Book selection and reading -insisting on yourself is actually helping others

I insist that I am actually helping others -Xuanyuan Sun Moon

In fact, the novels often read our novels as hope!Take the click -through rate as power!actually not!In fact, we often look at your novels as hope, and take your novels as a kind of sustenance!If you are not writing as a living, please keep writing!Please keep up!Because every novel!Every literature is the author's efforts!They were all given to the soul by the author!Your persistence is not to persist in something that can be used. You are a spirit of persistence and persistence.The self -reliance is heavy, and the success of success is not achieved overnight.Even if 999 failures, the success of the 1,000th time is enough to compensate your efforts.There is never fearful efforts, but sometimes the results are slower than usual!Please insist on giving you your own persistence and also comforting readers who love Heavenly soldiers!

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