Chapter 44. Everything happens naturally

"Daddy, Mom!" Meng Fan called loudly, kicking his feet, and waved his hands randomly.

A gentle hand grasped Meng Fan's hand. Of course, this person was Matsuda Yoko.Since Matsuya's fled to the museum, because she couldn't grab the bed, she could only curl up on the sofa of the office for a few days. The weather was cold, so I didn't sleep well at all.Today, I couldn't sleep on the bed, so I slept very sweetly.

When I fell asleep, she heard Meng Fan's shouting "Mom and Dad". She came to Meng Fan in front of her fur coat. She saw that Meng Fan's forehead was sweaty.

Matsuda Yoko immediately felt that although the big boy in front of him looked cold and strong, in fact, the inner world also had a very sensitive and fragile side as ordinary people.

Therefore, Yuzi felt that between her and Meng Fan, not just she needed Meng Fan's protection, but Meng Fan's heart also needed her to comfort.

The gentleness of the woman stretched out the hand, holding Meng Fan's cold hand.Meng Fan seemed to grab a life -saving straw, and he hugged Youzi in his arms.

Meng Fan felt that the cold body seemed to hold a fire, and the front chest warmed a lot.Yuzi knew that sleeping on the sofa was actually very cold. She let Meng Fan hold it for a while and gently awakened Meng Fan: "Meng Jun, Meng Jun! Are you awakened! Are you a nightmare?? "

Meng Fan woke up and saw that he was holding Youzi, and he was shocked. He wondered how he slept so confused?If it is not Yuko, but a zombie, isn't he already a mate?

Youzi gently wiped the sweat of Meng Fan's forehead with a towel, comforting him and said, "Meng Jun, do you also want to be home? Oh! You are just like my brother nowBig, but assume the responsibility of protecting so many people. I said that you are not human enough, but why is it not the case, Meng Jun, you are cold, you must be cold now!I have n’t been bed for so many days, and I ’m used to it.”

Meng Fan just looked at Youzi, and did n’t mean to get up.

Yuko continued to smile and said, "You don't have to worry about me. I'm really okay. Besides, you are our great hero. If I froze you, I can't forgive myself myself.. "

Meng Fan still looked at Youzi, and Yuko stunned, only to find that she was still wearing a fur coat, so her chest was open, her full chest, although she was warm across the warmth, although it was warm across the warmth.Underwear, but the outline is still clear.

Matsuda Yuko and Liang Shuang are not the same. She is twenty -five years old. She is not an undeveloped little girl, but a mature and sexy woman.She naturally knew Meng Fan's needs.

Youzi Yanran said with a smile: "Meng Jun, I promise you, after we get to a safe place, I will help you find a beautiful woman. If I can't find it, I will give me myselfHow about it? "

Meng Fan shook his head and said," I don't want to, I just want you now, I want you now. "

Youzi is a little surprised, Meng Fan suddenly suddenlyStanding up and hugging her, running towards the bedroom, and then throwing her into the bed.

"Ah! Meng Jun! Please, please don't do this, ah! I, I haven't taken a bath for a few days, I am not clean." Yuko was busy advising Meng Fan, but Meng Fan now does not want to do itHeroes, a gentleman, just want to be a man.

Youzi did not take a bath for a few days. In this case, who has the conditions to take a bath?However, she still wiped herself seriously tonight, especially her face, breasts and lower body.

Yuzi moved Meng Fan's pity, so when Meng Fan hugged her and pressed her on the bed, she was waiting for a short hesitation. In fact, under her pillow, she put it under her pillow.Meng Fan also gave her a small gun. She had time to take it out, scaring Meng Fan with this gun.But she did not do so, she was late when she remembered resistance.

Meng Fan has ripped her pants rudely, and her most ** part has been exposed to Meng Fan's eyes.The next thing happened naturally.

The clothes were full of the bed, and the two rolled together like the sea. At the moment when they entered the body of Yuko, Meng Fan suddenly thought of the pearl, but the rationality was quickly rolled again.-----------

After Meng Fan possessed Yuko, he finally lay beside Yuko. He stroked Yuko's hair. Although Yuko had no condition to take a bath, he washedThe hair is still conditional.

