it is better to transfer himself to the Tianbing camp who has been in the flow early, Wang Yingfu complained more than once.According to the convention, the flat tone belongs to the rise. From the local army to the regular army, the number of Xiaodan that is divided into each month is not the same as ordinary.The natural soldier was born with a wealthy spoon. Few people who are willing to learn and practice diligently. Xian Dan, who is divided into the only way to increase its own strength. Of courseWoolen cloth.

The water of the Tianhe River continued to be restless, and the Inner Tianhe was also uneasy. It was also a tall waves, and a flat mirror was a flat mirror.

Suddenly, the rivers in the inside and outside are all hundreds of feet in the two days.Wang Yingfu reached the bottom left of the shadow, and looked up at the same time, "Oh? It seems to be an individual?"

Poch, the shadow fell on the ground, and the water of Tianhe also returned to the peace of the past.The sky is no longer blindfolded.

"Where is this? Who am I?" A voice was uploaded from the shadow. By the way, it is no longer a black shadow. It is an individual. It looks like an adult.Scholarship.

"This is the Immortal Realm, you are the new soldiers." Wang Yingfu replied.For such a long time, Wang Yingfu had experienced these experiences.It turned out that after drinking soup before the reincarnation pool, the relevant memories of their own disappeared, but the personality and spirituality could not be eliminated. As for any other changes, the talents who had drank knew.

"I am the soldier?> "I am the deputy of the recruit camp here. The name is Wang. You can call me Wang Ying." Wang Yingfu is not the first time to receive recruits.

"I have seen Master Wang!" Wen Weixing Road.

"According to the convention, the copywriting personnel take you to take the relevant procedures for recruits first. It happens that I have time and take you to handle it." Wang Yingfu thought finally coming to the recruits, and the last time he brought the recruit.Be addictive.

"Thank you Master Wang." Wen Weixing Road.

Wen Weixing's recruits followed Wang Yingfu, listening to the introduction of the formalities of recruits.

The recruits enter the camp, and no one remembers or uses the name of the surname. You have to re -win the name.Naturally, you have to rename it again.Since the initial Tianbing came from the world, the surname was "earth

After a while, Wen Weixin soldiers followed the "Temple".A magnificent octagonal hall, the two big characters on the book "Destiny

When Wen Weixing, when they arrived at the gate of the main hall, no one opened the door, and there were four shots of golden light.

Wen Weiyu's recruits walked to the hall, and quietly looked at the four weeks while walking. In addition to the high platform opposite, above the high platform, the hazardous emitted colorful, colorful, colorful, and six color strange strangeness.Light, I can't see what it is inside.

"Going forward, walking in front of the name platform, I will stand in the standing position, but don't blame me to tell you, try to keep moving forward, this is very important for you!"Wang Yingfu said.

Oh?And this saying?Won Weaki was thinking while walking.One step, one step in the right foot, step forward step by step, the more heavier the steps, the heavier, the legs began, and then the legs were heavy, and then the whole body was heavy.Wen Weixing walked step by step, moved, but did not notice that Wang Yingfu didn't know when he sat on the stool in front of a table in the lower left corner of the high platform.

The table seems to be made of fairy wood commonly in the fairy world. It is simple and simple, there is only one pen, a booklet.

In the end, it was difficult to make a full effort to use the weak recruit, so I had to stop, and it didn't matter if it stopped, it felt like a heat stream came, and then remitted with the heart of the twelve heavy buildings.! "It seemed that something fell into the stomach from his throat, and then the whole body sorely swept away, seemed to be full of strength.

Wang Yingfu stared at his eyes beside him, and looked at it envied.EssenceThe "Soldiers' salivation" is determined by the soldiers, and the position of each recruit is different.

Although Wen Weixin soldiers felt that they had gone for a long time, it seemed that the distance between the name of the name still did not change much.

Wang Yingfu was made on the stool behind the table, imitating the proprietary copywriter said, "Where is the new heavenly soldier?" In fact, these programs were made by proprietary copywriters.Naturally, you can also imitate the seven major and eight. Today, it happens that the proprietary copywriting personnel have something to go out and let themselves experience the scenery of the name.

Wen Weixing's recruits also cooperated with "belong to the subordinates!"

"Because of your predecessor, you are the good people of the ninth generation, so you have won the great opportunity to enter the heavenly court as the heaven.Re -name, based on the principles of freedom and discipline, specifically on the random page of the name of Tianshu, choose a name that has not been occupied as your name ... "Wang Yingfu said that he planned to turn a page randomly while turning a pages randomly.Heaven, I flip, oh?I ca n’t turn it, I can turn it over, I ca n’t turn it over.

Why do Tianbing named a proprietary copywriting person?Difficulty, but a bit complicated, such as bathing, changeable fasting, and so on.Wang Yingfu only heard how the proprietary copywriters said, but did not pay attention to the details, which caused it to be unable to roll a page of heavenly books randomly.

Of course, the pages cannot be rushed randomly, but there are still names.Because it is impossible to open the page inside, it naturally falls in front of the homepage, that is, the first page.Wang Yingfu really couldn't turn in, and naturally he would not say that he would not operate, so he picked up another thing on the table according to his memory. He has always been a common brush on the homepage.

See the glittering golden light, rows in rows, one piece, one line, and a column of names in front of two.

Like what "Di B, Di C, Ding Ding ..." and so on.However, it seems that there is a bracket behind many big golden characters, which are marked with "use" with small words.Wang Yingfu reminded that he chose one of his favorite in the name that was not marked, which is also the freedom and discipline of heaven.

The inferior recruits look at it from the bottom up, this "useWhy do you see it like this? From the bottom of the bottom, Wen Weixing saw the top, and even found that one name left is not marked, "Land"!

It is taken for granted when I think of it. None of the names who came here were fools.Just like the name of the private school, the gentleman also sorted a point according to the sky -sized and ground branches. If you have any questions, you need to answer it. What tasks are to do? Mr. Sir is subconsciously called the first student in the first.Is there no other reference, is there any more than A?Besides, the tree is big, and the low -key is the king. Even if you are in the real A, you will be low -key, saying that you are only B and equal. In this way, the homepage is not used.

In this case, whether you like it or don't like it, what other choices are there?