Chapter 43 Dreams

Yue Qiang and Lu Yan listened to Meng Fan's words, and naturally thought that the relationship between the two had had a relationship between men and women.

Yuzi was seen through his mind, and he lowered his head and said, "Sorry, Meng Jun, I shouldn't doubt you."

When Meng Fan was running out of the door, and and and.He didn't go to open the door, but set a cool. He jumped hard and turned out of the three -meter -high iron door.

The zombies on the street were all gone, probably all ran to Guangming Square.Meng Fan couldn't help thinking, how much the United Front organization can this united front organization eliminate all the zombies in the ancient state?If it is impossible, how will they organize retreat!

Although there are a lot of cars on the roadside, Meng Fan finds that the car burning diesel is really not easy to find. He finds it all the way and gradually drifted away. Finally, he found several trucks with diesel.

When a few barrels of diesel goes back, Meng Fan suddenly thought of another problem. Now so many people who survive are in the direction of Guangming Square.It will be in it too!He suddenly felt that it was necessary to go, maybe even the others in the whirlwind group were inside.However, Meng Fan still had to go back to the museum first. On the one hand, he had to leave the diesel to them, and on the other hand, he had to tell them. Meng Fan was unwilling to be a person who did not talk about integrity.

When Meng Fan took the diesel back to the museum, he saw from the distance that seven or eight people including Zhao Shenghu and Sun Sihai all ran back to the museum door, and they were struggling to smash the door, and they were struggling to smash the door.Not far behind them, a large group of zombies chased tightly.

Zhao Shenghu went into the museum, and the door of the museum closed immediately. The group of zombies blocked at the door of the museum again. Meng Fan had to go through the wall into the museum.

Zhao Shenghu and they failed to reach Guangming Plaza, they encountered a large number of zombies. In the end, only seven of the eighteen people left the fastest. The old professor of that museum came back alive.Thinking of the critical moment he can run so fast.In fact, if it wasn't for the zombies, they would not be able to swallow the ten people, and they would not be able to leave the seven people.

This is like the story tells in the story. Mother Niu said to Xiaowei: "You don't have to run a lion, but you must run the slowest bison, because you just have to run faster than them faster than them.It won't be you who are eaten. "

Lu Yan and Matsuda Yoko immediately became nervous, but fortunately Meng Fan quickly returned with diesel.When Meng Fan saw Zhao Shenghu back, they all felt that they went to Guangming Plaza, because there must be zombies everywhere on the road. I am afraid no one can live to Guangming Plaza at all.Sexuality is very small.

Zhao Shenghu Tieqing didn't speak, he and Sun Sihai ran back directly back to his room.

This night, Matsuda Yuko came to Meng Fan's room. Meng Fan told her what he did not dare to her in Zhao Shenghu, but Matsuda Yuko said that he did not want to go to other rooms in other rooms.Go.

Meng Fan said: "Miss Youzi, you also saw, there is only one bed here, a bed quilt, if you want to be here, you can only wrong you on the sofa."

Matsuda Yoko now relaxes a lot when talking to Meng Fan. She smiled and said, "Meng Jun, do you know that the international principles are all priority for women and children?"

MengFan sneered and said, "But in nature, there are survival of the fittest. You have never seen a lion when you eat it first, do you eat the lion and the little lion?"Said: "Who is your lion lion! We are people, can you sympathize with me?"

Meng Fan shook his head and said, "I am so selfish, either you sleep with me a while with meOpen the bed, or you sleep on the sofa, how to choose with you! "

Youzi thought: Although this Meng Fan is not a bad person, it is a man after all.IntersectionNo, I can't afford to be a fiance in Japan.However, Japan is gone now, is Sakai a man is still alive now?

Thinking of this, Yuko couldn't help crying. Meng Fan saw her hand red with tears, as if she had frostbite.

"What's wrong with your hand?" Meng Fan asked.

"What else can you do? You of you who occupy the best rooms. The coldest place is our women.It hurts! "

Meng Fan thought: I saw it when I frozen my hand, but I didn't see the buttocks, but I couldn't let her take off her pants to show me!Meng Fan also gave birth to frostbite when he was a child. He knew that the taste was not good. Looking at Youzhong's little hand, he couldn't help but feel pity. A woman survived in other countries who left their hometowns.She is more pitiful than herself.