Yuzi obediently snuggled beside Meng Fan. Youzi was not a little girl. Since all that should have happened, it is better to close your eyes and enjoy it.She said in her heart, "In the end, this guy still occupies my cheap, oh!"

In fact, when Yuko came to Meng Fan’s room, she expected what possible, herThe mood is also contradictory. On the one hand, she misses her loved ones and her lover. On the other hand, the actual needs make her understand that the man in front of her is the most important thing to her, and she also needs a solid shoulder dependence.

Although she didn't want to have a sexual relationship with Meng Fan, she couldn't say that it was Meng Fan raped her or she seduced the big boy.Maybe there are two reasons!

In short, the best son is unwilling to think about this complicated problem again. She is more willing to enjoy this feeling. At this moment, she forgot the danger, forgot the zombies, and only felt that she was a woman.

"Do you hate me?" Meng Fan asked gently.

Yuko shook his head: "Don't hate." She snuggled in Meng Fan's arms and made a bird like a person. She went on to say, "To hate, I can only hate thisFaristic disasters, why do our generation catch up with this super horrible disaster? "

Meng Fanxin said: You still seem to hate me a little, hate it!Anyway, Lao Tzu has done it, and there is nothing wrong with you hate me.

Yuzi laughed again and said, "Actually, I am willing to do what female entrepreneurs. If it wasn't for the industry at home, my father was more ancient, and I would not take the branch company in Guzhou!I am more willing to be a woman, a wife, and a Japanese woman. My biggest wish is to be a housewife, which is the full -time wife you said. When my husband returned home, I stood respectfully and stood respectfully at the door.Later, he bowed to him: 'Husband has worked hard', and then put on slippers for him. I don't care, you have me soly that you have to abandon me older than you, you have to be responsible for me. I have to be responsible for me.I will be your full -time wife tomorrow, and live the kind of life I want. "

Meng Fan is really very sleepy, listening to Yuko intermittent words, but he snoringEssence

Seeing that Meng Fan had fallen asleep, he sighed again: "It's really a hateful guy, just care about it, but ignores the woman's feelings at all. I just have a sense of pleasure.It's over, don't even say a few words with me. "

Where is Meng Fan who is in **, it is clearly venting his beast desire, so he is satisfied, but for Yuko, I just entered a little state.

Yuzi's hand stroked gently on Meng Fan's strong chest, following Meng Fan's lower abdomen, and slowly stopped on Meng Fan's little bad guy.

Meng Fan did not know the teasing of Youzi, but he had a dream of spring.He dreamed that he returned to the rental house where he lived in the past. On this day, a beautiful woman came at home.In the past, women's clothes could not be taken off, but they took off all at once, so the two rolled to bed.

Meng Fan's waist is constantly holding up. From the past spring dreams, it is quite useless, because it is just the spring dream, and it is not really a woman to accompany him.Due to the lack of targets, the tall small things can be topped on the quilt.

This time, both of them were satisfied. Meng Fan felt that although I had done love a few times, it was never as strong as this time today.Doesn't it have a direct relationship?

The Yonaki who arrived in ** fell asleep with Meng Fan's neck satisfaction. Although Meng Fan who completely vented the **, although he felt empty in his belly, he was sweaty, but his mind changed, but his mind changedI have to be sober, although he hopes to hold asleep, beautiful and sexy Youzi to fall asleep like this, but he also understands that now it is a very time, and there must be no idea of silk. If there is really a zombie,Entering, he can't always fight against the zombies!

So he gently took Youzi and hugged his hand, put on warm underwear, and put his coat and bulletproof clothes in the place where he reached out.Put the pistol under the pillow.In fact, from a cautious perspective, Meng Fan should put on bulletproof combat clothes, but Meng Fan was really reluctant to be a warm quilt and a woman in the bed, so he played a gamble with himself. There would be no more abnormal zombies in gambling.The bet is his life.