Chapter 42 Massage Service

After Matsuda Yuko made a decision, he had a meal first, and then made a pot of hot water in the hall. She would show it in front of Meng Fan and let her see the tenderness of Japanese women.He was reluctant to leave her.

She knocked on Meng Fan's door."Who!" Meng Fan asked in the room.

"Mr. Meng, I, Matsuda Yuko. I will send you water."

When Meng Fan opened the door, he held a gun with a hand. He just offended Zhao Shenghu.Now that they are leaving, they will not be able to retaliate against him, so he has to be very careful.

But there was only Matsuda Yuko outside the door. As soon as the door was opened, Matsuda took a small broken step in. She bowed and said, "Mr. Meng is looking for food for us.You serve! "

Meng Fan stunned, and the Japanese girls were willing to work hard to protect her!Fortunately, let this rich second -generation Japanese wait and wait for themselves to see what the legendary Japanese women have attracted men.

Meng Fan locked the door, and then sat on the sofa with a gun. This behavior scared Matsuda Yuko. "Why should you lock the door? Do you have to hold the gun!">
"In a very time, be careful, don't think that the high wall and deep courtyard in the museum will be safe, the zombies will mutate quickly, and it may rush in at any time." Meng Fan said again.If she can predict the danger in advance, she will not let her stay alone in the room.

Youzi was doubtful. She smiled, put down the wooden basin in her hand, and reached out to help Meng Fan take off the bulletproof battle.When Meng Fan hesitated, she took her off.

Yuko said with a smile: "The water is a little hot, I will wash your feet again after you will be, let me massage you!"

Yuko walked to Meng Fan's behind, Press the hand gently on Meng Fan's head.Meng Fan felt that Yuko's hands were just as magical, and the places that were pressed were extremely comfortable.

After these two days of running, Meng Fan was already very tired. What's more terrible is that Meng Fan also opened his eyes and erected with his ears when he was sleeping, because he knew those mutations were mutated.The zombies may rush into this seemingly safe museum at any time.

Meng Fan feels that he seems to have become a deer in a virgin forest. He must be vigilant at any time, or he will be eaten by hunting animals. The high nervous nerves make him even more fatigue.

Meng Fan has a sense of lethargic. When Youzi saw Meng Fan seemed to be asleep, he hugged a quilt from the bedroom and covered Meng Fan's body.

Meng Fan felt that Yuko took off his shoes and socks, put his feet in the water of the wooden basin with moderate temperature, and a warm current flowing from the soles of the feet to the body, so comfortable!

After soaking for a while, Yuko hugged Meng Fan's feet in his arms with his hands. A sense of numbness and crispy instantly spread from Meng Fan's whole body from the soles of the feet. Meng Fan snorted comfortably.One sound.Before the disaster, Meng Fan had also had a foot treatment with colleagues, but Meng Fan felt that the girl's skills were far worse than this Yousi.

In fact, it may not be that their skills are not good, but the environment is different, the time is different, and the people feel different. Just like the same wild vegetable cake, Cixi entered Beijing in the Eight -Power Allied Forces to escape from Shanxi to Shanxi to Shanxi.When you can eat the taste better than bird's nest, when you return to Beijing, you can only eat the taste of wild vegetables.

Meng Fan lay down on the sofa like this. He slept very sweetly, and even made a slight snoring sound.

I don't know how long I slept, Meng Fan woke up a clever, and found that Matsuda Yuko also pulled the quilt on her own, looking at him in a mansion.

"How long have I slept." Meng Fan asked.

Youzi smiled slightly: "It didn't take long, just one hour! I can see that you are actually very tired."

Meng Fan also laughed: "I haven't beenI slept so fragrant, but it doesn't matter if you are tired, as long as you can live. It is better than comfortable for a while. "

Meng Fan looked at the extinguisher brazier and said," Thank you, Miss YouziIn fact, protecting women and letting women eat meals is the duty of men, but, oh! Maybe I am born to be a selfish person, so I always think about myself. "

Youzi is even more happy: "You don't need to thank me. If protecting women is a man's duty, is it the responsibility of serving men and making men happy?"

This sentence is quite ambiguous, the two are looking at each otherWith a smile, Yuko turned his head and said, Meng Fan laughed and said, "Go, the brazier has been destroyed, let's take a look!"

When they went downstairs, the hall was very quiet in the hall.Only Yue Qiang and Lu Yan were burning water.

"They are all gone?" Meng Fan asked.

"Yes, Comrade Meng. Go half an hour ago. At that time, there were gunfire sounded in many places. The zombies outside the gate were attracted by the sound of gunfire, so they left." Yue Qiang.answer.