So Meng Fan sighed and said, "Forget it, I let you give you the bed today, I sleep on the sofa, this is the business!"
Youzi laughed: "You are really a great oneMen, I find that I like you more and more, I will go to the water, I want to wash my face and feet for Meng Jun. "

Meng Fan regrets it after speaking, she will wash meTen minutes of face and feet, but I want to give her a warm bed for ten hours, it is not cost -effective!However, she feels so cool to pinch her feet!In this world of zombies, the only benefit is so left.

Meng Fan feels that in the previous world, eating and drinking water is very simple, but now it has become very difficult.It is impossible, but now it has become very simple.

Meng Fan even wondered that both of them were together in the first room. Isn't it normal if something happened more?But Meng Fan quickly remembered the Pearl again. This was his first woman. I wonder what he was now?

Although something happened to the elegant and beautiful women such as He Yizi, Meng Fan still stayed honestly on the sofa.He removed the cushion on the other sofa as a quilt on his body, holding a gun and clothes.

Meng Fan began to dream again. He dreamed that he ran on the dark road. At this time, he saw a bright lamp in front of him.The surrounding environment changed, he came to a very bright place, sitting in front of a person who bowed his head and thoughtfully, when the man raised his head, Meng Fan saw his purple -red eyes.His eyes, Meng Fan reached out to pull the gun, but found that there was no bullet in the gun.

He was holding an empty gun there, and the "zombie" suddenly spoke: "I have been thinking, I have obviously become zombies, why do I still have human thinking, why do I still have still still have still?Human thinking, but why do you want to eat meat and blood so much? Do you say whether it is human or zombies now? "

Meng Fan has no bullets in the gun, but wants to run two legsIt seemed that he couldn't move, so he had to say, "If you can control yourself not to bite people and eat people, then you are humans. If you can't control yourself, then you are naturally zombies."

"Zombie" Zitong's eyes stared at Meng Fan. He suddenly shouted with his head, as if he began to mutate.

Meng Fan's guns have no bullets. I want to run my legs like pouring lead.Monster.

His body is more than three meters high, his head exposes Bai Sen's skull due to his expansion, his mouth cracks and protrudes forward.The sharp claws.The monster roared to Meng Fan, and Meng Fan frightened that he couldn't escape.

Meng Fan immediately woke up, and a cold sweat appeared on his body. He found that the cushion covered on his body also fell to the ground. He sighed and picked up the sofa pad again.Heart: Fortunately, it is a dream. If it happens, I will be out of life.

At this time, he saw that the door of the inner room opened slowly, and Meng Fan's eyes were mutated, so he could see things even in the dark.It came out.

Meng Fan immediately held the gun in his hand. He was not worried about what he would be awake, because he believed that Matsuda Yuko had no reason to hurt him.evil Dead.

The S virus has never happened before. Who knows what kind of mutation will this virus happen?

Yuzi tentatively looked at Meng Fan. From her posture, it was not like a corpse changed, but she did not have the ability to see things like Meng Fan, so Meng Fan could seeShe, she can't see Meng Fan clearly.

Yuzi looked at it for a while, and seemed to feel Meng Fan was sleeping, so he slowly walked into the corner of the corner. Meng Fan understood at once, where the urine tank of the Yuan Dynasty was placed.It turns out that she came out of the night!

After a while, I saw Yuko squatting down, and the sound of peeing seemed to be particularly loud in the quiet room.A mature and sexy woman peeing not far from Meng Fan, Meng Fan felt that her body immediately responded.

Meng Fan sometimes hates why he is pretending to be a gentleman. It is as good as Zhao Shenghu, and you can do it directly, but soon he thought of the glasses girl who jumped off the building and committed suicide.Fang Rui and Meng Fan made Liu Xiahui. Meng Fan could not do it, but Meng Fan and Zhao Shenghu raped women like them, and Meng Fan could not do it.

Meng Fan is neither a saint nor a wicked person. At most, he is a mortal, and sometimes he has a bit of evil thoughts, but he is always unwilling to implement it, because he still has a moral bottom line.

Yuko returned to the bedroom, and Meng Fan gradually fell asleep again. He always did not dream about him.This time he dreamed of his parents.

Mom looked at Meng Fan in kindly, Meng Fan happily ran to his parents, but the environment changed quickly. A large number of zombies appeared around, and his parents and many people fled madly.Meng Fan feels like watching a video, because he can't enter it, he can only shout on the side: "Dad, mother, run quickly, run quickly."

Suddenly MengFan's mother was suddenly pushed down by the crowds who fleeing crazy. His father seemed to want to pull up his mother, but the crowd swarming on his father and his mother stepped under his feet.Not to Meng Fan's parents.