Meng Fanxin said: I did n’t hear a lot of shots in many places. It seems that I just slept too much.He turned his gaze again to Lu Yan: "Why didn't you go with them?"

Lu Yan said with a faint smile: "Maybe I'm tired of the life of wandering everywhere! I feel instead of following them,It's better to be with you a few of them, at least the two men will give me some sense of security. "

This is the first time Meng Fan saw Lu Yan's face with a smile. He could understand Lu YanPerhaps she had been hurt by the indifference between people.

There are only four of them left in the hall, which seems a little deserted, but in the hearts of these four people, they feel the warmth of the home.Several people introduced themselves.

Yue Qiang was an electrician before the disaster. The generator line in this museum was connected by him. He was a quite loyal person.It is not difficult to do before the disaster, but now it is difficult to reach the sky.

Lu Yan was a government etiquette lady before the disaster, but she was just a temporary worker. She was very plump and sexy. Therefore, she had been harassed by many men.No, in order to survive, she can only commit to the old man: the deputy curator of the museum.

After chatting, a few people talked about the current situation.Meng Fan analyzed: "The zombies are constantly mutating, so the museum is not safe, but there is no place to escape at present.Those who want the military will not come to the rescue for a day or two, and will not always come! "

Yue Qiang said:" The most afraid of the military people are not able to rescue.By the way, Comrade Meng, there are not much fuel for diesel generators, I am afraid I can only use this night today. "

Lu Yan grabbed the words," Now we are four people, and still use it.What kind of electricity, we will find a place to sleep in the dark, Meng Fan, aren't you said that the museum is not safe? There are only two rooms with beds upstairs. We will sleep with men and women.Safe, but you do n’t suffer at all, but you are cheap, how about you. "

Meng Fanxin said that this woman is hot enough!At this time, Lu Yan went on to say, "Meng Fan, here you have the biggest ability, you pick it up first, but I think I and Youzi two women, you must have picked her, just now you are so intimate, I can all be all all, I can all all all, I can all all all, I can all be all all, I can all all all, I can all all of them, I can all all of them, I can all be all all, I can all all all, I can all all of them, I can all all of them.Look at it in your eyes. "

When Youzi saw that he had no one else, he smiled and said," What does Miss Lu say?Thinking like that. "

" I didn't say you are not a gentleman! You can make a good deal in the gentleman on the bed tonight, I have no opinion. "

Meng Fan laughsSpeaking of the right thing: "Since there are not many diesel, I go out and get some diesel back, and the electricity is useful at the critical moment."

"Let's go with you! Comrade Meng."

"No, you stay here to protect them! I don't have any other ability, just run fast, you believe it or not, that is, it is now coming.Now the fastest animals running on the land, one is the cheetah and the other is me, so if you follow, I will take care of you when I escape.Meng Fan took out two pistols. The two guns were won by Sun, and one was grabbing Songtian Yuko. He handed the gun to Yue Qiang to grab the guns of Sun Zhai: "Brother Yue, this gun, this gun, this gun, this gun, this gun, this gun, this gun, this gun, this gun, this gun, this gun, this gun, this gun, this gun, this gun, this gun, this gunFor you, there are five bullets in it, you keep your body! "Yue Qiang picked it up and nodded and said," Thank you. "

Meng Fan returned another gun to Yuko:"This gun was originally yours, now the thing belongs to the original owner! "

Youzi did not pick up the gun, but said with a smile:" Aren't you afraid that I will take the gun to give you a shot first? "

Meng Fan laughed and said, "Oh! Really? Is it really a good idea, why don't you do this? So you don’t have to worry about what the man I want to do to you." YouZi smiled happily and took the pistol.

Meng Fan handed his gun into Yordo's hand, and asked Yue Qiang to help him find some diesel equipment.They turned out two plastic barrels with two ten liters of capacity and three five liters of capacity in the museum. Meng Fan found a tube and brought them on them.

Meng Fan didn't plan to go far. There are cars on the street. As long as you find a car burning diesel and use a pipe to suck the diesel into a plastic barrel, everything will be OK.

Yuko said that he wanted to go out with Meng Fan. Meng Fan didn't even bring Yue Qiang. How could he take her? In fact, Yuko was worried that Meng Fan would go to Guangming Square alone.

Meng Fan quickly thought of this, so he laughed and said, "Youzi, are you afraid that I will run to Guangming Plaza alone and won't come back!I was so comfortable to wait for me, how can I be willing to be! Meng Fan is not a good person, but I am still a honest person. If I want to leave, I will definitely tell you, I won't go secretly. "